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Bitcoin Blackmail by Snail Mail Preys on Those with Guilty Conscience

How do scammers get your number?

Blocking problematic phone numbers and not returning missed calls from unknown numbers can help you avoid becoming a victim. Ms Rickard said he might have been unlucky enough to have his phone number randomly generated, but plenty of victims were targeted because they had offered their information freely while signing up for apps or entering contests.

An earlier version of this article reported the ACCC received 50, reports of similar phone scams in This figure was provided in error and has been removed. First posted February 07, More stories from Queensland. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content. Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow.

It looks like it's fresh out of an episode of Wacky Races, but this plane-turned-campervan is Australian ingenuity at its best, its custodian says. High profile failures across the retail sector are mounting. An RBA research paper argues the banks' exposure to retail property investments could threaten financial stability if things get worse. Same-sex couples have married in an Australian church for the first time, after the Uniting Church became the first denomination to offer the option.

Einstein's general theory of relativity passed its first test in what is now a toilet block at Broome's lawn bowls club. The ACCC says it received 50, reports about phone scams in Leo Carrington received 15 missed calls from an Ascension Island number before his family called back.

People are often targeted because they offer their details while signing up for apps or contests. Understanding the adrenaline rush Looking at the TV through a different lens The CEO who rejected millions in shares from his own company A berry good idea: Special sale of Ekka sundaes to help strawberry farmers School holidays are upon us, but it can still be a stressful time for kids Is Brisbane really going to be a 'new world city'?

Vet rapt with return of beloved dinosaur sculpture years after theft. Young sailor's grieving family issue warning on carbon monoxide poisoning Farm worker jailed and fined for poisoning wedge-tailed eagles SPORT Live: AFL stars and partners let down their hair on the Brownlow red carpet Husband reveals shark attack victim's first words after she regained consciousness NAPLAN stress led to Year 5 student's attempted suicide, principal says She's 14, married and pregnant.

But this proud gypsy insists she's a feminist Large chunk of Queensland beach collapses into the ocean photos Drain the billabong: Australians don't like the current system and they don't trust it photos Victim's sister hopes new inquest sheds fresh light on Whiskey Au Go Go firebombing Inside the 'ultra-competitive' sales culture of an insurer grilled by the banking royal commission This woman's treatment may be shocking, but it's not assault Pair to face charges over alleged theft of baby meerkat from Perth Zoo New claim of sexual misconduct against US Supreme Court nominee The town that saved itself 'We heard gurgling': Drowning driver rescued as bus sinks in croc-inhabited creek Just 0.

Connect with ABC News. Please contact with me via: I went to Peru and travel into most of main cities out there and it was not that bad. Do you have an email or facebook? Good to hear about your trip! Have a good trip! And if you have any troublbe about language or want to travel any where i will have some idea for you.

My home town is Phu Yen Province and, present i want to introduce cutural tradition to everybody, friends in the world. If you need some infomation pls sent email for me: I just stumbled across your blog here, and it is very informative and great tips. Any advises are welcome. Bargain hard with motorbike taxi. HI there, i am from New Zealand and my husband and i hope to spend days in Vietnam after 2 weeks in China on a work visit in April.

We want to see the sights but we also want some rest and relaxation as we will have been travelling extensively in China. Your blog says the beaches are not great and we will be comparing them to the NZ and Aussie beaches so I am sure they truely will not be great. Your tips will be great for us as we have not been to Vietnam before. April can be pretty hot. Dalat city, in the mountains, is cool year-round if you really need a break from the heat.

Phu Quoc has some white sand beaches, but otherwise, Thailand or Philippines is the place to go for beaches. You can also use the pools at 5-star hotels for a small or no! The water in Nha Trang and south of there is perfect in April. Hi steven, Read your article and it really is very informative and helpful. My husband and i will be going to hanoi next week but will be staying there for only two days. Also, where can we buy inexpensive goods?

Thanks for the reply! Whats the difference between the 2 places? And also about the night life, which is better? I just saw and read your blog about vietnam. What can you recommend for my 5 days travel to that country? Ill arrive thru Hanoi Noi-ba Airport. Hi, Is Vietnam safe for a girl to travel alone? I was thinking of spending a couple of days to see the beautiful halong bay. Violent crime is very rare in Vietnam. Take Uber car instead of a motorbike or motorbike taxi.

Take care of your things on the bus. Walk with a backpack, not a purse or sidebag as those are easier to grab. Hi Steven, We are going to Vietnam first time on September this year. Your article is amazing, very helpful. Would you please let me know where I can find them, or if you have time, can you suggest us some locations, like Ninh Binh… Thanks!

You can go to http: Ninh Binh is great! Better than HaLong Bay in my opinion. Mui Ne is great for fresh seafood on roadside stalls. Da Lat if you need a break from the head. HCMC for vibrant local life and Hanoi for the old style culture. If someone want to travel to Vietnam and Hanoi, let me know. BTW, tks for this!!! I had a great time reading your article.

I just returned from 3 weeks in vietnam and you hit it spot on — wish i would have found this article 4 weeks ago!! But if I had read your tips before I left, I would have enjoyed it even more and left with less regrets.

