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They had made it semi-public for advertisers, but I found out how to access the information without being one. Take one of the forums I found. It belonged to MagicianSchool. You never know, the owner might just be happy to see someone else revive the community or at least accept a bid for the domain. A Whois search will find you their email address.

Remember, even if a domain is protected by WHOIS the email address available on their records must be operational. Browsing through forums I found tons of link opportunities as well. Look at this thread on Theory11 forums.

The guy from LearnEasyMagic. A product he claims is the result of removing all of his past Magic-related articles from About. The popular Youtube channel, Disturb Reality, recently launched a Kickstarter project to get people to buy their playing cards. If I manage to build an audience in this niche and wanted to build my own deck, I now know to set the goal a little lower. The list goes on and on. Not to mention the content style I found works the best and my clear understanding of how important Youtube and forums are, and how unimportant blogs seem to be.

It also makes sense that there are forums to cater to people who want to discuss their love of performing. He tried to rank in the top in the UK within a year.

I would love to hypothetically take this model with my magic niche. Record myself trying to same trick or move every single day until I had it perfected. Every single day I would publish a 30 second or 1 minute video to Youtube of me performing that act. Then every 3 months, put together a compilation of me mastering that certain trick and how long it took. More importantly than that, I think the videos and related blog posts would be able to reach a much wider audience outside of magic.

A cool timeline style compilation video of all of the biggest tricks in magic. Card shuffling, levitation, making items disappear and whatever else I can conjure up pun intended, again. The trust that I would get from people who see my own journey from beginner to intermediate to expert would also enable me to sell more products.

I could set up a cool online course sharing all of the tips and tricks I learned along the way to speed up my progress. I could share which tricks I learned that impressed people and those that were just too difficult I gave up on. I could follow the path of other magicians and — if I put enough time in — probably figure out other ways to pull off popular tricks and sell my variations, props included!

The only reason I could come up with this idea in the first place is because I knew which niche I wanted to operate in and I was open to what people on the web respond to even if that involves totally different industries. I promise that if you put in the time like I have for any industry the answers will start coming to you. That office I rented? These things tend to happen as a by-product of doing what you love, consistently, over a period of time.

If you keep working at it, and believe that things will figure themselves out, they usually will. As mentioned in the intro, I had planned to kick off a huge Facebook ads series. If you have an established website in mind, the following posts will help you take that to the next level. Especially when my current niche project is utilising that platform more than anything else. One day it may just hit you like a Basketball to the face.

He clearly has a personal interest in basketball and when the right angle came around for him to utilise that passion, he took it. I had this magic idea in mind for a while and when I found that Expert in a Year video, it gave me an idea to do something similar for the magic community.

Meaning, we want to be sending you cool niche ideas once or twice a week that we would be building ourselves if we had more time. Unlike previously, I want to cover each topic in a lot more detail. If it gets a good response, I can push on with it sooner rather than later. I agree wholeheartedly that really digging into a niche is the way to go.

Finding something you are passionate about is the best way to make sure you will be able to build that site into a real business.

Research can make sure it is a profitable venture. Thanks for sharing your insightful post! Please tell me more about your goal personally. Is it to sell more of your own books, more of others books, provide reviews? Unless Genesis have some requirement for their link to be there I would remove it. The same goes for the link to WordPress. You would probably get more opt-ins without the requirement for a name — unless you have a real reason for having it there.

Adding a graphic here will also help. Fellow authors, book lovers, book critics and so on? Whatever the answer, make that clear in every opportunity for first time visitors.

Thanks for taking the time for peeking around and for your suggestions! I am not well-versed in the techy areas adding graphics, etc so will see if I can find someone to make those improvements. Some I can tackle, and will just removed the footer links. Regarding the opt-in box, the goal for getting a name was to make communicating with readers more personal.

You could try getting the email owners name after they have signed up and built more of a connection with them. I would recommend you to redesign your ebook cover. As a graphic designer I can say that it is really not an appealing design. It all applies to me at the minute so well worth the wait! The way you dig up ideas make me wonder if you are human. I must confess you are good at what you do. I will be very much interested in whatever you have in mind.

