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Why Isn’t She Texting Me Back?

Learn this by learning how to attract girls any day or night. After maybe three or four txts each she never replied to my last one.

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Why doesn’t she answer my text? How do I get her to text me back? Or call me back?

She stopped replying after that. Kinda felt that was strange since she seemed to have interest, after all, she initiated contact through text. I got her voicemail and left a message that it was me and for her to give me a call back when she has a chance. No call back or texts from her end. Should I try contacting her again or not bother? We worked together for a while and she always knew i liked her and flirted and stuff. We hung out some on and off, either the gym, my house, hiking, just friendly stuff.

She always teased me about other girls and stuff so i think she knows i can talk to other people. Anyway after a while we start hooking up for a little, just as a friendly thing, and i started to like her more and i think she knew it.

So things just kind of stopped between us and it was pretty sad because i liked her a lot for her personality more than anything. I rarely feel this way toward people. So we play basketball and go to the gym again.

And then she hits me up to drink wine, so we do and hook up again. Im not sure but whenever i stop talking to her she reels me bak in and then ignores me again. Maybe she just has a desire to be desired.

Its just hard helping how i feel and to stop pursuing her. She tells me sex means more to her and its personal and stuff but then she blows me off or stops hanging out? Tony there is this girl I like her name is Nhi and she stopped texting me. I had her in a class last year and towards the last month of school, we shared glances towards each other and smiled and soon I would say hey or hello and she would say hey to.

Then one day I was playing dominoes with some friends and she came to us and almost the whole time each time I looked up she was smiling at me. Then she asked me how is football but I never told her that she knows cuz we dress up be4 game day does that mean she is interested cuz she remembered I play football?

So now after we talked that time she has sent at least 4 messages. Is she trying to avoid me or should wait like u say? U really know what your saying man I appreciate your help if you can help me. Is it really cool tony? Btw sorry for adding I forgot to add this the first time. We have alot in common. A few more weeks went by, we texted back and forth sparingly. We saw each other with mutual friends again, and we talked a bit. A week later I Facebook messaged her asking her out.

We flirted some more, made crazy eye contact, everyone was saying we were talking alone a lot. Now it gets bad. After seeing her that night 2 weeks ago i realized i totally liked her. I texted her that Sunday to say hi and if she wanted to get dinner during the week. This morning I texted her saying hi and still nothing. Help a brother out!! I wish I had a magic answer for you. You could do like The Great Gatsby and build an empire selling hash, just to impress her, or you could move on with your life.

Dinner and candles might be way to much pressure if you dont know her that well. Damn I hate girl problems. I sometimes send random funny times to her over facebook, and she brings it up when we meet in person and laughs about it.

She seems to like me, somewhat, but recently I asked if she wanted to hang out before the end of the holidays. Do I just wait for ages, or should I just keep trying with her? Please help me out! Man, your article was an eye-opener for me. I married my first and only girlfriend without ever experiencing anything like this.

Needless to say, I did not wear the pants in my marriage, which made me unhappy and likely ultimately led to the divorce. Anyway, my soon-to-be ex wife and I have agreed to see other people instead of waiting for our divorce to finalize.

She found someone right away, which took me a couple of months to get used to, and they hit it off right away. Recently, I met someone online and after exchanging several messages she gave me her number.

After texting for a couple of days, I called her and we talked for 3 hours. She seems to really like me and even mentions sometimes how she wishes I was there with her she lives 30 mins. I work nights at the moment and she had said she was going to come visit me at work last week I work alone.

Well she never showed up, and did not answer my texts that night. Right before I got off work, she texted me saying she was sorry she had fallen asleep and asked if I wanted to have dinner the next night. Once she said she would call me back, but never did again, she said she fell asleep…mind you we both have kids and other responsibilities and can only talk late at night.

Then last night she said thru text she would call me when the show she was watching was over. We were texting about the show, but that stopped when it was over and she never called. Today we texted for a bit, but when I asked her what there was to do in her city she never answerred. You freeze her out for several days, a week if necessary. Not a phone conversation, an in person meetup.

Dammitt, accidentally hit publish too soon. Thats the longest stretch of time between communication from either of us since we started talking. I realize thats not a long time, but her failure to respond to texts or return calls is concerning. And I always texted her before I would call to see if she was busy…or awake. If she didnt answer, I didnt call.

