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I'm fifteen years old. My parents don't mind as long as I switch off after ten thirty at night. Well I have Facebook and all that stuff but my parents can see what I'm doing so if your parents are not looking I'd say about 12 or Personally, I think at age 13 would be most appropriate for Instagram, snapchat, Twitter, Kik, and Facebook.

I think one of the worst things about Instagram is the dm direct messaging because somethings people that people say to you on there can be very mean and anyone could dm as long as they added you as a friend.

And yes of course what's in your feed could also be very innapropriate but that can only happen when you follow the wrong accounts. For snapchat, I think that's appropriate for 13 year olds. It's pretty popular these days because anything you "snap" to anyone else, disappears after they view it once. But the problem won't that is that they can screen shot it but you'll be notifyied if someone does.

Twitter I think is for more mature teens because of what what celebrities post and how frequent they do it also. As for Kik, I don't understand why you would want one if you have a phone where you coul text people with so that'll be a waste of your storage. And for Facebook, it isn't very popular among teens because it is very out dated and really the only thing I use Facebook is for the games. These are just my opinions. I think it is true that you should me 13 because that's a very safe age to have some social media but 11 or 12 kids get their phones so they can fake their age any time so some parents don't even know.

I think they should be 12 or I think it depends on the kid. Usually I would say but there can be exceptions for younger kids if they are mature enough. I think that kids ages 13 and younger should have it monitored. However if your kid is older I don't think it should be unless there is a reason. No one under 13 should have it because they don't know the dangers.

There can be cyber bullying and stalkers and younger kids may not know how to handle it. They may also use it to create drama. Younger kids sometimes don't think about consequences. That being said there are older kids who don't think about it either. My parents are fine with all of them, because on Facebook, I literally have 1 friend, and on Snapchat, I only have about 4 friends. I think that you should be allowed to start social media said at maybe I agree with you, as long as the account is private or you only let friends follow you.

I think once you reach your teens years, you can start to use social media because I started in my teen years, but the mistake I did was friend too many people without thinking, so I cancelled my account. I started again being careful, but was hardly using it, so I cancelled it again. I think the good old fashioned way of meeting someone should be done and can build up your social skills.

So teach your children about using internet safely, but should start once they reach their teen years, but monitor them even though many teens don't appreciate that. I honestly think kids should have a social media account. I do not agree with age restrictions because some kids are more mature that others. Budder Pug yes maybe some kids are indeed "mature" but age restrictions are there for a reason. You can wait for social media.

It is not an essential piece of our lives. Some children aren't even allowed to have social media till they are Even I can't use Facebook till I'm But the point is that Social media is something that's there to help you connect with friends and family and share some good moments as well as enjoy others posts. But as said if the children seem to be mature enough for it they should have their parents opinions as well as the final answer.

Best to stick with the age limit for the safety of children because there are bad things on the internet. I agreed wit the article, except for one thing I found a bit extreme. A group rally to get other parents to stop really isn't something to do. Other parents should have the ability to make their own decisions. As I have been scrolling through the comments section, I noticed GhostOfAnIdiot saying the internet is completely not for kids.

I do get where you're coming from. There are very, very high amounts of definitely not-child-suitable content, and it's unmissable, if anything. What I do disagree with however, is that you don't realize the very broad range of content the internet can give.

You shouldn't dismiss the good education and clean fun for some of the flaws, and there are also plenty of systems that adults can use to see what the child is watching, and these applications even have the ability to block the bad in general, which saves so much trouble.

I also want to say that Common Sense Media, to most under thirteen, has the words Common Sense in it. Many commenting sections like this one on this website have children who only want to say it's fine for kids just because they want to see it, play it, or read it themselves. Honestly, that can affect judgement. You don't want other children to be shocked and scared or even scarred by anything because you just want to see it yourself. Going back to the social media and internet subject, i'd also like to add that Facebook and Twitter, also Instagram, are even more full of bad content than anything else, so for under thirteen, it's a general no.

It's very clear that it was meant for older teens and up to manage themselves. The bad content is ridiculously common, and when it isn't that, it's even worse, and that can be personal questions, threats, you name it, anything. Also, the youngest of children can offend others, if they haven't been taught how to be kind on the internet.

