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How to delete a Cheekylovers account?

Try OasisActive or Eharmony.

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Basically, no girl on CheekyLovers. Why do we hate this site so much? Are the scams really so bad? When you first log on to CheekyLovers.

They will immediately send you emails and flirts and winks and chats saying how excited they are to see you, how much they want to hook up with you, and how cute they think you are.

Then, once the spambots are done, you start seeing the other scam that CheekyLovers. Obviously, these cam girls have no intention of hooking up with you. Why are you on a site like CheekyLovers. We hate to blame the victim, but if you read this whole review and then go to CheekyLovers. Seriously, we tried to warn you. You will get scammed by fake profiles and by cam girls. If you want to try out a great sex dating site instead, go for SocialSex.

CheekyLovers comparison , CheekyLovers ratings , CheekyLovers review , CheekyLovers scam , is CheekyLovers any good , is CheekyLovers for real , is CheekyLovers legit , online sex finder sites , scam sex finder sites , sites like CheekyLovers , worst sex finder sites. On October 15, Cheeky Lovers is absolutely a waste of time. Cute names do nothing for it. Patrick December 8, at 2: El Birdie December 10, at 3: Los Cat December 18, at 6: Chauncey December 23, at 6: Sunny Rolling Airmen December 28, at Cockroach Rough January 3, at Arlie January 8, at Swift Smoke January 13, at 3: Join instantly today to begin your adventures filled with casual dating!

A con avoid at all cost , I paid for a 3 day trial but they took out full one month membership out of my account at the same time , I went on the site tried to chat and was directed to buy a full membership , after 32request to customer support ,I got a post today saying all fixed I can access the site , So I go on start to chat , after 5mins boom the site locks , and I am redirected to buy a full membership keep away from it.

Joined the site looking for casual friend with benefits. No contacts no meets just continuous requests for money and cam chat. Save your money and find a local lady and pay her. Australian males looking to score forget it! This site is a complete waste of time for Americans looking for Americans.

In my opinion, this site is a scam. Every CheekyLovers girl I met on the site was fake. Lastly, they try to divert you away from the site with, an email address. The site is a complete waste of time. This site is full of profiles featuring lots of very pretty girls but most are obviously made up as often the descriptives bear no resemblance to the photos or the language used is very poor English.

I expect the profiles are either scammers, cam girls or girls from Eastern Europe. There are some genuine people on the site but it would appear not many! I would give this site minus ratings if I could. I would stay away!!!! I did not sign up for this site at all!!! I am not freaking impressed.

All the positive reviews are written by the same person, whose first language is NOT English. The grammar is off for a supposed native English speaker. Try OasisActive or Eharmony. Avoid this site at all costs. So you women are being played — am I — not anymore! FU SF or as he calls himself big daddy. Has the nerve to say I am not ready for a relationship — hmm another excuse. Good luck with him. We should be able to give negative stars for sites like CheekyLovers.

These people are pure scammers, avoid at all costs. This is the perfect online dating site for a young guy like me. It has a lot of ladies that are into casual dating. I love it here because of that. I joined here after breaking up with my ex-girlfriend. And after that, this place has made more into a promiscuous man. I think every young people should join this place. Even a poor guy that recently graduated college can succeed. Another scam to watch out for is when you get messages from a women who says she wants to be safe , because she is nervous about meeting a maniac on the site ,which is a genuine concern,but they direct you to what looks like a genuine site to verify???

I did this for my bit of fun before reading this write up ipaid for the trail but have not used it as yet it started to day how do i cancel it i was drunk at the pub would be greatfull for help thanks BW. Not all beautiful ladies on Cheekylovers are scam, i signed up for cheekylovers three months ago and i can say i am hot and thick, i found someone whom i love on this same site.

Me and Jaime have been together for some months now. My reply to Cynthia walkers, Truth be told!!! I am Jaime, who she said she loves and called me her king. I volunteered to pay for half her flight from Detroit to Dallas. And she said there was no cheaper cost. The day before her flight,she had a high speed wreck, with no real damage to the car.

I msgd back asking if she made it on time. Her answer was NO and blocked me on Hangouts. Now is that scandalous!!! Sure does feel that way from my end. Truth be told from Dallas,TX.

Some just like to flirt. Read some of the profiles arrogant demanding all about them. A person can put anything on a profile does not make it true. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Overview If you're new to online dating sites be forewarned that not all dating sites are created equal. Beautiful Women But They Are All Fake If you're wondering why this site is a con we're going to lay everything out for you so you can understand exactly how they trick people into paying for a dating membership that is completely useless.

Messages From Fictitious Females The next deception on the list is the use of phony emails that are sent to free male members on the site. May 30, at 6: December 12, at 9: February 4, at 3: February 20, at 6: February 23, at 5: May 17, at May 22, at August 12, at 6: September 10, at

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