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It distinctly says may cause allergic reaction in pets which means you monitor your pets reactions for first 48 hours.

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This week in The Space Review…

Now this gentleman is a huge fan of TCP. He loves our bbq. I mean he really loves our bbq. It then became part of the routine to check his vitals that week.

And to be honest, there are a lot of stories like this. Since we have re-opened, Kerwin has his bbq again. Scott, Melanie, Nikki and Connor have their bbq again too. Everyone can have their barbeque again. It almost feels like half of Prince George has come back with open arms and hungry bellies. And we could not be happier or more thankful. And to be fair to Sony, why would they support Leica lenses when, as you noted, they made a camera to support the superiority of their own lens to create more revenue?

Thank you for your test I saw your pics and unlike you i liked the M9 photos much more. They were crispier and more film like. The M has a reddish tendency which i dont like. I also tried the for a whole day and found the photos had some plastic appearance especially when shooting faces. I did not like the wheel on the upper right side, i kept bumping into it. I also did not like the 5 buttons on the left rear as they are too close to each other 4 on the M9 I know the M is a better camera and with this thought in my mind i sold my M9.

I bought a new M9 last week again Simply love the M9 Danny. I also traded in my M9-P for an M back in September. Last week I re-purchased an M9-P. I just like its colours and handling and even looks better. I understand why people do this. The handling of the M9 is much nicer. I will write a more detailed ewview of the M in a few days. I just sent it to New Jersey to get repaired.

In the meantime I will use my M9P while the M is being serviced. That may take a few weeks. I am curious how that is going to feel. I thought the M9 files were much more film like and the colors were much nicer and had more pop!!!

I have shot with the M system for years and was naturally intrigued to see how my M lenses worked on the new Sony. Just to put that in perspective I have shot extensively with the Leica S2 and the Nikon E so this was quite a result for Sony.

I absolutely believe that and I state that in my review. Combined with a Sony Zeiss lens this camera can probably pull off amazing results. But to do so it needs a lens that has been designed specifically for this sensor. While the Leica lenses are great, the Sony sensor has not been designed for them. So the assumption that a great sensor combined with a great lens would lead to a great outcome is not correct. Rather invest in a new Sony lens at a much lower price and enjoy the fantastic outcome.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Charles. Charles, I have an A7 that I shoot alongside my M The 55mm lens is extraordinary, the 35mm is also good though for me not quite as good as Leica or zeiss rangefinder lenses , the is merely at the level of a slower constant aperture DSLR zoom. Thanks for the review Dirk.

I found that wide angle Leica lenses did not work well on my Sony A7r. All had edge issues. The longer lenses; Apo 75mm Summicron Asp and Apo 90mm Summicron Asp were much better and produced outstanding image quality. My conclusion from that observation is that the shorter lenses sit too close to the sensor which cannot correct for the extreme angle of the light striking it.

One other thing I noticed is that using the Novoflex adapter the lenses would focus correctly when set to infinity but using the Metabones adapter they did not. I had to set the focus a little closer than infinity for objects at infinity to be sharp. I used to be a pixel peeper. But since I got the Sony A7 — I have started enjoying 15 dollar cosina lenses like never before.

The results with many of these manual lenses are magical. Even in the comparison above, I absolutely prefer the overall rendering of the Sony. I totally get that. The Sony is a great camera and I believe that it will create some magical images with older lenses.

This test is less about judging cameras next to each other to say that one is better than the other. I made this test because I was interested if I would get similar or even better results with my current lens set and this significantly more affordable Sony full-frame ff camera.

Many Leica lens users are interested in that because it would give them a great ff camera alternative. Overall it looks like that the some favorite Leica lenses may not be a good fit. You may still get a nice image rendering but if you get soft images you may even wonder why then buy a 36mp camera. The 24mp A7 camera would provide similar or better results. If you like to shoot full-frame, get the Sony and test what lenses work for you.

Glad the Cosina works for you. The A7 may be a better fit for older cameras. You get good rendering and full frame.

Resolution may not matter that much. The A7R I would only use with Sony lenses or would do a careful test with every lens. Since resolution seems to be the driver for this purchase it would not make sense to put a lens on it that renders badly.

