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There was no emotion and the only way i got off was by thinkin of Johanii instead of Deon. The pretty ones have too many offers, you need to be there already and move reasonably fast.

Ladies, read on for the following advice on break up with a guy.

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My girlfriend and I were together for about a year. The relationship was long distance but we made it work, I would go down there to see her about once a month and she came up here one time as well. Things were going really well and I thought that there was no possible way for us to break up. Is this selfish of me or is there another way that I can handle this situation? I still want to be with her but I feel like my feelings are stronger for her than hers are for me.

Me and my friend were 2 opposite people he was a player and i was nice. Tell her straight up like a man. Yo i like you, im not cool with you dating other dudes and trying to hang out. Option 2 is invite her over your place be real cool, not into her, pour some drinks have your fun, and the next day plan a date, and wake up before her and leave her a note saying. Or say sorry im not that kind of guy, i truly loved you and so i wont take advantage of you we cant be friends, its not fair to me or you.

Please dont text unless you want something. Grow a pair and tell her were just about one thing now, so do what you gotta do babe you got my address come by if you wnat to have a good time. Um no sorry to burst your bubble but girls would hate that.

It annoys the crap out of most of us girls. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 7 months. But 2 months into the relationship he moved to another state. How can I say it in a nce-ish way as to not hurt him too much? His parents are also getting a divorce. I am in almost the exact same situation as you. Oh boys, what will we do about them? Also, Dave and josh are really close, and some days I feel like Dave and I are perfect for each other while other days I feel like there is just no spark whatsoever….

Dave constantly calls me and asks me to Skype, Oovoo and chat him every time I get the chance…. I also started liking my bfs best friend. My best advice to you would be to stay away from josh. This might cause a huge problem and you might lose both of them, or hurt them both.

Another thing, though I am unsure if this is true in your case, my boyfriend never truly loved me although he said he did and he was only really interested in how far we could go. Again, this is just based on my experiences and it may be different for you, but I hoped my rambling helped. Im comfortable with them all. I understand completely my boyfriend wont let ne hang out with my friends and hes cussed them out a few times over stupid stuff and so everyone hates him.

I want to leave but hes had such a hard life and I feel so bad and he knows this and uses it against me. He made me cry kn graduation night by telling me my dress looked slutty and got pissed viz he couldnt stand next to me during the class picturr.

I dont like him as much as i used to and we were great friends before. Recently ive gotten close to a boy that went to my primary school,we both liked eachother then,but nothing happened. I know people have said that face to face is the best way to break up with someone,but honestly i couldnt look into his eyes and tell him its over,if i tried id end up putting it off and its just not fair on him if i continue in the relationship while loving someone else,ive read all the posts trying to write something that sounds like a good way to break up.

What should I tell him? It was really wonderful during the first year, up until he cheated on me, but thats a whole other kettle of fish. I told him I would try to make it work this one time and he has not to my knowledge done it since.

He takes really great care of me, and has bent over backwords for me countless times, and loves me to pieces. However, ever since I agreed to stay with him I have always wondered if I could ever really get over it because I felt like it put a huge chasm between us. But I thought maybe that feeling would go away after time. Although that feeling has somewhat weakened I still feel its there. I thought about breaking up with him some months ago but I. And then shortly after that his mother passed and I basically became his only family, and I knew that there was no way I could have done it then.

I feel so guilty because he is such a great boyfriend and we do get along so well. I just dont know what to do. I am pretty much in exact the same situation as you. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years. The last 3 years have been great at times and a little crappy at times and the fact that he cheated has always been in the back of my mind even though I told him and myself that we could move on from it. He treats me like a princess and is so great to me but my romantuc feelings towards hime have faded especcially over the last 6 months and now I am struggling with figuring out how I am going to leave him.

His grandmother died earlier this year who he was really close with so that has made it extremely tough too. I find it really hard to hurt people so i have dragged it out for so long but I am getting to the point where I think my wellbeing is more important then the relationship. Also I think I have outgrew him and have a need to be free and concentrate on my goals and future. I think I am going to get over my fear of hurting him and build up courage and do it next week.

I will let you know what I said and how it went. Remember darling, your happiness is more important then keeping him happy and 4 years in the scheme of your whole life is only a tiny little chunk. You will feel like a great weight has been lifted from you when you do it and even though it will be very hard and you may feel like shit for a while in the long run you will be happier and stronger and all round a better person. It really struck a cord with me although she wasnt talking about me at the time.