Thanks for the tips! Number 19 — Vitasun Taxis sucks! I had an experience earlier that the taxi driver forcing to get my cash. You were right about what was going on in my country. Thank you for always loving my country and guiding others so that they will not be cheated by the liar. From there they will find love and return to Vietnam.

Great tips and advice! They are the most ideal places to come for swimming. I love Halong Bay, too. Stunning view from seaplane. There are many places to take pictures there.

I would like to share some top highlighted places https: Next time you are visiting Nha Trang, lease take the time to review our bar. Here the basic details:. Since , we have commit ourselves to offers our travelling guests and the expatriate community diverse and fun nightlife events, fantastic cocktails, a tasty selection of fast food. Your post is very informative ,explained everything for me. We both are vegetarian.

I think it is a bit harder for me than other travelers. I was doubtful about going to Vietnam, this helped me to make my decision. Please someone tell me about availability of seasonal fruits and vegetarian food over there.

My e-mail Id is nksrk gmail. Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed it and it seems very straightforward and practical. Your info is helpful. We have no idea how travel agent work in Vietnam or else they will rip off your pocket by just application fee plus stamping fee when arrive airport to Vietnam.

There are many way to travel to Vietnam or many beautiful places where you must visit. Travelers can read information here before travelling: In general, I love this country though getting some troubles. As a new travel agent helping a client plan a trip to Vietnam, I must tell you: Me and my family are moving to Vietnam from Toronto for years. I was just wondering what tips you can give us about long term stays in Ho Chi Minh.

Living in District 2, 3 or 7 is good for a family. The city is safe but beware of traffic. Hope u can find a goood beautiful beach on the next time come to Vietnam. I will ne going to Vietnam in december and this really helps! The food looks amazing and theres so much to see Cannot wait!

I am Vietnamese and I am available as a guide for you. If you need me please contact me via facebook https: I will help you wholeheartedly. Hi Steven, All things you said all right. All three are about 6 hours from each other in a triangle. They are all very different and romantic.

February is a very pleasant month to visit, Dan! Have a great trip. Its geographic location makes Hanoi either the first or last point of a trip for most travellers visiting Vietnam.

Thank you so much for this. It was well written, well structured and perfect for what i needed as i am doing a 4 day stint in Ho chi minh tomorrow for a visa run back to Taiwan and i can honestly say the amount of info i got from this was amazing.

Bravo Sir, from a happy fellow traveller. Wow, thanks for all the kind words, Danny. I may write up some for nearby countries as well- thanks for the motivation. Have a good visa run! Steven — great article. It is very informative. Do you think it is a country for solo travelers? What are your thoughts on Bai Tu Long Bay cruise or any other cruises for a guy travelling alone?

Yes, Vietnam is great for solo travelers. Also, the restaurants are very accommodating for solo diners. There are so many amazing beaches with white sand and turquoise water or crystal clear blue water in Phu Quoc Island small islands off the coast of Phu quoc or Con Dao. Thanks for your post, though. The most beautiful beach of Vietnam located in Nha Trang. You should visit there instead of Phu Quoc island. Are you mentioning the main beach in Nha Trang city, or another nearby?

About the food cuisines, im sure that Thai can not be diverse as Vietnam. I need to update this to include Uber. I use it on all my trips there now. Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia certainly have better beaches than Vietnam, Malaysia as well. The Pacific is choppy and the water not as clear. Philippines probably beats Thailand for beaches.

As for food diversity, there is no real way of knowing, but Thai mixes Indian and Malay influences very well and has a more international food most of it not great. The night markets in Thailand have hundreds of options of all types in one place. Cambodia has amazing nightlife, friendly locals and so much amazing history. No place like it. Let me know if you need more specifics! I think Viet Nam is better than you think. Not all Vietnamese people are lieing to you. I was born and grow up there so i know better.

Yes, when you meet people outside of the tourist industry they are very hospitable and honest. Every traveler to Vietnam has horror stories about this, unfortunately. Wanting to take a train from Vietnam to Cambodia then to Thailand. On things I can do in Vietnam or if this plan is feasible.

Cambodia for the ruins and Thailand for the beaches. Your article really puts all of that into perspective and has gotten me even more pumped to go. Yes, Vietnam sometimes turns some people off when they stay in the backpacker and tourist districts. Thank you for your value post. I really appreciate this. For breakfast you mentioned, i think that is only poor for the cheap hostel. Almost star hotels have the good buffet breakfasts. Besides that the foods of Vietnam i think they are so exciting!

I lived in Beijing for a while and travelled around SE Asia in the last yrs. I usually rent a scooter to explore the island. Im aware that Vietnam may not have the nicest beaches in the world in terms of crystal clear water etc. However, I also read that the environmental pollution is a huge issue and the beaches on phu quoc are full of trash as well. Last yr I spend some days on Koh Lipe and this was completely hell or trash heaven…whether you see it.

Both places seem to be less touristy and good for me to spend some time at the beach? Would you go there during that time or do you have another recommendation for me? Thanks and cheers from Germany. As a Vietnamese, I must this is the most objective blog post about Vietnam that I have seen so far. Love the way you make it straightforward also. Would you mind if I share this on my facebook page? Ok I leave Vietnam to you because the people who have been are not coming back!