I love soccer very well and started developing interest in learning strategies. There are million quid Ferraris to be bought these days so keep the epic posts coming now to help us all go from dreaming to driving.. Glad to see you back! Any advice on that matter?

Are you ONLY posting links or are you spreading things up a bit as well. Are you sharing content that your audience is likely to be very interested in. Sharing too much content can also be an issue.

You sure love to provide value. What a way to get back into posting to your blog! I think the real key here is to follow passion and profits will follow.

You can tell from the content and from videos. Great book for anyone creating a lot of content online. Choose yourself is a very nice book. But, I am yet to fininsh it. I have yet to read the post, above… I am from Pakistan, i wanted to ask you Glen , does the Blueprint videos work if we apply them?

However, their core message definitely still stands. In a nutshell, are you saying that Google got what they want? Also, what are your thoughts on scaling semi-authority sites ie, 30 page sites for someone trying to establish a base income?

If those 30 pages are of high-quality it can be enough. To be honest, not rocket science, but seldom do people follow through on the idea of finding an audience first, which in hindsight you have achieved. In todays day and age, where social is huge and everyone is interconnected you simple can not go wrong with it. Yep, not Rocket Science, but important for people who have little direction before I go into my new series. They started as funny pick up artists on YouTube and transformed into a massive business.

Their business also branches out to other channels and offers but I think you get the idea. I think going to this kind of depth and seeking out this kind of knowledge about your market is definitely the way to go in building something online of genuine value nowadays. I thought you were dead and I was waiting for your funeral.. Thanks a lot for this beautiful post.

I am a passionate blogger and would love to follow your advice in my niche… Sorry for that joke though.. I love the posts where you walk through the entire process with us. Best of luck with your new team and your new office! Great post as always. I have mixed feelings about following your passion vs. I would love to make a living from a personal blog writing about whatever I want, but with a full time job and trying to make money online on the side, time is limited.

Do you build sites around things that you are pretty passionate about until you get there? Or do you just go straight for it? Hey Cody totally get you on the following your passion vs following a system part… And I truly get the confusion around what topics to focus on. You just have to find a common theme that binds them together. That will be your focus. You can check that site out and let me know your thoughts. Interesting concept; thanks for the share. I do want to help people make money online eventually, but I never want that to be my primary focus or main source of income.

Welcome back good sir! I have missed your blog posts—very excited to see you working on physical products and other business ideas while still utilizing your SEO skills as a competitive advantage!

Definitely would love to see the Cloud Niche revival. Nice to see you back! Everyone keeps saying how easy it is to get traffic from YouTube but how would you even begin to get views to such a video series that you suggested about being an expert in a year? By The way, I have wondered what it happened to the cloud niche series so an improved version of that would be great!

Looking forward to the FB series. Finally a post from glen!! Dear Lord … I am so eager to find a niche I care about. I just feel most of my interests are so obscure, limited market size, low commercial intent. Authority niche sites with all the complementary 3rd party platforms are the way to go. If you love the niche, even better. This is exactly the approach I took exactly 1 year ago.

Ironically, deciding to publish a site on a topic I enjoyed turned into the most profitable website I ever built within a few months. I went all out.

Of course I improved things as I went along. At the end of the day I was pleasantly surprised how well this niche could be monetized in ways I had never used before. To make a long story short, building out an authority site with full blown social media properties and plenty of collaboration with other big players in the niche resulted in the following metrics within 12 months:. The biggest surprise was the organic search traffic which grew very quickly and still is.

I did no active link building. I just posted across social media every day multiple times per day. Now the site pretty much runs on its own. Most components are recurring tasks. I just come up with topic ideas and handle the monetization. I actually think the magic niche is a very good choice if it interests you. I always get to the end of your post and think I wish there was more to read!