I think I just need to suck it up and just tell him how I feel. Im really writing this to just get it out of my system. Not trying to get any responses and i dont plan on ever comming back onto this site. I met Deon at the end of my freshman year. I got together with him and i was so enthused because i dont date. He was my first actual boyfriend and I was the first girl he was faithful to.

His past relationships were terrible and left him scarred. After a while, we had sex and i gave him my virginity. I was so very in love with him. Through the next years, we went through very rough and very exciting times. My family was the least supportive of my relationship. I so desprately wanted to rebel against thier negativity so it made me stay with him longer. He got to meet Parker who has loved me since we were children. But he will always be there. A past flame, Tony, was still in my life too.

We only stayed friends because we were a long distance apart. But dont be mistaken, I am the AlphaBitch in his life. When I come around, I am the female that comes first, and I will let all the females know. Tony has met my bf too. My bf and I had a huge blowout last July but we loved eachother too much to leave one another. But my heart wouldnt let me listen to my brain. My bf has just ended his first year of college and it has been kind of crazii.

He was always out and I didnt get to talk to him much. I just realized that i didnt need to be on the phone with him all day long. My love for him had not faded or changed in any kind of way. But in January he just started trippin a little too hard for me to handle sometimes. And with us barely speaking already, arguing just wasnt a positive impact. Well last year in December a friend of mine, Calton, who is so very sexy and mature, wanted so desperately to have sex with me but I have a bf and I dont get down like that.

So now he is on this mission to prove that he doesnt just want sex. And i am willing to give him a chance to prove his intentions and the more my bf tripped, the more his chance grew. My other friend I met last year in August really likes me but i dont like him at all.

Since we all just graduated he said we should hang out. Big thanks to my friend Tyler. Well in February I met my friend Johanii. He had just gotten out of a bad relationship and i was still in mine. We got really close in the short amount of time we have known eachother.

I started to really like him because he wasnt after sex, i wanted to fix all the things that girl had done wrong to him and i was really attracted. We started hanging out and basically going on dates. He and I talked often about my relationship. He was actually supportive of it, telling me I should try and work things out. But I still had me bf. My brother and I talked about my situation and he said if I was really feeling Johanii like that then I should give him everything and see if my feelings for my bf diminish completely.

I didnt think it would happen but it did. My bf started to suspect something but i couldnt bring myself to tell him. The thing is, Johanii has mixed feelings about me. But he knew what the situation was in the beginning. Idk why he plays with being mine.? I finally got some courage to tell Deon how i was feeling.

I almost broke up with him but i just couldnt. He was trying to do anything to get my heart back. He still is but im not trying to stay with the past. Ive been waiting to see if there is a spark but nothing has happened.

We had sex about two months ago but it was terrible for me. There was no emotion and the only way i got off was by thinkin of Johanii instead of Deon. I know its terrible. It was great for him though. He talks about how it was the best. I dont even want to kiss him anymore. Now as of a few weeks ago, I have an additional guy, David. He is in a music group that is on their way to fame.

Im not after his money or anything. I was attractred before I had any knowledge of that. And besides, the difference between a groupie and a fan is a friend. But he wont even respond to my messages on facebook. Idk what to do about my wandering eyes. I have been saying all the things Deon wants to hear but Im tired of trying to pretend like something is still there other than friendship.

Its been a long three years, but I want someone else, and I have options. I just am ready for this to be over over for both of us. I become the problem when I want to break up I do all out annoying habbits be a complete mental eventually the poor guy has enough and what do ya know calls it off he walks off happy thinking it was his idea and I get to miss the wreakage.

I had a girlfriend for only a couple months and I really like her. We had gone to an amusement and had an great time. She showed absolutely no signs leading up to this, and then breaks up with me right after I take her to an amusement park, and over a text? Girls are like that, and being a girl I know this. They act like they love you one moment and then break up with you. Quite frankly i slowly lost feelings for him and now they are just gone. He is a really nice guy and i really want him to stick around as a friend….

We had a thing before but now have realized feeling springing up for each other again…. Also he seems to be still completely in love with me…. We almost have the same problem. The best thing to do is just tell the truth.

