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Generic Diamox

Diamox belongs to a team of medications called carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Hence, Diamox prevents the activity of carbonic anhydrase and consequently lessens the production of bicarbonate in the physical body. It is utilized to manage glaucoma and to prevent acute mountain sickness. It has diuretic action and helps for congestive heart failing and epilepsy.

In situation of glaucoma (boosted intraocular pressure), lessened production of bicarbonate lowers the quantity of aqueous wit produced in examination. This aids to reduce fluid tension in examination. In climbers climbing rapidly to high elevations, Diamox can lower problem, dizziness, nausea, breath, and tiredness shortness. It decreases edema created by congestive heart failure or different medicines. In situation of epilepsy, Diamox is typically used in combinations with other medications and is believed to stabilize the activity of nerves. Diamox could reduce its efficiency gradually; consequently, it is typically made use of just for a brief duration.

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