After reading your fair and balanced review I can now say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have zero interest in ever visiting Vietnam. Traveling through Vietnam by train or vehicle is much slower and may take as long as a cross country trip in the US. They will keep in mind the travelling tips or tricks so that they may not face any difficulty in vietnam.

If anyone travelling to the south of vietnam should definitely visit this resort bamboovillageresortvn. My friends from California are coming here next month and they keep on asking me a lot regarding with their stay here. I think they will have a good trip if they go in with some research on what to expect.

I think this is a great blog and straight forward perspective about Vietnam. Im planning to stay 2 or 3 weeks on July. You can usually pay hotels with USD but dong will be used for everything else. Vietnam can be very cheap or expensive, depending on what you expect for luxury. Doing touristic things will add extra money to that.

Thanks for your helpful post. I tried them one time and got severe pain. I wish you luck when traveling to vietnam.

Me and wife will going to ho chi minh next month and a bit worried as i saw alot of bad comment by some of my friend. I think just stick to your tips and hopefully everything is find during my visit to vietnam. A really interesting read. I also always save money using booking. It is a beautiful country! Very helpful Steven Thanks. I hope to visit later in the year and wondered about getting a young guy or teenage boy to be my guide and hire a car.

These tips are specific to Vietnam, not to everywhere. Yes, tourists can pay local prices when traveling. Cuba is the only country I know of that has a special money system for tourists, if Vietnam wants to try that it will be a disaster. I can say not many travel blog about Vietnam that straight to the point like Steven blog. But blaming this country poor condition because Steve government is not fair at all.

It just takes a few days to get used to. This article is too much interesting and informative. Vietnam is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. But, as a first-time traveler, you should keep in mind certain factors that are clearly described here in this blog. I would like to go to Vietnam end of July beginning of August. Where are the best places to go. Are the rate interesting at the exchange offices? At least from my experience, I always struggle to spend all the cash at the end of my trips and ends up in the airport with the unfavourable rate applied by the exchange offices.

Just heard about one mobile application Fairswap to exchange cash. Widely, you can post your need in foreign currency and if there is someone nearby facing the reverse need, then he can contact you and you will meet him and make the swap.

Your email address will not be published. Most people who want to travel to America are worried about the Visa interview process. There are many things that could go wrong throughout Thailand, with over 26 million foreign entries in , can be a very touristic place to visit.

The 5 Best Night Markets in Taipei. Taipei is inarguably one of the top street food cities in the world. Taiwan is known as the land of snacks: Vietnam is a country that runs on coffee. Angkor Wat is, along with Bagan in Myanmar, My boy Adam, on a hour hard seat journey photo by Steven.

Watery noodles photo by Adam Lenz. Friendly official on the backroads outside of Hoi An photo by Steven. Flying over the expansive Mekong Delta photo by Steven. Enjoying some respite atop the Sheraton in Nha Trang photo by Steven. Backstreet hotels in Nha Trang photo by Steven. Local life in the Mekong Delta photo by Steven. Taking a break in Mui Ne photo by Steven.

Steven 85 Posts Steven is a roaming traveler, writer and urban planner based out of Asia. Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. View January 21, View June 28, Hi Vy, So how was your trip back to Vietnam? Hope it helped Steven. View February 5, View March 2, View March 4, Hi, thanks for reading.

Which part do you disagree with? View March 20, View April 2, Hi Marta, Yes, walking beside a local will definitely help you cross the street in Vietnam!

View April 24, View July 8, View August 22, Hi Hannah, Thanks for reading! Research and local friends will help! View August 4, Hi Ian, Thanks for your input and I hope it helps others in your situation heading over in Vietnam.

View August 20, Steven, Just a heads up… Did you know that the operator of a news site has plagiarized your article under a different name?

View September 1, View September 11, Because some people like you really make no one want to come back Viet Nam you know. View November 22, View August 14, View February 1, View October 1, View December 9, View December 17, I was always taught to keep your passport safe… thanks, es. View December 18, View December 19, View January 4, Thanks for reading, Steven.

Was having a hard time choosing between Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. View May 18, View June 3, View July 5, Kindly let me know; thanks. View July 31, View September 19, Hi Steven, You know your Vietnamese fact very well! A socially and culturally outcasted Vietnamese P. View October 15, Glad the article could help.

By the way, how was your trip? View December 31, View October 18, View October 27, Many tourists fall in love with Vietnam, Truc! Good luck with your English and hopefully we can meet up for a coffee someday! Bob The Viet Tru. View October 28, View November 6, View November 18, View December 1, Loads of good karma coming your way!

When is the best time to visit Vietnam? View December 5, View December 25, Yes, but he still enjoyed Vietnam as a travel destination. View December 30, Welcome to our country. Hi Anna, What a nice offer! I hope you can get in touch with people! Thank you so much Olivier. Hi Olivier, Good to hear about your trip! View January 20, View January 12, Hi Steven, I just stumbled across your blog here, and it is very informative and great tips. You can email me back as well.

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