And you can still be friends with him! Let your bf get use to you guys just being friends and let him get comfortable with you getting together with other guys or else it will be awkward. I have been dating a guy for 3 months now. He is super sweet, but now just over does it. Also, another guy just asked me on a date, and I really want to go but I would never ever cheat on someone.

I have the same problem a lot of girls are having on here.. He wants to take me on a biiig date. When we first started Dating he was everything I wanted; charming, good looking, funny, goofy, the nicest guy. I have gotten to know him better and I would rather hangout with him then be romantic with him.

I have almost broken up with him once but he was in tears before I could actually do it. Things have gotten really bad, I cried every night in June. All I ever asked of him was to appreciate me and try to talk to me, show me a little affection, like a hug once a week.

This sort of thing happens every 3 months maybe. I love him, but I love myself more. I know this is the best thing for me, but I feel like a total bitch. I have been with my boyfriend for 1 year and 8 months now and a lot of it has been up and down. We never have a good week anymore and it seems impossible to. We even fight over long distance. I am the only one who tries to work on the relationship and patch things up but he just gives me the silent treatment.

He even says degrading things about me and my friends or whoever I hang out with even though they have absolutely nothing to do with it. I am proud of you girl, I hope everything worked out. Would you want this for a lifetime? But what helps me is that I think about how much this relationship is worth to me and how happy I am. If no changes are to be made, will I put up with this for the rest of my life?

Let me know how you ended up dealing with this, I want to know too! Then again, are we being petty, and forgetting that relationships are hard work and not always puppy dogs and rainbows, you have to take the bad with the good, and all that jazz. We can influence, but they need to want to make things better! Also, then not only are we riddled with guilt about whether or not we should have tried harder!

Or just put up with shit a little bit longer. We are left wondering if the next guy will be even worse than this one. Every body has different quirks. It almost become impossible to find someone without some kind of flaw. So are we then left with just having to accept the ones we can live with? And dump the guys with the flaws that we cant? We have had a lot of issues with him being honest. When we first started dating it was in our third month that I girl messages me explaining to me that she too was dating him.

When I confronted him with the proof he denied denied denied. Even when I had told him that her and I met up and I saw the call log and messages he still tried to deny everything….

And we continued to date. We now live together and I have kicked him out and took him back twice now for lying. Now its come to this. Every time he comes around my dude leaves the room and my daughters father thinks that if he is going to be the man in my and my da ughters life that he needs to be respectful of him and not run and hide whenever he comes around. I am also raising my 16 year old brother and at first he really liked my boyfriend.

What should I do: Sounds like a loser. Blood is thicker than water. You need to take care of your brother before some dead beat liar. Now two weeks after the move I basically feel like a single parent. We have been together for three years now. Anyone have any suggestions about what I should do? Me and this guy have been going out on and off for about 6 months.

I like him soooo much, i dont even know why, i havent seen him once while we were dating and hes not very romantic. Im just absoluteley in love with him. I go back and forth like, every hour on what i should do. Currently, 4 other guys are after me and its really stressful with all these guys flirting with me.

I want to be with my bf, but i want to see him. And i dont know if this would be our last breakup. Idk what to do, help: I still really like him even though I never see him because he moved. I know how you feel when you say you need a break from boys. It does feel good when other guys flirt with you. It takes alot of stress off of you. But it seems WAY too harsh. In his POV it would be like somebody just stabbed him.

We were really good friends before and I really hope it will be like before. SO I broke up with my BF. Things had just gone cold. No more feelings, He would even ignore me etc: I ignored them for a while and just thought on my own on how our relationship was. I realized it was not what I wanted.

I broke up very recently but…. I had been interested in them before hand. But I had a couple of guys who I had liked. And my ex bf had asked me out so I was taken and of course left those feelings to rest in a little jar on the shelf. He is really sweet and a great friend he always makes me smile even on my depressing days.

Those feelings I had before for him all rushed back. And I was thinking. Thanks for all your help! I know that relationships take work. I still am madly in love with this man. Well recently he quit his job due to not liking it — after a year and a half of work.

And has had one good day of applying online with no positive results. I work at home, so he has non-stop being playing games, online, x box ect. We had this same issue a few years ago, where I had to hold his hand to get the job he just had. To prove that there are jobs. This has not added any results to him looking. I do talk with him, but he always shuts me out. I do not nag or yell. I feel he is an adult and should know what needs to be done.

