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How to delete my Firefox account?

It has a wide attacking range, so use it to train Beast Tamer from Level 54 to Once on this website allow it to access your Twitter account, click on images under Backgrounds.

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But I missed the appointment due to some reason. I want to re-arrange an appointment. How should I do? Anonymous "Links from british embasyy in france to unlock but it doesn t work.

I would like to procede on filling on? Madam I had been send these links from british embasyy in france to unlock but it doesn t work. I would like to procede on filling on the visa form but now i m block. Do you know the way out? My account is currently locked. Visa application can unlocked please. Anonymous ""your visa4uk account has now been created I have just regisrered on Visa4UK and got an e-mail: For security reasons, your account is currently lo For security reasons, your account is currently locked.

Please click on following link or copy and paste the link below into your internet browser to unlock your account. I am in the same situation as said here what should i do. After i have copy and past visa4uk What do i do? I would like to know how can change my email while I have applied also paid? I notice I mistyped my number while was creating my email address.

I have an appointment for my visa in Port Elizabeth at Anonymous "Have severally sent alerts for change of password on the page and i get I had typed a wrong password and my account with Visa4UK was locked. I have severally sent alerts for change of password on the page and I get a r I have severally sent alerts for change of password on the page and I get a response that "You will get an email to unlock your account" but with no effect up to today.

Do they really want to help me change the password so that I can continue with my application which I had not even submitted?

Can you help us by answering one of these related questions? We need your help! Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the same and merging them into this question. Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one: The following questions have been merged into this one. If you feel any of these questions have been included in error help us improve our content by splitting these questions into seperate discussions. Please unmerge any questions that are not the same as this one: How do close a blocked ukvisa application account to enable me open another account?

Ask Your Question Fast! Type your question here. Leader Board What's this? Even if you are not married, you have to think of the security Outlook and Gmail are two different email services.

They have nothing to do with each o Was this answer helpful? Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? When you try to log-in into your Yahoo account, your account is always been protected by a password and Yahoo added a security question as a security measure.

When you first created your Yahoo account, you are prompted to make two security questions by providing your own set of security questions or by just simply choosing from the security questions from the given list. Unfortunately, there are times that you may forget the specific answers to your personal security questions.

Luckily, there are still ways to access your Yahoo account without knowing your security question or password. These are the alternative ways for you to get your password: Unlocking using your mobile number. These personal information can be used to recover back your Yahoo account.

Click the "Forgot Password". Then click the option that says that your account may have been compromised. Then enter your Yahoo ID account. Then enter the CODE shown for verification. The it will show you a page that shows the last two digit of your mobile number and stating that they will going to send you a text message on your number to reset your password.

Just follow the remaining steps to complete recovering your Yahoo password. By contacting the customer support of Yahoo. You can use the "Contact Yahoo! How does one get their yahoo email account unlocked when asked with the, "where did you take your honeymoon? Even if you are not married, you have to think of the security answer that you have entered to answer it. It was said that you must enter a question and answer that will not change even if time passes because this will serve as your key to unlock it in the future if you will be able to forget your password or if someone tries to access your account without your permission.

So, you have to think of the answer that you might have entered. Like when do I start putting SP into Cat skills? Thanks for the update on MapleSEA! I was wondering when will they ever be releasing Beast Tamer. They changed their profile picture on FB to that of Chase, and their cover photo to the reborn Zakum — under the patch name Accelerate 2. Sorry for the late response! The Beast Tamer class is pretty straightforward. Use Bear to tackle tough enemies especially bosses.

Use Leopard to tackle enemies that are weak and far apart. Thanks for your corrections! Hey I just recently start playing Beast Tamer and was wondering can you give some advice on how to use my skills more efficiently? Just recent from leopard to bear or another and you will receive the other medals! Want if you really like the cat for fun and want to use for enjoyment? Is this guide still valid?

I want to main a BT. Also since you have experience with the class, which dps is more fun? Hey, i just made a beast tamer and i plan on playing on Reboot with a friend thats a kinesis, i want to make this my main but i dont really want to afk buff , i want to actually attack. Do you think that maxing out damage cat skills is worth it? If it was just me and the kinsesis would we train faster if i just go in bear mode and kill or if i go in cat mod for all the buffs and also kill with cat skills?

If I want to go the quick farm route at first then later switch to the beast tamer main I can just use SP Reset scroll? Thanks for your feedback regarding the Kitty Treats! This helps recovers your HP and MP every 4 seconds. But, when i reset all skill, HP is not recover anymore: Since hyper stat is out a while ago.

Hi, kindly check out the damage boosting guide at http: My question is should i store up my sp? Thanks for your input! Do let me know if I missed out any. I noticed that the Bear, Cat and Snow Leopard receive significant damage boost in active skills and buffed up passive skill especially Arby the Cat. Nice guide, you need to make a correction, though. Just a heads up for everyone following this guide, try to avoid putting points into Kitty Treats, as it is nothing but a pain and the debuff diminishes the extra health you have every few seconds.

If this is your main character, its better to restart early before its too late as you you will be lacking 9 SP in other important skills that may boost your damage better! Thanks for your feedback! It reduces your enemies hit to only one. How does the Bear Assault skill work? Gamers have different play styles, and for me this was the most effective because i dont use all the skills the animals have so instead of wasting sp on skills i dont use i was able to use that sp for another animal.

