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To see the hidden adaptive logic behind our sexuality and male and female preferences. The latter two are my all-time favorite Swans songs. They give this album only 3 stars, yet the text calls it a masterpiece. Don't be fooled, this is 5 stars all the way. If you are at all interested in the band, then you must track this disc down. White light from the mouth of infinity - Overall, similar in style to Love of Life, just not as many gems. But this album has two songs that are indispensable: The Great Annihilator - The most accessible Swans album, and easiest to find.

Even my local library had a copy! This may be their most "commercial" album, with "Celebrity Lifestyle" perhaps as close to pop as they can come. But don't let this deter you.

The songs are consistently strong and this album will reap rewards with multiple listenings. Children of God - This is one that critics usually say is their best album. Of course there are some strong tracks New Mind, Beautiful Child but I don't find myself gong back to this album as I do the others. If you choose this one as the first Swans album to get, and you are not familiar with their history, then it may be a bit overwhelming inasmuch as it still reflects their harsh early period.

Public castration is a good idea - Have you ever listened to music that is truly frightening and unnerving? Listening to this album is akin to directly facing the horrors in life. Many of us go about our lives pretending that the violence, depravity, and evil inflicted by the human race does not exist. When you look into the abyss, this is the sound that results.

A powerful and brutal testament to an artist's willingness to reveal his soul completely. How many of us would dare to do that? Soundtracks for the blind - This one is ambitious - 2 discs of ambient and drone-driven tracks. Some are amazing, but the album is quite a commitment and, unfortunately, it doesn't hold one's interest consistently. You need to be in the right mood and ready to immerse yourself for a couple hours.

The Burning World - Another somewhat disappointing album. Overproduced, it veers too close to "world music" territory - yikes. Still, "Cant find my way home" and "Saved" are keepers. Omniscience - Songs are stripped down considerably here and are fleshed out to longer running times. But this seems to also deprive them of their power. Some will argue that they are more powerful, but this will be a matter of preference. If you're new to Swans, then don't start here or other live albums - few would argue with that.

This list is obviously not complete. I omitted the bulk of early period Swans because these will appeal to even fewer people than the later stuff. Most of the live albums would be sought by those already enamored of the studio records.

I usually don't write reviews but I decided to contribute to the Swans since there is so little commentary on Amazon. The two "bunnies" albums are Swans greatest feats. Why they have gone out of print is beyond me. They were accessible enough for pop audiences and different enough for those getting into no-wave music.

You should start with "white light from the mouth of infinity" and then "love of life". I absolutely adore it! You will only find expensive used copies now, unfortunately. Michael Gira, why not reissue these two wonderful pearls?? One person found this helpful. I hadn't listened to this in ages, as my old copy was on vinyl from back in the day. But really happy to have it again. Its a great album, many think it's their best.

I prefer 'Children of God' and 'White Light' over this one, but just barely. Those other 2 have a darker edge. But the music on this is really amazing. I just wish this period lasted longer. The band was incredible live during this time. I enjoyed this record and was satisfied with the condition of the vinyl and sleeve. This album appeared right in the middle of the legendary band's most productive period. Swans had pursued new avenues since Children of God in and the works that followed were all extraordinary in some way or another.

This towering track marries doom with the urgency of Love of Life in its powerful hypnotic momentum and salient imagery. Track number 5 is an instrumental with a recorded male voice talking about deer hunting; yes it may appear odd in this company but in fact it fits and enhances the mood in some inexplicable way. Radio commercials, a familiar hit from and static background noise round off this poignant yet oddly sinister sonosphere. The unnerving rock song Amnesia is followed by another slice of weirdness called Identity.

According to the sleeve notes the narrator is Adam Jankowski; he's still a child here, reciting a metaphysical poem with striking metaphors over a mid-tempo mix of minor chords and humming vocals occasionally interrupted by a distorted adult male voice. Then one hears Michael in pensive mood on the slow and introspective God loves America, after which Jarboe tries with gentle reassurances to soothe some species of animal that makes a range of hair-rising sounds - from twittering to human-like wails - over an edgy, skittering percussive background.

Michael concludes the album with the aching acoustic lament No Cure for the Lonely of which the theme encompasses themes like love, guilt, relationships, the atomizing desire and disgust for mental manipulation that enslaves and leads to disillusionment. Love of Love is a multifaceted masterpiece. See all 8 reviews.

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