Well 2nd issue- now with no job- him slobbing around the house has added extra cleaning and such to be done, he refuses to do anything — take out trash dishes- this man has become- an excuse man — I have never asked him to help with house work before cause it was simple- I am home all day, mind you I am working 8 hours — but still the mess was not bad, now it is horrible- I guess — is this enough to leave. I only have a few months before I have someone to really take care of — and I do not have strength to take care of both.

I feel he has failed at the time I need him the most. To begin with, he seemed absolutely perfect in every way, and we were convinced that we were meant for each other. And everyday, I seem to discover new things about him which, when put together, really irritate and annoy me. But my problem is, I sent him a few partially nude pictures of me. I almost fully broke up with him yesterday but he said things tht made me be with him still.

Ive told him i care for him but i think i losing my feelings for him gradually because of his attitude…wat should i do, help me! A few months later, I started seeing my new and current boyfriend.

Although he is incredibly sweet, he is somewhat clingy and clearly more into me than I am into him. I try not to communicate with him though bc he did not want to separate when I left him, and he still has very strong feelings for me. Am I just going through a phase of missing him, or should I attempt to reunite with my ex? My guy is sweet, funny and showers me with compliments.

I love him, just not as much as he loves me. I want us just to be friends. Its so very hard! Unfortunetly the sweeter they are, the less likely they will forgive you and want to be friend. I found this out from experience. We ended up in the same high school, and became mutually re-interested in my sophmore year, but it faded. Any advice is welcomed. I have a bf and weve been dating 4 and a half mths.

I wanna break upp with him but im his first gf he sortof acts like all we r is friends and he doesnt seem to reslly care plus im sortof getting a crush on someone else. Pls help me… I am dating with a guy who is the one whom I had crush to be with. But now it has been around two weeks and I am comfortable with him. I was the one to tell him how felt for him first then he officially proposd me… I am in a big dellima to tell him that I love him but I am not into love with him.

Please can any guy help me to come out of this vicious mind…. And I know that it will hurt him if I tell him there is someone else. I need some serious help on how to break up with him!! I have a boyfriend who i am planning on breaking up with. He is very kind but very possesive. I am a sophmore and he is just annoying. You know when you just want to sit back and complain? He always has to top you. Then when he asks you out he does it in the kindest way so you just have to say yes.

Then not 5 minutes after he askes you out you apparently agreed to sex, marriage, and eternity. Then he wont leave you alone. Always trying to hold your hand or puts his arm around you. I mean take a hint. So i am going to break up with him, soon. I have a boyfriend who is much older than I.

But since we started living together things have changed. We fight all the time, and he gets mad over little things. I really need some kind of help. My friends tell me to leave but it hurts me and he just yells at me and tells me what I do wrong. I have been dating my boyfriend for about 7 months now.

But the entire relationship is based on our phones. We go to different schools and rarely ever see eachother because of sports. I want to go to college and be sussecful, but he is still in this immature stage that is too much for me, I feel like a parent..

The worst part is.. But this is also my first boyfriend.. He is incredibly sweet and amazing but just too immature. Can you help me? After reading a bit of that, i have no idea to even express what my problem is. And we have been living together for that amount of time. I feel so tied into this relationship — that there is no escape. I want to love him like i used to, but i just dont.

I am too afraid to end it, because i will regret it. I have been dating this guy for 7 months now. We have been through a lot. He is a drug addict and has been locked up for almost 4 months in and out of the hospital from over dosing or tryin to kill himself. He is very jealous and is constantly accusing me of messing around. He has been abusive in the past also. Why are you still with him?! No matter how horrible he is to me I just can bring myself to breaking things off.

I am honestly afraid if him. He has threatened me by saying if I hurt him he will make me pay and make my life miserable. You need to surround yourself with friends and family. Its time to make some. I am having a hard time breaking up with my boyfriend. Set up a time right after to see your friends.

Finally read through all of these posts, and you know what. Of all the problems that everyone seems to have, it appears it is very sad how difficult it is to see the forest from the trees.

Of course if you have lost the spark that you once had, and have tried…key word TRIED to get it back to no avail. Then moving on is the most obvious thing to do. If you are with an abusive person or someone who breaks you down emotionally, or physically…. However due to the issues that I have in my relationship, I have realized that there is no lack of feelings that used to, and still run deep. There is no abuse, mentally or physically. There is only the physical elements of the way he lives, that of which his choices have set in motion for him.