Should I wait until she texts me? Or how long should I wait before I call or text her? Your article has already taught me alot. It says she saw it but never texts back. Should I just move on? Well, you could stalk her? Try a phone call. So i said ok when works for you?

Some interesting tidbit of information. Me and a group of friends get into a bar in SF and the entire group implodes upon arrival: I go take wizz, powder up my nose a bit, and then post myself at the end of the bar to get a Jack on the rocks. Being curious, bored, high, and drunk, I find a spot next to her and realize that this guy is just harassing the crap out of her.

But I liked the fact that we were making him jealous as shit. I can handle myself. I ask for her a good luck kiss before leaving to which she agrees. The proper etiquette is that you enter it. She was just as drunk as I was and she was being the typical tease. No reason to pursue her. My window of opportunity shut itself on me.

My approach to this: Hey tony I was at a party where i saw this girl who ive met one time before. I started talking to her and we really hit it off. She started flirting with me and made me dance with her and kissed me. So later that night she fell asleep in my arms and i carried her to her moms car where she went home.

The next morning i got her number from her mom and asked her how she was doing. So iam really confused because she seemed so into me. What should i do? Talked to her briefly, gave her my number, and made out with her that night. She texts me the next day. We agree to hang out a few days later. First date is awesome. Obviously make out and things are going very well. I have to bail again that night due to work.

The following weekend I call her in the evening to meet up. I invite her back to my place. I find this to be weird, but she comes over anyways. There is a girl that I met through work. One day, I texted her, along with other co-workers they give us a call list to use so that we can have others cover our shifts and asked if she could take my shift.

Now, here is where it gets interesting…. So, she texts back and tells me how her morning went and so on and so forth, and then we get into who we are. She remembered me and we began a series of long text messages back and fourth, just getting to know each other more. Now, I want to note that she has a pattern of sometimes going a couple days without replying. Furthermore, we finally hung out this was after over a month of texting each other last Saturday.

We met up at an ice cream shop right before her shift that afternoon and spent maybe 20 minutes chatting. It was nice; we laughed and got to know a bit more about each other. When I attempted to take the tab for our ice cream, she literally went out of her way to pay for it; she even requested to the cashier to make our orders separate after I already told the cashier our order was together.

I caught her looking around during the initial few minutes of our hangout. So just something to note. On the trip from our cars, all the way back to them, she walked ahead of me. This is something that I would generally consider as a way of her keeping distance. However, I did get a hug at the end. The comment about work was because as we were getting into our cars she told me I should come in we work at a retail store. I told her that I might come in to get my bro something.

Now, I was and still might be getting to like her. But the days to reply thing this actually peaked in the days leading up to our ice cream date is killing the momentum for me. Things went very well for a week, we hooked up 3 times and the sex was great. Then things seemed to get cold on her end. She was sick for a week and then we both had plans for the holiday labor day weekend. We still maintained contact through text but I could tell something was off and on weekends she fell off the face of the earth but would maintain fairly regular contact during the week.

What I noticed was that she stopped asking to come over and hang out, and I never had to ask her except once after I noticed she stopped asking me. So days later I decided to just ask her outright what the deal was and that was when she said that there was someone else in her life and she was undecided as to what she should do, stay with him or move on and continue hooking up with me.

I thought about it for a moment and figured what the hell so I said yes. She came over that night and thats exactly what we did just cuddle. She said that she had a bf and the reason they became estranged was because he worked alot and was never available. So I asked if she was still with him and she said no but that she broke up with him after she hooked up with me.

The next day I text her and thanked her for coming over and hanging with me and the I enjoyed her company. She replied and I was welcome and she too enjoying spending time with me, and that was that.

I have a few ideas and am wondering if this is something worth trying one last time or just chalking it up as a loss and moving on. I bumped into this girl who i knew of back in high school but we never realIy hung out or talked, anyway so i got her number and i called her the following week and talked to her but didnt ask her out.

What should I do now? It sounds like she is not interested at the moment. Sometimes persistence pays off. Sometimes it just annoys women. Like I said, up to you. Thanks for the advice Tony. I got a bit of a similar situation really. I met a lot of girls and gone through countless nightstands, then decided to give online dating a go. Is there anything I can do apart from waiting? Couse I kinda like her and what becomes of us. Tony D, sounds like you have things figured out, so let me ask you for some advice.