Thanks for your interesting review! The prototype are already working for sure, already in Japan at Sony and Zeiss in Germany. Both, the 35mm and the 55mm FE lenses are just the excellent and affordable beginners in a row of compact and excellent AF lenses! Someone has stated, that Sony eats Leicas lunch now!

I guess, this is a realistic expression! Many of the M9 photos appear to have more detail to me than the M files. On the boat shot, it looks like the M9 has more resolution everywhere than the M For example, look at the sides of the ship and the brick walls at any distance in the photo. Do you have any thoughts on why that might be?

I have been shooting with the M9 for over a year now and am overall happy with it apart from a few things: I have been thinking of switching to the M but it looks a little too fiddly, and I would prefer to hang on to my M9 if I thought Leica would bring out a newer version which is more in keeping with the spirit of the M6 et al. This is a rather useless review of the A7R, by someone who made NO research into the matter of lenses. Leica lenses are simply not engineered for the requirements of the Sony sensor aka imager.

The problems begin to show clearly as the focal length decreases from say 55mm. IF you want a better trial, use the dedicated Zeiss lenses, as these are engineered for the A7R. Then, you will find none of the weaknesses noted by the reviewer. Legacy Zeiss can be used, too, but colour shifts become noticeable for lenses shorter than 35mm.

I know what I am talking about. All my Leica lenses have colour shift on my A7R. I appreciate comments by experts. I am noticing Rob that you looked at the images but did not read the entire text. I do recommend to stay with dedicated Zeiss glass. I am not saying that the Sony camera is a bad camera.

I wrote this post when most reviewers told people that the Sony works fine with legacy lenses. So when I tried it last December I noticed that this was not the case. At that time there were a lot of photographers out there who had placed orders for the A7R in hope to mount a superb 50mm Summilux on it. The thought was that a great lens combined with a great sensor would equal a great camera. That is not the case. Yes, some individual lenses may work but it became apparent that Sony did not design the camera to become an M alternative for people who already own a Leica lens collection.

That was the big hope when the camera got announced. I am not expecting photographers to go out and buy other legacy lenses that would be a better match for the Sony while selling the ones they already own.

I would rather recommend to skip that camera model and go with something else. So I hope next time you will read and understand the whole article and then share your friendly expert knowledge and lens research with us again. Thanks for the nice review. I have used summicron 35mm f2 asph with Sony A7 for my recent trip, and I loved it for the size and quick focusing. However, I noticed some vertical shots by turning my camera from landscape position counter clock-wise to portrait position had significant shadow on the right side, mostly in the overcast light or facing the sun light.

I am just wondering if you have had similar experience or not. Please see the sample pic from the following link:. Hello X Wei I have not noticed such a drastic shadow. Most of the shots I did were landscape format. I am assuming you checked on strap and finger in the portrait orientation. I am not sure what technically could cause that.

Try to be scientific about figuring it out and do some test shots changing from landscape to portrait. See if this happens most of the time and make sure nothing blocks the lens. Is that with the 35mm only? If the lens performs well in a landscape mode then it should do the same in the portrait. Optically there is no reason why the lens would perform differently unless there is something wrong with the lens.

My suspicion would be a camera strap that falls in front of the lens but that may be too easy of an answer. Is that shadow very consistent on all photos or does is vary in intensity? Never seen that before. Hi Dirk, thanks for the reply. I bought this lens as new from an Ebay vendor this Feb. I noticed this problem during my recent trip in April and was pretty sure the camera was not blocked by stripe or anything.

I had tried few things, such as using my hand to block some light on the left, or taking off the hood and UV filter, the shadow was not that obvious in the landscape position. The photos with shadow were mostly taken during the noon time with direct sun light. I have not seen this type of problem on the pictures from my 50mm lux. I will do some more tests and keep you posted.

If the problem is persistent, do you think I should send it in for leica serivce? Do you have another camera, ideally full frame to check the lens? See if the aperture blades are all in the correct position at all F stops. If you could test the lens on another camera that would be good. Otherwise I would send in the lens to get it checked.

