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You can read the whole process and the full investigation below. Do you have a profile on MeetBangNow. If you do, did you notice while you were registering on the site that you needed to agree to the terms as well as "Love Stars" circled in red below. We will explain in detail what "Love Stars" are but for now all you need to understand is that they are fake profiles and the website wants you to agree to their use.

They want you to agree to being contacted by these fake profiles and also that you understand what they are. Screen shot of the "Love Stars" agreement paragraph. We have provided more evidence below that you can take a look at. In this part of our investigation we were bombarded by women interested in chatting with us. As you can see view evidence below circled in red as soon as we tried to communicate back to these women we were asked to upgrade our membership so we could chat with theme.

But upon further investigating we realized that this specific member called "CrazySexyKat" was one of the "Love Stars" amongst many other "Love Stars" who contacted us. She is not a legitimate member of the site. Her profile has been created by the staff of MeetBangNow. Once they create a fake profile they then used computer software programs called bots a software application that runs automated tasks like chatting to people and sending automated emails.

These intricately designed software programs are used to send phony instant messages to anyone who registers on MeetBangNow. When you try to reply back to any of the messages you are asked to purchase a paid monthly membership. But it's all one big facade, the whole site is nothing but computer bots deployed to mimic real web users. These misleading instant messages are used to make a boatload of money for the operators behind this elaborate scheme.

Screen shot of the automated bots trying to mislead us into upgrading. With the progression of computers many things are possible nowadays. You can just take a look at movies and many of the scenes they are using are computer generated.

So it's not that far stretched to realize and understand that dating sites like MeetBangNow. What you need to know is that the webcam chat messages you are receiving are just short videos that are pre-recorded. Just like watching a YouTube video this is the exact same thing. The only difference here is that this fake webcam video pops up on your screen and appears to look as if someone is chatting with you and they appear to be live on their webcam. This is all fake, there is no girl who is actually interacting with you.

The pre-recorded video is used as a marketing gimmick and is played to thousands of people every single day to mislead them into registering on Meet Bang Now. And just like the chat messages when you try to communicate with these so-called members you are asked to upgrade and purchase a membership with your credit card. The shady marketing gimmicks they use on this site are very elaborate and hard to identify unless you have experience with dealing with these type of deceptions.

Screen shot of automated web cam bot. And of course all of the emails we received follow the same script, being sent by automated computer bots camouflaged to look like real women interested in communicating with us. But as always if you try to reply to any of the email messages with a basic account you get sent to an upgrade page where you need to pull out your credit card and purchase a full subscription to this site. So far we have received 2 email messages from fake profiles Love Stars.

The number of emails will continue to rise every day you're on the site. Check out the 3 legit, no scam, real live actual women on them, hookup sites below. Just to be clear, there are, like, a zillion hookup sites online actual number may vary. Almost every last one of them is scammy bullshit.

Just tons of real people looking to get laid. One last thing before you get started. I want to be straight up with you. For your convenience we have copied and pasted the terms and conditions below, so you can understand in detail exactly how this site operates and the methods they used to manipulate and scam all of us. You can also read the terms on their site right here on this link.

Our final decision is this. Both websites are owned by the same perpetrators and should not be trusted at any cost. All the evidence proving that Meet Bang is illegitimate is available in this investigation. You can make up your own mind, hopefully it's the right one. C heck out these these legit dating sites if you want to search for real women.

You the easiest way to know meetbang is a scam? When you go to join, they only let men join. Where are the women coming from if they can't create an account?

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