For that rare exception of when you allow your kids to set up or even go on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, there's got to be a very long talk on what to do, and how to act on the internet. With YouTube accounts, it's easier, but still none under eleven or so.

If you don't set up an account, it's pretty harmless, although there are some videos that aren't for kids. Yoursphere is a pretty safe choice. Parents should also be able to say what social media can be used, and I suppose that's it. I don't get these issues because I am only on Gmail which I know won't cause cyberbullying. My main reason I don't worry is I think that things will go bad.

Well I'm 13 my mom allows twitter instagram whatsapp and snapchat. But she doesnt allow facebook because she thinks i may meet strangers online. But i know how to control that but she doesnt understand that. I think it's kind of ridiculous that parents think they need to monitor or what I call stalk their kids on social media. If you can't trust your kid to not post inappropriate things, then the kid shouldn't have social media.

Yes, you need to educate your kid on how to properly use the Internet and about not giving out personal information, but that should be done from a young age, so that by the time that they do get social media, they know what to do and what not to do. Some could argue that if the child gives out personal information that it's the parents fault because they didn't educate them properly or enough. Bullying- doesn't really happen too much on social media, at least from what I've seen it doesn't and I've had social media for awhile, but if it does happen then the kid needs to be educated on what to do if they are being cyber bullied and also they need to ignore the bullying because if they recognize it with the bully, it will only get worse.

Like I said before, don't stalk your kids social media, it only makes them think that you don't trust them- which is a horrible feeling. If you don't trust them, then don't let them get it. Trust that if something happens, then your kid wil come to you. I'm 14 in 9th grade and my mom didn't let me get a phone until my 14th birthday, so I didn't get access to social media apps until then.

I think around 13 years old is a good age to start using social media.. So I'm 13 turning on 14 going into 9th grade and I have yet the priveledge to have social media.

I'm the younger one in the grade but I still have amazing friends who I'm going to miss. But, I'm always missing out on what going on. Its extremely depressing and it gets to you. I was wondering if there were someone to ease my parents mind on the whole social media topic. I'm an extremely social person and that's why this bothers me so much. I just recently got a phone and I was happy. Until I found out I couldn't talk to my friends on it.

Not even through texting. What am I supposed to..? Text my the people who live in my house??? Its harder to get a hold of people when you have to use your home phone.

So again, this is very depressing and I would like to know how to gain this privelage. I have lots of friends and they all have things like snapchat and instagram and twitter, but my mom is super strict and won't let me have any of that. It makes me feel left out because when i'm hanging out with my friends, they could spend a whole hour talking about something that happend on social media and I don't have any idea what's going on. And I could be very responsible wth social media, only let people i know follow me, follow the right people, and post appropiate things.

I told my mom this but she said its not me she's worried about, it everyone else in the world Well if your 13 then it shouldn't matter what your parents say about social media since legally your allowed to have one. Show your parents the rules of COPPA Just type it in and go to the website If they still say no then either chill and wait You really don't need one make one behind their back really easy there are tons of apps that pretend to be calculators and stuff but really are social media or Just lie to your friends say you have one but its weird so you want to keep it a secret.

Recommend the first and last one if your not really 13 and under that. For all you people that say having an Instagram, or any social media for that matter, is inappropriate and not safe, you clearly don't realize how safe they can be if your child is being responsible.

They can set their account so that only people they know can view their posts by making the account private in settings , and that really is helpful. Personally, I have an Instagram, and my account is set private and I have no complaints about anything inappropriate. If your child happens to see something inappropriate, they can just block the person that posted it, or, if it's really bad, report them. Besides, sheltering them from the real world is not healthy.

They go to middle or high school, and trust me, the environment there is not exactly "Kuddle" appropriate. Your children need to know how the real world works anyway. Even if they see something online, such as cursing in the comments if they don't want to block that person , it's not like they're going to go around cursing at people.

Keep in mind your child needs to be responsible though, I'm not just saying that you should hand a four year old an iPhone and tell them to go crazy on Instagram or Twitter, but just that you don't give your teens enough credit.

They can handle themselves. Unless your child is a complete idiot or not mature enough, I think they can handle it. They're the ones who decide to follow random people. They're the ones who decide not to have a private account. Instagram's not the one telling them to do that, it's just themselves. There's not automatically going to be super inappropriate things on there unless it's your child that wants to follow those kinds of accounts. If that's the case, I suggest immediate counseling.