Hi Dirk, I plan to do some tests by using my 55 mm and 35mm during this weekend to see if the problem is due to the camera or lenses. I do not have another full frame or Leica body since I made a commitment to my wife that I do not need other cameras after getting these gears.

After that, I may send it to Leica to check if the lens is ok or not. Thanks for your input and will let you know the outcome. Am I the only one hear who likes the look of the M9 images best? I bought a Sony A7R as a replacement for my M9 the battery life drove me crazy to use with my large collection of Leica lenses.

Not only do I get inferior images, but I do not enjoy using the Sony. I used a cable release with my M9 and loved using it in this mode with a 90mm Summicron for model shoots. The Sony is not designed for real world photography. I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? Do you have any opinions if the soon-to-be released A7s could achieve better results with the Leica wides?

To a secondary opinion. You went thru a great deal of effort to cement my feelings that one should stay with lenses designed for specific systems, and vice versa. For example, I shoot with an M and purchased an R 3. Using an M to R adapter, I get good results. I can only shoot with the Canon wide open due to lack of aperture control; not a problem for indoor shooting.

The Canon lens is way sharper than the touted Leica especially wide-open. Go figure, but the fact is that with the 32GB card the startup takes seconds, with the 64 GB the startup time is reduced to half. At least nothing that can be validated. I would assume that the performance with wides would be better but that is purely an assumption based on some patterns that you see with lower-res cameras and bigger pixels. So we have to wait for some tests. Since Leica lenses existed before the Sony A7R, and Sony did not design the camera for the Leica lenses, the combined output is not always satisfactory.

Thanks for the tip on the 64GB card. I will give that a try. The startup time is one of my biggest issues so far with the M I will write a more detailed review of the M soon.

I had some bigger issues with it so far. Hi Dirk Thanks for this very interesting set of photos. I am only interested in the over-all effect of a picture and its color. I do pop the exposure often for the Web but nothing else.

I like natural looking photos; flaws and all. I use a Canon 1DX for shooting art work, friends and fun which I like for both video and stills. I have compared results of both M8 and DX1 for certain interiors and twilight kinds of shots which I like making with the M8. I rarely use it outdoors at noon I find with much fiddling I can almost get that Leica feel with the Canon DX, at least in terms of the color. The main difference as good as the Canon is is that there really is a unified kind of light in photos done with my M8 that the Canon cannot approach completely.

Its as if the light is almost too perfectly diffused everywhere with the Canon which makes it a trustworthy workhorse in real life but, the M8 exudes that light which seems to come from that one place only, almost like a Giacometti drawing.

As any Leica user knows, its very poetic without trying to be. But the M8 is an imperfect camera as much as I like many of its images. So I look for a replacement. I only ever use manual Kevlin settings because auto white balance has rarely ever worked for me except in Museum lighting where tungsten and fluorescent is often mixed with incandescent lighting.

I want to upgrade my M8 and of course the price of the M is off-putting, so I was especially excited by the idea of mixing the Sony with Leica lens, even if I use just an elamrit 28, elmarit 90, and Zeiss That said, I moved down through the photos with a building smile until I got to the photo of the pale blue wall which was sublime with the M but absolutely unacceptable with the the Sony.

When I look at color photos I am drawn to the grey colors as I am when I paint I am an oil painter, but I do not work from photographs When the grey tones are harmonized bright color are sublime. But something awful happened to that wall. It turned violet it seems. It closed my mind for this Sony despite really loving the warmish feeling in almost all the other photos.

I agree that the M9 lacks the light in all the examples. The M shines in most of them for me anyway, but I liked the feel in many of the Sony photos too until I got to that blue wall…. The violet water near the top is unflattering as well in the Sony of the wooden pilings whereas the M is lovely. It looks like I will crack my wallet open for a M after all. It is small and lightweight and is one of my favorites on the A7R, as it was on the M3 and the M8. Some third party lenses in my collection work equally well.

I live in a rural area with livestock and other critters and nothing worked,my Jack Russell terriers had horrible fleas,even our house was infested.

Just curious if there has been any side effects from long term use? Really like this product. None in the house? A few days later, she had a seizure. I rushed my girl to the emergency vet clinic because she was having multiple seizures — horrible!!!! I had to leave her there so that the medical staff could provide the anti-seizure medicine as needed and monitor her.