Bit confused about this guide, i only see the SP guide for the perfect mule, wheres the SP guide for the goal of level ? I believe you will gain max SP with level I was just wondering, since Nexon introduced increased sp after lvl does this apply to Beast Tamer?

If so is it possible to max all skills now? Just wanted to know. I have adjusted the skill build guide accordingly: Loving the guide as always, and I just wanted to give you tiny hint: After getting sufficiently bored and attempting to math it out, I have discovered how many points, exactly, I would want for each animal. As for the Bird, you require 88 points to max everything I care about basically, up to Regroup.

This whole build requires the SP, or if you use the minimum numbers for Leopard and Bird. This is enough to max everything up to Eka Express, with some points left over to put into Fly 11 before SP potions, which would be buffed to Unfortunately, due to the way the build works, until with both the Leafre card set and the Empress set bonus , this build will feel rather lackluster.

Hey Ayumi, I always had a question about Meow Heal. Hi Ayumi, I just started my Beast Tamer and currently level Before I really started playing, I just wanted to know the exact skill build if I wanted to play my Beast Tamer like a regular character and not just for link skill mule or party buff mule. What is the best skill build if I wanted to make this my main? I look forward to your advice! Hi Ayumi , just kinda wondering if beast tamer is just exclusively for gms or will it be released in maplesea at a much later date?

Thanks to WildHeartless for replying: Can Beast Tamers even boss? So can they boss or not? Can u give the name of that song? Do I go all Leopard at once? Or all Bear at once? Hi Angelina, Beast Tamer as well as other seasonal jobs will be made available unlocked later on but there is no fixed date.

I have level up Beast Tamer until level ish. I do not know when Beast Tamer will be out but usually during their first release date, its when they are reopen back. Sometimes, on some occasion they open on events to bring in more players when server becomes less hectic.

Mercedes is nice lots of movement but lack the oomph power to drive enemies back to the wall. Dawn Warrior is the best warrior for me, high mobility like Demon Slayer and deals multiple damages. Make sure to upgrade your armor to have better defense against their attack.

If you are going against higher level monster, you should have better weapon stats to deal 1 HKO One Hit Kill to prevent them from retaliating. Some skills are not necessarily required to be max if the is use as an utility skill or the max level of the skill does provide minuscule benefit or its left at minimum level to unlock the dependent skills to meet the level requirement.

Hey Ayumi just wondering u said u have 1 skill builds on this website one is for the mule which I found and one for if you are activ. I cant find the activ ones or is it the one where u put everywhere a bit in under it? And i know you can just max 2 animals out. Thought it was a bug or something. If you have tested, let me know the effect: But for the rest, you could probably just put them in whatever the heck you want. But if you insist on those two, I guess you could try hawk, since you get some nice utility for a few points.

You can start off with Mercedes job. These classes uses very little potions, therefore saving lots of meso s. They are quite strong too even though you are unfunded. Hui, you can try a Dawn Warrior. Hi, I am looking for what stats to put on a beast taimer. Like I dont even know what they are exactly. Ayumi, The Fort Follow-Up skill for bear mode, does it always appear after 4 attacks?

The strongest is obviously the bear, followed by Snow Leopard, Bird and lastly the Cat. In terms of supportive skills, is basically the other sequence around. What are your PC spec? I have not encountered this issue since my computer spec is kinda high.

What do you think is the best monster or animal for beast tamer? Hey there, I was just wondering which equipment set is good for beast tamer? For the error , Close your entire browser, clear your Internet Cache, then relogin MapleStory Nexon website, it should work. Otherwise, spam click on the login on MapleStory Nexon website. Some players are able to login by attempting that method. Make sure you are in USA to play the game. Usually this warning message pops up due to MapleStory region block.

Other than that, the game server in GMS is under maintenance. If this persists for more than 3 days, basically should be region block. Check whether your Firewall is blocking MapleStory from running. You can test this by disabling your anti-virus and firewall temporarily and run MapleStory.

You can do merchanting and crafting. Craft an item and sell in Free Market, or craft nebulite and sell them.

Or do bossing and sell its loot. Some players goes even to hardcore where they spend thousand on NX Cash just to get the perfec equipment stat. They would recube with Premium MIracle Cubes and enhancements to boost its potential by alot. Another free way is to build up several characters in 1 account and point their link skills to your Beast Tamer. Beast Tamer for passive support and Bishop for active support. Take note that Holy Symbol does not stack with Friends of Arby, they overwrite one another.

If you are lazy to switch PC to buff your character, use Beast Tamer. Yeah, I agree with Devin hehehe. Eka and Cat not really good for training. Use Leopoard for fast map maneuver and Bear for bossing. Cat for mule training support.

Eka, not sure what I can use it for. Hi PreEnables, are you playing Beast Tamer as a mule or your main character?

I tried Cat and its damage is so much weaker compared to Bear and Leopard, its not used for training nor bossing. Once reset, then you can use the guide above as reference. I have a question. Please let me know!! And after respeccing and putting more points into bear, I take it back. Bird can really only compete with the first few bear attacks. Especially on flat maps.

Hi Aloysius, it is not possible to max all 4 animal skills. It just takes up too much time. For Eka, I focused on getting the supportive skills once reach Level Training on either Eka hawk or Arby Cat is kinda slow.

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