It just comes down to how much common sense they have. Oh, and about "Kuddle" It's not even that different from Instagram if you have a private account, except you ask yourself if you know them instead of the phone asking you if you know them like you're an idiot. In fact, the only difference is that no one is on Kuddle and it's an embarrassment to have one. Besides, think about your poor middle schooler asking their peers if they had a Kuddle account.

I'm showing this to my mom right now. I don't think younger kids should have any social media sites, I feel as if they should just start out with a email address then when they are then start them out having a social media account and be friends with them.

I know plenty of younger kids with social media accounts, but yet they are decent online. I'm 12 and I have Instagram and I personally think it's fine because I don't hardly post anything not my name, number, address. Literally no details and you may wonder what is the point of having it and my answer is that I use it for seeing my friends pictures and I guess that's all. Follow up to my recent comments: Here is some stuff that can happen on Plus that is dangerous.

They could be stalkers ,cyberbullyers, or other dangerous people. Random people can send you inappropriate or insulting messages or images. Another reason parents shod monitor social media is to protect their kids. Parents have no idea what kids could be experiencing on social media. I got a gmail account when I was 9 and it automatically gave me the feature of Google Plus. I didn't start using this feature until this year, and I liked it a lot. But there are dangers.

Sometimes there are people on there who just post inappropriate stuff. Some of my friends didn't even realize what they were posting. Also you can join "communities" in Plus and some people in there use foul language. Google plus is great but can be dangerous. My parents monitor my Plus page all the time, and they can see what I post and what is being posted for me by my friends. As for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I don't use those. Kids should only be using Google plus if they are or older and their parents should monitor their plus page everyday.

Here's what I think: Pinterest at 12, because you have to be deliberately looking for bad stuff to find it. Instagram at 13, because Instagram is a bit like a practice for Facebook, and most kids at 13 use it. Facebook at 14, because it is a extremely big network and it takes a smart kid to know what they are doing. Twitter at 15, because of all the celebrity arguments.

What do you guys think? You do know that you can look at celebrity arguments whether or not you have a twitter account right? It's public unless they make there twitter account private so nobody can see it. Hi Being a fourteen yearold myself I would have to say 14 because well facebook is a lot to handle though ages and 14 is when you're about to head to highschool, I was on Facebook when I was thirteen but it was too much too handle it created a lot of Drama.

I think it depend on the surrounding of the child. Wether the child is ok for using it or not. I can't believe some parents let there kids get on Facebook twitter etc. I am a teen and I don't even have that type of stuff. The only time you "need" Facebook is when you are addicted!

You see 8 year olds today with Facebook, twitter, iPhones, iPads etc. When I was 8 I had a coloring book, crayons and an imagination! I see the same thing outside one time when I was in the library I seen a 9 year old on facebook and IMVU her parents were there and didn't do anything about it. Instagram most of the time won't make you popular with others. I do understand where you are coming from, but I wasn't worried about social media until I was 14 that's when I first got my first Facebook account You don't need to be in a rush to grow up.

Enjoy being a 13 year old, I haven't even graduated from High School yet I will in a couple of days though and somewhat I am already miss being a kid and I will miss high school. So don't grow up too fast kid, trust me. Snapkidz, Yoursphere, Roblox, Club Penguin, YikYak, Vine, Wechat Whisper, Ask 18 with parent: You should have picked under 10 for club penguin, Roblox, etc.

I don't agree I think Facebook would create too much drama for kids in Elemementary school you should be in eighth grade and above. NO 7th grade because the 7th grade is when you turn I think a kid should get social media whenever the parent feels they can trust the kid.

I think a parent should check the kids account on social media. Social Networking has many dangers. Your moms and dads are protecting until they think you're ready. There are criminals out there to steal personal information in the digital world. Also, it is important to get REAL bonds for a teen. Trust me, it's coming from a teen I got Instagram at 12 and Facebook at A while back, I was a victim of cyber bullying.

I was devastating, However, I got through it by telling parents who got me through it. I learned of the dangers of cyber bullying the hard way.

Play sports and hang out with friends instead of using the screen unplug. I'm 16 and a pretty responsible person so I'd say it really depends on your child or teen I wish I didn't get my facebook account at the age of 11, because I made some bad rookie mistakes and I really wasn't prepared for it Other thing that bothers me a bit is that Kids need to play more, parents. They need to get dirty in mud and build castles with blocks and do puzzles and discover 70's music and make friends on the street!