I called the emergency vet clinic immediately when I realized that this Seresto Flea Collar could be the culprit of my girl having these issues, and told the medical staff to PLEASE remove the Seresto flea collar. Less than a month since she has been wearing this Seresto collar that has been raved about so much. The collar is a health hazard to humans and people. ALL flea and tick products can cause seizures. Not just this one. Also your pet could have done well with it before and had a reaction after buying a new collar, after all these are pesticides designed to cause neurological damage to the fleas.

Not all pets react the same to each pesticide. It distinctly says may cause allergic reaction in pets which means you monitor your pets reactions for first 48 hours. The collar happens to be a very strong effective collar. Im sorry it didnt work out for your pet. I read all the product disclosure statement when I bought the product and it does not say Seizures anywhere. Bayer does not admit that a dog or cat can have a seizure from using this product — as all the reactions are not logged with an open mind.

It took longer than 48 hours for our dog to have seizures from this product. Hello- We purchased 2 Seresto collars from Amazon in early May and placed them on both of our dogs on May 6. These were purchased as a preventative measure not a solution to an already flea problem. By the end of the month both of our dogs were covered in fleas. Seresto boasts that they repel fleas. For 8 months, this product: Kills and repels fleas before they lay eggs Kills and repels ticks.

I was told over the phone that nothing can stop a flea from jumping on your dog. We added the Advantage to the treatment, but at this point, we are now so covered nothing seemed to be working. Our vet recommended Nexguard. Within 12 hours both dogs were flea free. I called back to speak with Bayer and yet again it is all my fault. Now, last year we used the collars as a solution to the problem and it worked fabulously, so I know the product works.

I believe that we received bad collars. Bayer would not talk to me about reimbursement or replacement for the collars. I even offered to send them the tins , my receipts, and the collars. Supposedly they sent me a supply of Advantage back in June, but I have yet to receive that. This is the direct result of terrible customer service that looks to place the blame on the client. Tried the seresto collar 2 years ago, and have had zero issues.

Told 2 friends here in the north Dallas area about the collar, and their labs have been tickless and flealess. Also, I forgot to mention our cat has also been wearing one for 4 months now without any negative reaction.

Only flealessness going on in this house. No ticks either on dog and cat. I bout 2 dog collars, both dogs short hair, and they still have fleas. A lot of them! I followed the directions precisely. They have received two flea baths. These were not cheap. I bought one for my cat as well. I put this flea collar on July My small dog with little fur, is still fighting fleas and their eggs. Tired of these fleas! I was given graciously a collar from my husbands cousin about 10 months ago.

We quickly put in on our Chesapeake Bay Retriever and we noticed no fleas when we took her a bath about a week later. It worked the duration it promised and now she has fleas again. We just ordered another one off Amazon, same vender the cousin ordered from.

I just went about bought 2 from Walmart yesterday morning for my two small Dachshunds, one had an allergy shot at the vets early yesterday. Our vet said the scratching and hair loss was due to flea allergies, thus the shot.

I immediately got a wet paper towel with a dab of Dawn and gently rubbed her belly and back to kill the fleas. They died but some are still there crawling and numbing around eww. My other doc is still scratching, though not as much as yesterday. How long will it take to repel the fleas??? Has anyone had an experience like mine? Am I just being impatient?

I just got off the phone with someone and bae or I was looking for advice on product to use and she recommended the Seresto. She told me that it is critical that you buy it from an approved seller.

She said that that can make all the difference. She recommended buying it from an approved seller. I asked her if she chewy. Com was an approved seller and she said yes. Buying it from a pet store or Walmart Etc does not guarantee that you are getting the official product.

These flea and tick remedies scare the hell out of me. I put the seresto collar on my toy poodle and flea issue improved after three days but he is still dropping live fleas. I put collar on my 3 cats as well and I do not see any fleas dropping. Why are the fleas still on my dog? We almost lost our beautiful 5 year old golden doodle due to the Surest collar. After a prolonged year of wearing this collar her body became toxic.