Well, we sealed the deal last weekend, so to speak, after a date without our kids on a Saturday night, then again the following Sunday morning. So what do you think? Did I screw up trying to assume sex was going to happen last night, and is she upset with me for it? Any advice you give me is appreciated. I ended the conversation after 15 mins by saying that i still had to work on a presentation. More than 24 hours ago.

There must a way though to get her interested. Im from fort lauderdale I went up to FSU for the weekend.. I met this girl at FSU shes a freshmen who lives in west palm beach.. I think she might be in her period maybe or too many guys. Hmmm, sounds to me that you have been too available or something. Im just gonna text her anymore and see how she responds to that..

Well, after 5 days, I texted her and she replies: To which I reply: Never heard from her ever since been 3 days now. Sent her a text this afternoon: Well, as I was typing this she replied: I just returned from work.

Perhaps wait 3 days and then say ok. Almost looks like an AFC lol. Tony, what do you do in the weeks before a date? Do you have any topic on this?

I was thinking about texting her but still wondering what…. Two weeks is a long time. She could touch a lot of penis in the two weeks you spend worrying about what to text her. I used to send her teasing texts but as wondering if you still do that after sex?

Or can you be more open about your feelings? We sms each other perhaps for the first time and I never ask her out, she asked me twice but I could not as busy. We talk in school, she still seemed interested even though she did not respond. So Suddenly she calls me on the weekend and was wondering if me and my friends want to hang out with her that day, but I could not, and wrote it so she quit responding again.

Then I met her at a party. Before the party had a mutual friend talked to her friends about me and her friend had said that X did not think she could get me. At the party, she seemed uninterested but after I had nowhere to sleep so I went to her house with my friend and her friends and she obviously. The stop that we slept in the same bed talking and had nice. But we did not have sex for both of the two of us are virgins.

In the morning she wakes me and asks if I know what her phone is, I answer no. She goes out of serum and talking with her mother. Then when I wake up again a little later she had gat away and sunbathing solarium. She is not responding that. I think that i have started to get feelings for this gurl and i realy wannt to date her agian. What should i do Tony? Sory for my bad english. Maybe she fell on her head. Make her fucking reply. She asked me to go out friday so I agreed, she made plans for dinner and reservations, we went out, went well.

Thing is i hate texting. Question is how long to wait? Wondering if the weekend is still on? I met this girl 2 weeks ago at a mutual friends birthday. We ended up dry humping and the next day set a date for the following week. I drunk texted her some needy stuff the next night while I was out but she responded well. The next night she text me wishing I was with her. Then when I text her a few days later to arranget he date she was cold, turned out it was because she thought I was getting someone else to text for me, im quite different in person.

Anyway we meet up for dinner all goes well, back to her place and clothes start comming off. Still in her underware she stops me going further and says its time to sleep. Throughout the night we dry hump a few times but she always stops me when I touch her pussy. Its now been 3 days with no contact and met who sent the last message.

Go out, meet more girls. Forget about her until she contacts you. But a plane ticket to Columbia. Long story short this girl I was always crazy for put me in the friend zone. I was stuck there for a while a good 7 months till I decided to just date another girl, and change myself entirely and cut most contact. Me and the new girl dated for almost 2 years but broke up 3 months ago. Me and the girl I was originally crazy for began talking again, and she can tell I am not the same old me.

To avoid being friend-zoned again, I am not talking to her nearly as much. Short texts etc etc thanks to your 3 tips! Probably should of made my move earlier in the night…anyways…. SO, that was Monday night. I texted her thursday while we were talking for a second date. Never know the fresh air or something could help! No more friend zone. She did stick by my side the whole time even though everyone else was there. Should I wait days and call to ask again but more straight forward? Or just wait till however long it takes for her to respond?

The first date she had to bail last minute on me, but then rescheduled and actually came up with the idea, so she did take initiative after bailing the first time. Just hard to get really physical when it was a group of us towards the middle instead of just us 2… Sorry for wall of text, want to make sure you get the fully story and understand man!