They need to understand how to make and mantain healthy friendships before they start creating vain, shallow, virtual connections with their friends online and then not being able to have a nice chat in real life! I feel like I missed out a lot because being a millenium kid, I discovered the internet far too soon your kids probably found it sooner and are better at it than me though: Fortunately it's getting better and I'm learning to disconnect: That being said, if you do decide that a little bit of online social interaction won't hurt your kid or teen, i think the best advice a parent could give is to be respectful of people's differences in everything- social background, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, opinions, etc And if they ever make a mistake and offend someone or do something bad, please do not just yell at them and yank their computer away from them- remember that while kids nowadays may be computer-savvy, for your child the social media might be a new and frightening place!!

Some more tips I can think of: Kids might know a lot more about internet security than you might think! Instead of putting too much pressure, advise them and let them know they can count on you for help.

Kids need to know you trust them enough to make good choices. If you get too "snoopy" they might find another social media they're smart and sneaky!! I wish I had had more! Kids will probably hate me for saying this but I think parents should know: Being able to navigate the web effortlessly and controlling a multitude of touch screen devices don't mean they know everything!! I remember myself a few years back: But they need not just to Know about the dnagers but to Understand them!!

Although technology is becoming an increasingly large part of daily life, it is important to know when to unplug. The thing about Instagram is, yeah, you can see what your child is posting, but there's no way for you to know what they've been viewing or exposed to.

Instagram has a lot of content that kids under 14 shouldn't be looking at. I think 14 or 15 is an ok age for kids to start on Instagram. My opinion is that you should be at least 10 to join Facebook. Not because I AM 10, but because by the time you're in 5th grade, you understand what the real world truly is. But parents think that we don't have a concept of life. It's time for parents to start understanding that we know what's what.

I don't know if 5th graders should have a facebook account I would say wait until you are in 6th grade which is middle school. I have been using youtube since I was 6. Don't let your child use ANY P. IE no last names, no phone numbers, no addresses, etc. Fear is a powerful tool, especially when the fear is true. I am in 8th grade my first social media was twitter because Facebook has no privacy I got twitter in 6th grade and then built on to other social medias like instagram and snapchat and kik.

Its all about privacy and your own actions so if your child does not put privacy on it can effect it all majorly because its all something we need on social media. I believe that 11 and up can have a facebook. Most 11 year olds can understand the world around them. Just make sure they know how to be appropriate on the internet and not let anyone you don't know be there friend on the social media. When kids start High-School in Year 7 6th Grade , they start to develop an interest in social media from what I can tell.

At the moment, Instagram seems to be the big one, however it isn't as bad as you may fear! It is people's friends and classmates posting pictures, mostly selfies and funny pictures on Instagram. People can be tagged, however as long as your child's friends understand the importance of having your profile set as private, which can easily be done in the settings, it is OK. Instagram has an easy reporting system and does not take kindly to people misbehaving.

I know someone who was being annoyed on Instagram, nothing serious, but they took a look and he got kicked off for a year! In conclusion, as long as your child understands the importance of online safety and can be trusted to use social networks sensibly, Instagram is a good place to start.

Twitter, Facebook and God-knows what else should wait. I used Instagram very young, parents quit making a big deal out of it. It is not bad. Just tell the bully to stop and block and report it.

My mom and dad won't let me have Instagram or anything like that including Facebook. Plus Facebook is not for kids 13 and under. I know my mom and dad want me to be safe online so I will follow there rules!

My friends have Instagram because there parents lie about their age and stuff. I want Instagram really bad but again I will follow my parents rules! I had social medias at a really young age and my mom lets me so yeah she and I are ok with it even my dad so I guess it depends with the family rules and stuff! Your parents should not let you have Instagram or whatever you have. They may have lied about your age but they should be responsible in NOT letting you have Instagram or Facebook.

I feel like it is okay, ignore bullying and you do not need to be a bully, Kids but remember to not hate on others. I had my facebook when i was 8: I had my Facebook when I was 8 too! My mum and dad will not let me any social media on my iPad.

My mom won't let me have any social media on my ipad, but ALL my friends have social media, even my friend who's younger than me! Is my mom protecting me?