I have lost faith in my Vet and now in Bayer, who makes seresto. I trusted my vet and I trusted Bayer. Luckily, after 24 hours of not having the collar she is bouncing back nicely.

Now we have to detox this poor girl! Same happened to our dog — vet, emergency vet, seizures, unable to walk and jump. She has bounced back nicely now collar is off. Thank you in advance,Ali. My Shelby is wearing her 4th Seresto collar. The 1st 4 collars were effective in keeping her flea and tick free!

She has been wearing her current collar f9r 4 months and I was horrified wgen her Vet showed me yesterday that Shelby is infested with fleas even around her neck. It may take two or three years as several comments state happened that this product worked fine for a year or two or three but now is not working AT ALL, for this substitution of a largely-resistant-to-the-once-effective-chemical population for the previously largely-susceptible-to-the-once-effective-chemical population to take place, or it might could take as little as a few months, I suppose.

We have two doxies and used the Seresto collar this year for the first time. The drops on their backs seemed to had stopped working so we did some research and we decided the Seresto collar was worth a shot. Both of our doxies have worn their collars well without any problems — and NO fleas or ticks. We will order them again. I bought one for my Doberman after combination of Frontline and electronic flea killing device failed device came off collar and got lost and my dog was infested.

To my surprise, it worked great here in Florida where the fleas are brutal. Just put one on my cat, she never goes out, but afraid something that came in on the dog jumped ship and hopped on the cat and she was infested. Expensive outlay at one time, but if you amortize over 8 months, this product is a bargain.

I bought these collars for my two cats, they have had them on for the past 2 days and I have only seen two fleas since I put them on.. I had them on frontline and it stopped working so I tried seresto, so far so good..

My husbamds mother told him to order the large collar for his 18lb schnauzer and duct tapr part of it when he puts it on. I have been told by the vet I work with that this is NOT a good idea.

The dog is also 12yr old and has a uti at this moment and not suoer healthy overall. Shouldnt he use the correct size collar?? That is very bad advice. Buy the right size. Your dog is 12 years old. These medications are no joke. They can be lethal at worst and make a healthy dog sick at times. The collar doesnt seem to work i still find fleas on my dog. I will say that it is my second collar and the first one worked excellent the second one doesnt seem to effect the fleas at all. We bought a collar last year worked great I could see the fleas falling off.

Bought one again this year it has not worked. Talked to the place we purchased it would not honor it I was totally upset. Anyone else had one that did not work. Yes, our first collar worked great. I bought them on amazon. I have two small dogs, one of them the fleas are constantly biting him, so I bought a seresto collar. So sorry to say iam not to impressed with seresto collar.

I have spent alot of money on flea control stuff and iam pretty much done with all of them, I live on the Oregon coast and iam not sure if those sand fleas are more resistant to pest control products, because I never had this much problems when I lived in Calif. Any one else experienced this problem??? I live in Oregon and am having a terrible time too. The first collar worked but after it wore out and I bought a second one it has done nothing.

My dog is covered in fleas. I work at a vets office and I was given a Seresto collar as sample by the Bayer representative to try on my dog. I like to use the Nexgard Chewables for flea and tick prevention but these chewables do nothing to repel ticks, so the ticks bite before they die….

I was skeptical about using a flea and tick collar but it actually seemed to work great. Then, here is the problem…slowly, my dog had become increasingly itchy all over, there were no focused areas such as the neck, it was just all over itchy. Plus, there are so many things that can cause a dog to become itchy, that I figured it maybe allergies to who knows what? She was examined by my vet who agreed her coat looked shabby; she had some redness from scratching and she was losing hair.

My dog was put on a 30 day food allergy trial, which means that she gets nothing but a hypoallergenic food no treats, no chews, and no table scraps. Then after 17 days into the food trial we are seeing no improvement. I start to think maybe it is something she is coming in contact with because we live on 15 wooded acres with tons of possible allergens. I start giving her more regular baths hoping that would improve her itchiness…the baths seem to help a little but the improvement was always very temporary.

Then one day, I was about to give her a bath and all of a sudden it occurred to me that maybe it is the collar. I immediately took the thing off and threw it in the trash, I gave her a bath and she was noticeably better after the bath…. A bit suspicious I think!