It takes into account the country, and the general category of the page. By the way I want to thank you because a long time ago I asked you about starting a tea blog and you told me it was a good idea: Please keep writing posts.

You are a unique voice. Love love love the idea of cloud niche weekly ideas. Anything from you and Diggy on a weekly basis would have value. One of the most dreaded things about blogging is the idea of spending a lot of time producing great content that no one reads!

Always enjoy reading your stuff Glen, thanks. Make sure you follow my Facebook page — http: Looking forward to put theory into action. I was just sitting here the other day thinking, why am I killing myself with 50 websites? Maybe the other sites would make nice Christmas gifts! Great article yet again. There is a lot of useful information in that; I am sure it took a hell of a long time to complete. You are right about….

I hated it then and I still hate that advice in …. Trial and error has been good to me…. I am not familiar with Cloud Niche but it sounds great…. I am not suggesting an entire course but a list of bullet points to get more of how you think about going after a particular niche. I thought maybe you had found the tree that money grows on and drank from the fountain of youth and thus no longer needed to send out great content. I drank every word as always top of the mountain content and incredible value.

Comments above — Azzam, Dave, Jordan and so on — will be answered as soon as I wake up. I want to give a proper reply. I find it really helps for me to get a big picture overview of things first, then drilling down in a systems thinking way…. I think you could really go deeper with this idea of being a Leader, but it has to start from a point of view that you have something different, new, bold, worthy, and interesting to share with people.

And the big players in any industry like to box things into certain categories…i. So start with the end in mind. Second challenge, is the need to be careful when considering pageviews, pagevisits, of links, likes, shares as the ideal metrics to measure success. In terms of a profitable business model, the true metrics should be conversions or sales i. Finally let me end by just stretching two ideas you had into another direction you may not have thought about. Maybe you can connect the idea that Tim Ferris popularized Accelerated Learning and bring it to your magic niche.

Showing how you can take a specific systematic approach to learning magic faster, better, more effectively, with less effort…and how others can do it too! Remember your trying to lead your customers to adopt your ideas, trust you, follow you. So give them something they can use. This can possibly be monetized as well.

Let me start off by saying this was a complete waste of time reading your fluffy shit. When I subscribed to your information, it was because you provided content that others were not sharing….

You get a big D- for this post…. Very nice, I especially like the FB searching tricks! Looking for good groups on FB is a pain!

Im slowly going into the niche direction but it requires a hell load of a time or 5 VAs to do. Still struggle with traffic and monetization but it slowly goes up. Its good to use other highly engaged groups on FB, building your own fan base is very expensive and FB will cut off the organic reach once you perform well.

I suddenly dropped from visits a day to despite more quality and more content. Definitely Hootsuite saved me a load of time managing multiple groups and social accounts. Now the response for posting into relevant groups is 10x more succesfull then building up own FB site. In my opinion it seemed not relevant to how to …..

You always have incredibly detailed, informative and inspirational posts. My ebook business has been ramping up and I need something to get to the next level. This kid is dominating them all: You should try again on another device. This kid and the way he does things is pretty impressive.

Millions of people have been watching him now for years. Glen, this is one of my favorite ever posts from you — you got super specific and creative. Yes Glenn excellent article! Keep bringing the blogs and e-mails, I will read every word as always! Yes Glen excellent article! When I started reading your post, I was holding my breath at this bit: Short term, you can definitely make a pretty penny chasing fads, but I feel like that requires you to keep pouring effort and energy into maintaining, whereas if you have a passion project for a website, eventually it garners traffic and attention itself, so you can start putting your effort elsewhere.

Going around and finding other important pages on the net related to your field happened in the span of a year for me — after I started my blog. Anyway, as with everybody else, been looking forward to you posting again for months. Glad you rose from the dead. Thanks for the blog, the blog post, and everything. Great post as usual! I quite like your niche research idea, and I think you are right. In the end, life is too short for spamming the web with generic sites about blue widgets.