I kissed a girl that approached me on a party, and then I had to take her home because she got totally drunk afterwards and leave her with her roomate. But we work at the same company, although not directly together, so we saw each other and she was smiling so I contacted her and asked her out. And then through company email because I had no other contact I wanted to set up a precise date, and I sent her my phone number and asked for hers that we could reach each other on weekend.

But she replied she might go on a trip at the proposed hour and that in any case SHE has my phone number and she would let me know. I just replied I agree then to let me know. Best to move on.

Either that or be very, very aggressive like that guy in the Notebook. Actually, she really did message me, and we had setup a date to see a movie, too bad she cancelled it one hour before with excuses and proposal to meet some other day this week. Great information on this site. I met a young girl 20 early this year. We hit it off immediately mainly because of my age 27 and atypical charm from the guys that normally hit on her. We start talking again and she ends up getting a job where I work.

She visits me daily, rediscovers my charm and novelty and we start to hang out again. Was definitely thinking with my penis, she is extraordinarily hot. If this girl is continuing to have sex with me rarely , is she really just busy or am I just another one of the multiple guys she fucks? We met at the bus stop in our college and sometime we made eye contact.

The other day I decided to be brave and went talk to her. She accepted me the day later and I was happy about it. I want to invite you to the dance party at blah blah studio on November blah blah. If you want to come you can bring a couple of your friends as well.

Do you think I said something that…just not right or randomly? I also posted on her Facebook asked that if she has class on the coming Wednesday. Should I just let it go for a while? I feel like an idiot and ashamed. Everytime she takes so long to reply and i just feel as if im coming on as clingy to her. Meet more girls in your own school. I was on a bus the other day and I chatted up this girl. She was really cute and we were clicking. So after we got to our destination I asked for her number and said I would give her mine and maybe we could grab some coffee or something.

So I got her number and waited a few days and sent her a text asking her if she wanted to get some coffee or something. Still no response, any suggestions? This girl has sexual abundance. It sounds like the logical choice, but women are not as excited by logic as we are. Wait…do you have a spear? If you flake, I will kill your kitten. You care that you freaked her out? Freak the bitch out. She wants to be freaked out.

If she is a freaked out weirdo…fuck her. Find a normal, sane girl. Let me start of by saying that only until recently, I had been unemployed for the better part of two years, so going out and feeling confident about meeting people was incredibly difficult. Luckily, I got a job in May and in September, my brother and I went out to a bar at the start of the college football season.

So I introduced myself to the girl and she led with a line she thought I looked French. I asked if we could get together that weekend but she was busy with family stuff. Finally, six weeks after I had gotten her number, we matched up schedules and I suggested we do the group thing again. She agreed and told me she was excited. My brother and I met up with her and her friends that night and we all talked as a group.

She kept bumping into guy friends she knew she even knew the bartender, who kept giving her free drinks, making it difficult to buy her one , but we eventually separated from the group and picked up talking where we left off, totally interested in each other.

I said that its okay and we agreed to meet for coffee the next day. We then embraced twice long hugs, lots of back rubbing and I gave her a long kiss on the cheek. I said fine and asked her if she had time the next day. That Tuesday, I texted her that I was free the next night and we should go for coffee again.

The weekend went by, and I tried calling her after her class. I really like you and I want to get to know you better. Call me so we can talk. But I heard back from her minutes later: Shocked, I texted her back, paraphrasing: I thought there was a lot of potential there to start something.

I hope there is still a chance for us sometime in the future. But that weekend, out with my brother, there she was with her boyfriend. We saw each other, smiled and waved like everything was good. A few days later, she deletes a facebook birthday post for her boyfriend and the next day, when at her girlfriends, she posts essentially that boyfriends are no good.

Right now, she is gearing up for finals and the holidays are coming up, so I know she will be busy. Go meet some more girls. Relax on this chick. It must really annoy her. Let her chase you. And yes, you were needy. Thanks for the comment. I needed to hear that. Shane i read your story, you had symptoms of Attraction decay, you have to be quick, i think you waited toooooo long, you have to be quick, lesson learned move on to the next one.

We talk at school and everything and its all good. I need some help. There is this girl that I really am attracted to. I got her number, but I have never had a face to face conversation with her. I attend a University freshman in her town and she goes to the local High School Junior.

We met at a Track meet where she congratulated me on doing well in my event. She gave me the best feeling and no girl ever came up to me after my races. Anyways I have always had my eye out for her and I finally found out who she was. It was just coincidence that I go to the University where she goes to School.