Their fine if you only have one dog. It took one day to lose three collars and be eaten totally buy three dogs. The design is terrible not to mention what does it do to a dog who eats the collar.

They were going to get a hold of bear and forward my email. I now have the collars on all of my dogs secured with an additional three zip ties each it seems to be doing the trick but give me a break guys.

It makes me wonder if you had a flea collar on the dog and took it out in the woods and it ran through the weeds and everything if the dog would come home with the Collar enact. For the price of this item you think they would do a better job. We were owners with more than one dog in the house get your zip ties ready. I bought this collar for both of my shih tzu dogs I keep their coats short.

So far I see very little help for them. The package said a couple of days is been over a week. I just bought it hoping it works. First time user of this flea collar on my new cat three-year-old. Also do they come off when she licks her for? Causing any harm to the internal system of my cat? Unfortunately soresto did not work on my dog at all! Very disappointed that a spent so much money on it. Contact Bayer for a replacement. I do check it and tighten it periodically.

They kindly replaced the first one as s courtesy. This one should have gotten me through the summer! This collar worked great last year for both fleas and ticks on our Great Pyrenees…this year it is doing nothing for the ticks…awful expensive collar if we are going to pull off many ticks daily. We live in NC, with some woods on our property and tons of fleas and ticks.

I do recommend this collar, it repelled and killed everything. Im renting a room and there is another dog here that never gets flea treatments and i always protect my dog from fleas etc. Was having problems with fleas for several months and different treatments that had worked fine before…,finally bit the bullet in the costly collar…. Living in the very rural country…no problems, fleas or ticks!!! The seresto collar is completely worthless!

Does not even help with the ticks! Please do not buy this. You will be disappointed! I have a Havenese that all of a sudden could not get rid of fleas…even the drops used in the past were not working. Got the seresto collar…gone instantly. Great product and bought one for our newest adopted dog. This was not a superior product for my little house dog. She only goes outside to potty yet we still find live fleas on her. I wasted my money. I purchased a collar for each of my dogs.

One is a Lab and the other a Maltese. The Lab has worn his for about 2 months and I have had to remove 2 tricks this spring we live in Ohio.

He has never had ticks prior to just using the collar. After the second tick I removed the collar and applied the FrontLine like I had used for years without a ever finding a tick. The Maltese has not had a issue with fleas or ticks using the collar so far but I did use a organic flea and tick solution on him after finding the ticks on the Lab. I am not sure why this collar has not done well but I doubt I will ever spend the money on another one.

Hi, I have a pound maltipoo yes, he was supposed to top out at 8-pounds MAX! Anyway, I tried the Soresto collar when the frontline topical stopped working. I buy mine at Hollywood Feed. We are in our fourth collar now and it has worked like a dream. We live in the South and have a very long flea season year round with a mild winter. Never had an issue since the collar went on. Also worth mentioning- I even use the small collar, which is supposed to be only up to 18 pounds because I thought the next size up was too big on him.

He is also a water dog, spends a lot of time in the lake during the summer. This did not seem to affect the effectiveness of his collar at all, in fact we went way beyond eight months before replacing, still with no problems! Now have a second dog in the house, also a small breed, who wears one also. Very pleased with this collar!!! It worked for us on a Jackapoo for two years — this year it has failed. Poor little fella was crawling with them and we had to treat the house etc.

So just beware sometimes they fail. I found a tick engorged on one of my three dogs this morning after wearing the seresto collar for about 2months. The collar was tight enough and never came off. I called the vet clinic where I purchased and also the company. By the way, if your pet goes into water more than once a month, it only lasts 5 months, not 8 months. That information is on the brochure with a tiny small font. And I still have not received my rebate.

I think they false advertise on a lot of things. This is a serious piece of garbage. It simply doesnt work, and Bayer, the company who makes it, does NOT stand behind the product. However the last two collars have only been effective for around six to eight weeks.

I do not know if the fleas are becoming resistant of if the manufacturer has cheapend the quality of the product to lessen the manufacturing costs. I try on several times to contact their customer support but have had no success speaking to anyone and not one of the emails has had a response.