Funny you mentioned the Expert-in-One-Year video. I had something similar on my mind to work on my niche, and what you said validates my original idea. Thanks for sharing that. On the same note, I am interested on your new email series. I am interested in learning how you think, and this way I can practice my own eyes to perceive similar opportunities before the masses.

I just started a website inspired on the viral posts you did. How many posts have you been creating per day? Your numbers are impressive in such a little time and a small budget. This is a great start. I am a recent reader , and I am impressed with the content presented. I think the competition between niche blogs tend to increase the quality of content. Great to read one of your blog posts again, its good to see you back and im looking forward to the Facebook series and the cloud niche, it was always good to read those I think those were the first things I stared to follow.

I must get my act into gear this year I have started too many things and need to concentrate on one good one. Started to create a VPN. Love all the information. I always love your actionable tips. I still remember your past thoughts and recall you saying to try things and explore and it has stuck with me on many projects. Speaking as a music creator and blogger I look forward to more advice.

Spreadsheet getting started asap lol…. One request, can you make a PDF of this post? Good to read from you again.

That would be good for a number of other niches, I think — food for thought! Curiously today I had an incredibly important conversation that has made me more excited than I ever have been before about my work. I know the money will follow since I work in a highly paid profession, money alone could never drive me. But passion for doing something that feels good and does good can acheive everything.

There is a huge amount of work to put in but its an exciting process of discovery for me. And another vote here for a new and improved edition of the Cloud Niche series. You definitely put some work into this post.

Besides finding a niche that you are ultimately passionate about, what advice would you give to someone who is a new blogger and is looking to make blogging a full time career? Consistently product content as good as — if not better — than the biggest players currently in your field. My plan is really just to go the extra mile when it comes to content ideas and not just post the expected stuff that my audience are used to.

With some smart marketing — to make sure that content is being seen — you can build a brand and name for yourself quite quickly. I am just starting my niche site. To answer your question, I would like to see the Cloud Niche ideas. When I started following you, you had stopped already.

We grew it to daily uniques all SEO traffic and then we just let it die. First time commenting, but long time reader of almost all your posts. I opened up my feed today and saw a nice surprise to see a new update on your blog.

I think you and Diggy should definitely start your cloud niche model again- I think you could easily monetise it by taking on interns to run and case study each niche, and sharing profit under your guidance each month to keep it running. I was very happy to get your e-mail with the new content. Awesome post as always. Looking forward to your Facebook Ads series. If you have ideas for great websites which you believe could benefit consumers or innovative ideas which take current successful websites to the new level but you know these websites are only successful because of the huge conglomerates behind them.

Hey Glen, Brilliant post. Avid reader and a huge admirer of vc. I really enjoyed the FB niche hack. It definitely opened up few more ideas for me. This post is definitely going to my bookmarks to come back in future. I am a sucker for list and ranks. Its not the most unique idea ever and been done before. However I was really inspired by your post and I understand that if I focus on an angel I would surely be able to differentiate the site from others.

I think some competition is not bad. It just validates your idea. What you think of this type of sites? How does it help me to gather a long list of pages, channels, blogs and feeds related to my niche? Perhaps looking at what they are doing to monetize helps, or finding patterns in what type of posts are popular? In the post you did a ton of research, and then came up with a brand as the worst magician ever.

How did you make that leap? From what I gather your traffic strategy used here are buying traffic using Facebook. Your research method is simple but exhaustive.

Please bring back the Cloud Niche series. My suggestion is that you run a detailed case study of someone who took action and succeeded.

It could be after 1 month, 3 month etcetera. It was a tough lesson to learn but one worth the discovery process. I certainly appreciate the time you take to crank out quality,actionable content, even if you go months between posts. Read every word as usual. And thanks for the food for thought. Hope is going to be the year for you — and us all!! Regarding your research process, it reminded me of Social Sleuth, which I just saw covered here the other week: Have you tried Social Sleuth?

Btw, the blog I started 3,5 years ago with advice from ViperChill is thriving. House Renovation How to Manual http: My goal is to become a Registered Nurse and help those in need.

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