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InstantHookups Review

We understand that when you are looking for help in finding a hookup site to try for yourself, some of you will want the bottom line up top. If you got scammed from instant Hookups why not fight back?

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They'll rob you anyway they can as long as you give them the opportunity. Oh and don't get duped by the blonde girl talking in the video on the free lifetime membership page. She's just part of the scam and gets paid to trick you into submitting your credit card info so you can get charged from porn sites.

Instant Hookups uses virtual fake profiles and this isn't just coming from us, it's coming straight from the horse's mouth. Something that is virtual according to the dictionary is "not physically an existing but made by software to appear to do so".

A virtual profile is a profile that doesn't really exist but has been made by software. They even goes as far as to tell us that the virtual profiles don't correspond to actual members of the site. Joining a dating site that uses virtual profiles is probably the dumbest thing that anyone can do.

Unfortunately most people don't realize that instanthookups. The only reason we found out that they use virtual profiles is because we took the time to go to their terms section of the site to read how their website functions. When we found out that they use virtual profiles our jaws dropped! They place this information in the terms page because almost every person reading this review would never read the terms. This is a fantastic way to scam people without getting in trouble.

Since it's in the terms and conditions page and agreeing to the terms is essential before you get a membership on Instanthookups. They cannot get in trouble from law enforcement since it's your duty to read the terms and conditions page before joining or using any product or service online or offline. This doesn't make it right but in the eyes of the law they are off the hook. Taken from the terms page section No matter what kind of affair you are looking to get involved with, all of these things are possible with InstantHookups.

With our dedication to safety, security, and—most importantly—discretion, InstantHookups is the perfect environment to arrange those extramarital hookups that you have been dreaming of!

On Instant Hookups, you can have carefree affairs without any fear of your partner or anyone else! With tens to hundreds of thousands of members joining daily, InstantHookups. There are more men and women here on Instant Hookups connecting for hookups than anywhere else online and there is no reason that you shouldn't be getting a piece of that action.

With so many members online all over the world, your options for women, men, or couples in your area are virtually endless. Becoming a member of InstantHookups is your ticket to fast, easy, and convenient hookups wherever—and whenever—you want them! Don't deny yourself satisfaction any longer Who are you interested in meeting? Where Are You And how far you're willing to go for some hot and sexy fun? Screenshot of the "Free Access Membership", that's all a scam.

After logging into the members area we started seeing all the different female members who join the site or so we thought. Lots of hot looking girls in bras and panties showing everything they've got. But after reviewing so many other dating sites from TheDatingNetwork. These weren't real women! And quickly we jumped to the terms and conditions page and all our presumptions were true. In the terms page in section 14 Instant Hookups discusses that they use "virtual profiles that don't correspond to actual members" called "Online Regents".

If you never come across this type of information before and you're wondering why would any dating site make fake profiles and use them on their own dating service. There's a few reasons for that. The first reason they would create fake profiles specifically female profiles is because there aren't enough real female members joining InstantHookups.

If you as a male member join the site looking to hookup with local women and you see there are very few female profiles the chances of you sticking around on that site are very small. The website knows this and they have devised a plan using fake female profiles to fill up their members area giving the appearance that you're on a dating site with lots and lots of horny women looking for a one night stand.

It's all one big fat trick! The second reason they create fake profiles is because you need to upgrade so you can email and communicate with other members on InstantHookups. The people that run InstantHookups. They create bogus profiles and they have a phony age verification scam that build your credit card. Another way that InstantHookup. Just like any legitimate site you can add people as a friend on Instant Hookups. All the friends requests that we personally received were more than likely from the "Online Regents" fictitious profiles program.

You can take a look at the screen shot below showing just three of the bogus friends requests that we received. The friends requests are just another marketing trick to get you to use the site more. The administrators realize that the more friends requests that you receive the better chance that you are there going to want to email one of these fake profiles back. As always you can't communicate with any member is on Instant Hookups unless you upgrade and give them your credit card information.

Screenshot of the fake friends requests. Just like emails, friends requests, and profile views ANY instant messages sent to you are fictitious. Using the same exact automated bots they can make it look like local girls are sending you chat messages. You can take a look at the screen shot below showing just 3 of over 12 instant messages that we got. This is just another method used to get your credit card information, don't fall for it it's another trick!

Screenshot of the automated chat messages sent to us. Any activity on the site is a sham. Using sophisticated computer bot systems this site can send you fake profile views, sham messages, phony friends requests and everything else that makes it look like legitimate females are contacting you.

None of this is real, it's used as a tool to get you to buy a membership and nothing more than that. Screenshot of the fake activity. The last piece of evidence we'd like to include in our review is the terms and conditions from Instant Hookups. The terms and conditions provide all the proof you need showing how illegitimate this website really is.

In the terms they talk about many things we've already discussed in this investigation including the fact that they use virtual phony profiles. They also confess that they employ people that operate the fictitious profiles that you see throughout their website. You can take a look at the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below, or click on this link to be taken to section 14 of the terms and conditions page. Instant Hookups is not a credible dating service.

Their own terms page gives it all the way! It's not a place to find real women. On the surface it looks like a regular dating site but behind the scenes is where all the little tricks and deceptions and misleading tactics are hidden. At least now you understand what it's really all about. Do not fall for their i. The pain is having to cancel the card and all automatic uses of the card. Stay far far away. So i fell for this and many more of the verification ID should i freeze my card? Is A Scam? Watch This Review

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