I found her on facebook and messaged her. I told her about remember when she congratulated me and eventually got her number. We text very little. I can see that she reads my messages and she has told me that I am cute. She often just drops the conversation. I have tried getting a date arranged but it seems like she avoids the conversation…. Hey Tony there is this girl that i knew from school and i saw her after a few years and i had a crush on her since school.

So i found her online and started talking with her but didnt want to be in LJBF category so asked her number and she asked why i wanted it do you think she doesnt want to talk with me. How can i still get her number.

Hey, so I text this girl at my school, we used to text a lot and we stopped for like2 months. We finally text a little now but she like never responds. What should I do to make her talk to me again? Hi, I know this girl a little bit through friends for a few years, Im 25 and shes We always get along when we meet each other at different events and I met her again out the other night. We hung out and talked a lot.

I really like her, I think shes easy to talk to, laid back, very beautiful, and normal and easy going. This happened last year when I met her out but I gave up on it because I didnt want to tell her I liked her in one or 2 messages. Especially the fact she didnt want to keep the conversation going. I dont get it though because when I have met her out she seems very flirty and I fall for her. I need advice on what to do. Should I just straight up ask her out for coffee or something?

I feel she might think Im needy and not worth it but im not, I just dont get why shes so hot and cold. But I do really like her, personality wise and her looks. And would love to take her out and see where things could go. I dont understand her attitude though when I message her after seeing her again.

It the same as it was a year ago. Can you explain this? But that is just my opinion. Omg, he is so irritating! Like just STFU already damn. Guys, please, do not continue to be a major pest if a girl never responds. Do not text her if she is clearly not going to reply.

Stop being creepy and desperate. On the last day that I went, she showed some signs that she was interested in me, and other people saw it too and were messing with me about it. She usually gets back to me a day later with some excuse but it has been happening a lot lately so it gets kind of annoying.

Please help me figure out what to do! Can you blame her? Sorry for the confusion man. On the last day I went, she showed some signs that she was interested in me, and some other people saw it too and were messing with me about it.

Please hep me figure out what to do! A couple of weeks later I bumped into her down a high street, we both messaged eachother instantly and said we saw eachother. We got talking and she mentioned about the gym, which I also happen to go to, so I offered to be her partner which she accepted. I got her mobile number after this, started chit chatting as you do.

Shit man, you got me. I teach guys how to get many women, not one. Go out tonight or go to a busy street today and meet more girls. Hey Tony, need some insight. Basically, reconnected with a girl I met two years ago in school. I helped her with her bf at the time, even warning her that he was a player!

Turns out I was right, and after summer holidays, she texts me saying I was right. I try not to rub it in her face, and am nice which I now regret. I tell her to move one, go out with someone else. As I was quite shy back then, I fuck up, and we end up not talking. She hints a pub. We hug and she almost instantly texts me on the way home, saying how fucking amazing I am. Throughout the weekend we text, and she texts me saying she might be able to go out on Saturday,as she finishes work around 8.

I really wanna fuck her. What do you think I can do about this? Am I doomed for friendzone? There was this girl that I met awhile back and after a few messages, I asked her to hang out and we did. The first time when we hung out, it went well. After awhile, we started texting each other and I texted her once a day, everyday. Things started slowing down after awhile and I asked her to hang out like twice but she never gave me a direct response whether she wants or not.

If I did anything wrong, let me know. Move on and save yourself some dignity. Hey Tony i met this girl yesterday at a party. We made out and yeah we had some oral sex too. She gave me her number and i dropped her home. Thanks In advance bro! Damn, u like some texting doctor. I hope you get this. Alrite, so there is this hot chick at school and all.

I started talking to her and later SHE asked Me for my number. Well I was already attracted to her and so I was happy that she asked for the number. I told her i liked her after some texts, she said she likes me back. I dont know what happened but after some weeks she stopped texting me back or replying my texts.. Whenever we at shool, i c her on her phone meaning she has seen my texts and all… She says hi to me, she hugs me at school and erything but then,..

Y she not texting me back. Just got back in the game from a relationship. I act pretty much the way you are recommending but hearing well reading it reaffirmed is always good.