I had the same issue and they tried to fob me off. I think their manufacturing process is faulty as the first two collars I had were great the second two not so much. Try this email account: The problem with Advantage..

I have an indoor cat. Again, this is a single, indoor pet in an apartment with concrete floors no carpet fiber. I have the collar on my dog and its been on her for a month or longer now. I bombed my house as well. The collar is not as great everyone says. She has fleas still. Not as many as before but she does have them.

I keep checking her for fleas every other day or so and she still has them. I think this collar is a joke. I posted July 2 that my collar did not work. However I couldnt bring myself to take it off. Today my dog is flea free and has been for a good month or so. I guess it takes time depending how how bad your fleas are. Mine must have been bad. We are flea free not though and it is great! Give it some time. FYI…Regardless of what flea treatment you use, If your yard is infested they are still going to get on your animal.

They will die, but they will still be on them. In all the reviews on here with the exception of one or two did anyone mention treating their YARD as well as their dog. You have to do both. The collar can only do so much. And some of the itching is normal. Use a flea comb and remove the dead fleas, that will cause your dog to itch as well. Contrary to popular belief I have never seen dead fleas just fall off a dog unless your pet has super short fur the dead ones will still be left on your pet.

Watch the video that Bayer offers that shows how the collar works. Some fleas will be killed on contact, others it might take awhile but it does slow them down and kill them. But if your yard is full of them, short of putting your pet in a plastic ball…then they are still going to jump on your dog. Yards need to be treated every four to six weeks depending on rainfall. And your grass and shrubs need to be cut regularly.

I would never have thought to treat the grass in the yard. Thanks for mentioning that. Also, it takes awhile for any product to work. My dog is a yorkie russell mix, our yard is infested with fleas because of all the rain this year. We use Advantix II.

So we are on the collar. I am 24 hours into the collar and yes my dog is still picking up fleas in the back, but they are slow crawling on his rump that I can pick them off on the top of his fur and dump them in dish detergent. He has not been biting at all. I will be flea combing him every evening to remove any dead ones because leaving dead bugs on my dog is nasty and that can cause skin problems too. Also I only buy from my Vet.

I purchased one time from a pet store and interestingly that was the batch of topical that only lasted a week and why I switched to the collar…which I bought from the vet and had them put it on my dog so I could see how tight it needed to be. Always buy from your vet. This is the third year I have used this product for a Jack Russell x poodle mix. First two years were great. Third year the pesticide for killing fleas stopped working after 8 weeks.

We could not believe that he would get fleas as he was being treated — but oh he had a chronic enduring flea infestation. He was heaving with fleas. The efficacy of the tick protection was still in place. Contacted Bayer and it was clear that we got a faulty collar. The little dogs tend to play rough with our bigger dog and her Seresto was getting pulled off with some frequency so our solution was to take a zip tie and zip tie it to her collar.

I have noticed though if you have dogs who in the water a lot you need to replace about every 5 months or so. Which still is just over 10 dollars a month. We had to return the collar after 1 month because we found 10 ticks on our dogs groin area, our dog is a large breed with a very thick coat,it appeared worked for upper part of him bit not lower area, sound not recommend.

This year I bought them each a new collar and after 2 months, they have fleas. So once again, after 2 months I bought them the Seresto collar again thinking I got a bad batch.

I bought these collars through my vets office. They will not back up their product, and hang you out to dry. Bayer vet Dr Tarah even stated that a dog could eat it with no effects. Question We got it late I the year. U know if we can place it in a baggie to use next flea season, will it still be effective? Would like to use for a month and bag it up to use next year. I purchased this collar for my dog in March.

The ad claims that the collar protects against fleas and ticks for 8 months. After she wore the collar for about a month she became less active, we attributed this to her being older. In July, she became very ill, and she was limping. We took her to the vet. The vet found a tick on the leg that was sore and determined that she had a very high fever. He had to keep her overnight, he suspected that the tic had caused an infection.

He prescribed antibiotics and steroids. After 10 days she was not limping, she felt better, but not well. We removed the collar and after about another week, she is very active and happy again. If you use this product, please notice how your dog feels.

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