Choices that he made before I was able to influence him. It is clear to me know that a little support, and a lot of conversation can help and possibly change the path he is set on. Why China Crisis never achieved megastardom is a criminal oversight. I love that album so much and still have the original CD of it. If only it was still available to purchase as a physical CD or download.

Cherry Red will have it back in stock at their online store at some point. They tend to let stock sell out, and then reprint the release at some point. I found this when I was after an Abc reissue. It went from been out of stock to been available across the U. Possibly the most underrated band…then again, why sophistipop bands like China Crisis keep getting overlooked and underappreciated is beyond me…subtle over hit-you-over-the head to get attention…the Brit way, haha.

Be Suspicious really should be on there though. Hopefully all will soon become clear but I will order them anyway. Needs to be more well known. Criminally only heard by a small amount of fans. Their best album for me.

Very exciting news- thanks Paul. Any news about heavyweight vinyl reissues of the remastered albums? Would be nice if they could supply SDE with an interview. Autumn in the neighbourhood, their last pledge music release is very hard to obtain. I have a CD-R copy but I know they sell the cd at their live shows. Would be nice if that was more widely available.

Vinyl pressing would be superb. Welllll, being they do play quite a bit around these parts…I saw them for the first time at my sorta local venue called Revolution, in Amityville on the south shore of Long Island, NY saw Men Without Hats play there as well, not too long ago, they were pretty good!! Last time, I actually befriended Eddie Lundon and he gave me his card…I kinda lost it…but next time, I will reintroduce myself and include that am a representative of SDE and will they grant an interview???

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That is super exciting — Flaunt is the first album I ever bought on CD.

And the band made in my view a magnificent return with their album of about 18 months ago, although distribution for it was appalling. Well, I will be on 1st Sept. But I do agree with other; these should have been complete.

Flaunt is one of my all time favourites. But an expanded CD Reissue does not bother me. It will have the same problem now, sadly, fighting for space with so many great re-releases and so little time. Ordered them right away.

I have been waiting for these recordings since the band told me about their deal with Caroline almost a year ago. Well done on getting an exclusive! Who needs the Pet Shop Boys then.

Christian is a fantastic track. Maybe the masters are missing? I cannot see the point in including the edit of King in A Catholic Style and not putting the 12 inch mix on there and i hope No More Blue Horizons Fool, Fool, Fool listed as a b side is in fact the 12 inch mix.

Yes, Yes and Yes! This has made my day! Probably more excited about this than the forthcoming Bowie box set. Been waiting for this to happen for a long time! Three great albums and a good selection of bonus material. Wow very cool and fairly cheap too…wonder if deluxes will be made of albums 4 and 5…what price paradise??

And diary of a hollow horse?? Which would be great if it were at all possible to still get a copy! Been looking for a digital copy of this mix everywhere without joy. Been waiting for these for years! I hope the cds are remastered well and not brick walled.

Paul can you confirm the packaging. Are they jewel cases or digipaks? Your email address will not be published. December 13, at October 3, at RobbiS from Germany says: September 22, at September 26, at September 18, at Well worth the wait imho!

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For warranty information about this product, please click here. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention adorable loaf squishy face cuddly boyfriend birthday smiles fighting silly neck stuffed loafy party happiness winky guy instant stitching cutie.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The cutest thing in the whole world. When I am sad, I look at loaf and find instant happiness. I never knew such joy could be found in a stuffed carb. Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved it, thanks! I have never seen something so adorable and its comfortable on my neck when i want to chill out. In fact, I'm quite proud of this purchase. When people are fighting over who loves bread more, I always win when I say that I have a pillow shaped like an actual loaf of bread.

I bought it as a gag gift for myself, but I use it unironically because it's so gosh darn cute. This thing has the power to mend friendships, stop wars, and it's also a great topic to bring up when family gatherings get awkward or political. Thought this would just be a silly gift for my bread-loving wife.

When she saw it, she giggled for ten minutes! But the pillow of bread is a gift that keeps on giving. It's snuggly, soft and small enough to hold or to use as neck pillow.

The other reviewer was right. Looking at Loafy gives one almost instant smiles! He makes me happy and he's so cuddly. I love Loafy and he'll have a spot as my squishy bed partner for awhile or until my dogs learn how to get on the new bed.

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