I called her the next day.. Tony, i have been chatting with this girl online now for the past few days. I sent her a message yesterday just asking what kind of music shes into an i got a reply that said i would like your num tho… so im confused as to why she said that an not answerd my?.. Let me know what you think? So me and this girl been talking for about a week she told me she likes me and i told her i felt the same and we were talking alot through facebook and i hung out with her she had a great time and everything was fine yesterday but then today she doesnt respond and ik she sees the pms because it says on facebook when someone reads it.

That is just pathetic and bordering on psychotic, needy and desperate. What is wrong with you guys? Texting a girl every three days, no matter what, is just ridiculous. Do you guys not have lives? Stop it, just stop. Remove your head from your ass. Here is my story, one hot girl contacted me on my POF account she said she was interested to know me, we ended up exchanging phone number and texting all day day 1 , after the tenth text or so she was like lets meet up tonight for a drink or something, we ended up meeting the same day day1 saturday night we had a great time we were laughing all night we kissed she was all over me, we almost had sex at the place lol, she was telling me how good of a kisser, and how sexy i was, but here the crazy story begins.

Im in a bit of a pickle here. I stuttered and answered every question leaving behind the parts where I wish she was my first and stuff. So now, I think my chickening out just knocked me off not just a chance to be more than near-boyfriend-but-not-really-close, but also as her friend. She removed me on facebook, blocked me on twitter and barely answer any texts.

At one point, I got to ask her why she removed me from facebook via text but all she said was she forgot. We were supposed to meet yesterday and she didnt even text where, and she didnt answer my texts. Sorry for the wall of text Tony, I need advice, perhaps lots of it. Last night she text me so i txt her back. After maybe three or four txts each she never replied to my last one. Looking at it now I realize it was kinda stupid what i said. But only very little. Nothing creepy or anything like that at all.

Anyways she never replied after that. You are texting her, and she finds it a very entertaining distraction from her boring life. So saturday night she came over and had dinner and she ended up spending the night you know the rest …she left the next day with a hug and i gave her a kiss idk if that was wierd lol. I want to text her, but i know i should get over it. I have no idea bro.

The fact that you are here, googling this, means you care too much. I would say stop all communication with her. No texting at all, no Facebook, until she contacts you. I like this girl and we have gotten together a couple times. At every-time she usually likes to stick with me a lot and when we go out with friends she is always somewhere near me. We talk the most, laugh the most and sometimes we touch every now and then with Some Tension is in the air. Its actually been happening very frequently lately, she either 1.

Hey, so i asked out my coworker today and she said she had plans with her friends but she said i was welcome to join them. So was she interested or that was her way of rejecting me? Hey Tony, First of all thanks, I was just wonderinf though i like this girl, well more like interested in her. She first wants to get to know me through texting… Ok i guess… But she always a lot of time to reply to a simple text! Look most of the time i am chilled, but like its frustrating i just dunno man what it means, she blowing me off or she just has something else to do.

Look i understande she has school and all but like it doesnt take long to reply to a text. Anyways, i always giving up after she sarts like not wanting to hang or if she takes a long time to reply to a text. Hey Tony man I just started talking to this girl Amber, complete dimepiece, gorgeous, and perfect.

We went a whole first day talking, but that night I dont know if she fell asleep but she never replied to my last text that night. I texted her the morning after and she hasnt replied for a day.

Should I just say fuck it, or should I wait a few more days and text her again? Holy shit did you even read my article. Go out, meet more girls and chill out. No woman is perfect. Your thinking like a beta male. How do I get her to acknowledge me minus what you said in the article. Sir, there is this girl I just met via facebook.

She added me on fb, and after some minutes upon accepting her request, I message her and she did replied and it seems we are good. She then pleaded with me to text her. I agreed but did not until later in the night. That will be a wrong impression.

Pls come to my aid o. So we talk last week online, hit it off, exchange numbers etc.. It goes great though at the end her friend finishes work, and stops for a glass of wine but leaves afterwards.

Ok, cool, so everything is good right? She wakes up 6am for work, so I assumed yesterday she was going to goto sleep early or she was out after volleyball and got plastered which probably means she is hungover to shit right now. I wake up this morning, no reply at all. Am I looking into this shit WAY too deep?

Could the friend have caused the delay in texts or was she really busy? A week is a small sample size, but yesterday afternoon, and after the evening message to this morning is off. She says it was her phone. No good morning, good night, crap. You care too much, and it shows. Go meet more women. There is one Chinese girl in my class and i am literally mad for her, I am very good at texting girls and was successful in past. So first i messaged her on FB and told that she is is beautiful.

I was so annoyed as I was in full preparation and i was ready with topics of her interest and she left the conversation in between. So again I started talking to her when she is alone and told her that she is beautiful and all that. Now she knows that I am interested in her. She replied and again we had chat and again she left the conversation in between. So I kept messages to her and stopped texting.

Then next time when we met she asked me to join her with her friends for shopping and we had a very good time. She even invited me for dinner with her friends but as I had some other plans already I politely denied. But she didnt reply to my message. Now I want to plan a date with her. But i am not sure. As I know that this girl always keeps eye on her phone , still she prefer to ignore my messages. Is she really in to me? Should I text her? How should I ask her for a date?

Read my entire blog and get back to me. You need some game. I also have an Eager Girl gf that she knows about. Then I hear nothing for a few months. It takes about that long to get all of that angst and separation anxiety out of my system.

Then she starts texting again last Xmas. I get super-excited and get her to have a private Xmas dinner. We exchanged gifts and I gave her a big hug afterwards but at that time I was inexperienced with hand-holding, body language, and so on. I think it was her holding my hands out of the blue when she was married that won me over.

She had made it known already that we could only be friends when I tried to engage, though I still conspire to change that. I went into a silent rage about being cut off on my texts. My friends recommended what you have suggested: So I did that. After about 6 weeks or so she started texting again.

Also, around March or so, she had switched to WeChat and she asked me to join that. The texting is different as it allows you to send voice messages.

She prefers that over text. So we chat and I get her to have dinner with me, six months after we last went out together. This time, after we meet, she brings a lady friend as well, though she never told me she was going to do that.

I put on my best act, wear my best clothes, etc. It seems the date went ok. Each time she always sounds as affectionate as ever. So after about two weeks of silence again, I initiated contact with her last Monday.

She starts giving me her honeyed words over voice messages, while I text some humor. So I ask her if I can join her. After that, she cuts off…No more voice messages, nothing!

It makes me wonder if she just got hit by a bus. I text her the next day, ask her what kind of fruit it is. Send her a photo of Orange Juice. No reply at all. I wait two days. Then I send out a witty joke text today. It seemed innocent enough. That is, until I looked a little bit closer for our Flirt Local review. On the front page of the site there is, of course, a parade of profiles. They feature photos of beautiful women in cleavage-baring selfies.

There are no pictures of women hiking up a mountain, or posing with their bestie in their graduation gown. None of this is unusual, we have tested out and reviewed a huge number of sites for our annual review of the best cougar dating sites so we have been around the block.

Suddenly, I saw the other side of Localflirt. There are highly explicit photos for nearly every profile. All of the photos are just meant to grab your attention and rope you into a scam run by an overseas company. I did some investigation into the site and the company that runs it, so you can read all about the nitty-gritty here without visiting the scammy site yourself. All you need is an email address, a date of birth, and a hand to navigate your cursor.

I tried to write back: This is where I hit their paywall. Of course, they wait until you are ready to chat with a hot, half-naked woman before they say anything about payment. That seems to be the sites whole strategy, throw in some bait, and wait from the fish to bite. Once they have you roped into a chat, they ask for your credit card info. The messages I got seemed to all be from fake profiles. Why do they seem fake? Yes, this dating site has a question about your favorite position.

We have tried a ton of dating sites in preparation for our compilation review of the top sites to meet older women and this is a first for us. Secondly, the messages are boiler plate. But a quick search for profiles in an urban area yields dozens of pages of results again, the actual number of results is not listed. I assume most of them are bots, but there must be at least one or two real profiles mixed in there. However, sifting through hundreds of fake messages for that one real woman seems tedious and dangerous.

Honestly, I just feel bad for any of the real people on this site. I clicked on it, and it opened a new tab in my browser that just repeatedly refreshed itself without ever taking me to another site. I assume that my amazing adblocker was protecting me from whatever virus ridden live-cam site it was trying to take me to. In this Agreement, you release us from all liability stemming from any of this.

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