Is she punishing me? She's just trying to protect you. My mom was the same way because she's not tech-savvy and thought that social media was chat rooms. To get social media I would say, "mom let's say I'm asking for Instagram. Can I get this app called Instagram? I can also set the account on private so I can control who's following me and who I'm following.

If you're mom is still unsure then maybe you can set up you're social media account s with her and show her the privacy settings on the accounts. They're protecting you, Kid!! I have a brother your age and I know you probably think that not having any social media accounts is terrible, but it is actually very liberating!!

Take it from a virtual big sister, if you will. Enjoy parks and bike rides and music and films and your grandma's attic and all the other things the real world has to offer!! You'll mentally thank me later: Wish you the best, B. Personally, I think she is trying to protect you from the dark side of the internet. There are many bad things on the internet, and especially on social media.

I'm sure your friends who have social media have came across MANY explicit things. That's what I think. Many social media websites have an age requirement of 13 years. So your peers and friends who are younger than you are lying about their age. That shows huge immaturity in them: And yeah, your mom may be protecting you. I'm 15 and my mom still watches my use of social media.

She has to know my password and be able to access my accounts at any time. The internet is huge and can be used for good, but other people use it for bad. Your mom's not punishing you, she'd just waiting for a time where it'll be easier for her to trust you to not find the people who use it for bad.

Even by accident, weird stuff can happen on the internet. I'm not allowed to use facebook games, because even though they're seemingly harmless, they may be the cause for many people's computer viruses. I hope this helps! Indtagram does not ask you for your age when you sign up. This reply is probably a bit late, but instagram requires an email account, and to have one of those, you have to be older than So indirectly, you have to be older than 13 to have instagram.

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How can I use media to foster my kid's curiosity? How can I use media to teach my kid self-control? How can I use media to teach my kid empathy? How can I use media to help my kid's communication skills? How can I use media to teach my kid courage? How can I use media to teach my kid humility? How can I use media to teach my kid integrity?

How can I use media to teach my kid perseverance? How can I know that my teen is being safe and responsible when she's using I saw that my daughter has been posting sexy selfies on Instagram. Personalize Common Sense for your family.

How old is your kid? Informizely customer feedback surveys. At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time.

Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes. In other browsers If you use Safari, Firefox, or another browser, check its support site for instructions. What happens after you clear this info After you clear cache and cookies: Some settings on sites get deleted. Some sites can seem slower because content, like images, needs to load again. President Barack Obama, in an end-of-year press speech on December 19, commented on the Sony hacking and stated that he felt Sony made a mistake in pulling the film, and that producers should "not get into a pattern where you are intimidated by these acts".

Lynton said that the decision to cancel the wide release was in response to a majority of theaters pulling their showings and not to the hackers' threats. Lynton stated that they will seek other options to distribute the film in the future, and noted "We have not given in.

And we have not backed down. We have always had every desire to have the American public see this movie. On December 23, Sony opted to authorize approximately mostly-independent theaters to show The Interview on Christmas Day, as the four major theater chains had yet to change their earlier decision not to show the film.

On December 27, the North Korean National Defence Commission released a statement accusing Obama of being "the chief culprit who forced the Sony Pictures Entertainment to indiscriminately distribute the movie. The FBI later clarified more details of the attacks, attributing them to North Korea by noting that the hackers were "sloppy" with the use of proxy IP addresses that originated from within North Korea. At one point the hackers logged into the Guardians of Peace Facebook account and Sony's servers without effective concealment.

On the day following the FBI's accusation of North Korea's involvement, the FBI received an e-mail purportedly from the hacking group, linking to a YouTube video entitled "you are an idiot! On December 19, , U. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson released a statement saying, "The cyber attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment was not just an attack against a company and its employees.

It was also an attack on our freedom of expression and way of life. Secretary of State John Kerry published his remarks condemning North Korea for the cyber-attack and threats against movie theatres and moviegoers. On January 2, , the U. Michael Hiltzik , a Los Angeles Times journalist, said that all evidence against North Korea was "circumstantial" and that some cybersecurity experts were "skeptical" about attributing the attack to the North Koreans.

Monsegur doubted the accusations due to North Korea's insufficient internet infrastructure to handle the transfer of that much data. He believed that it could have been either Chinese, Russian, or North Korean-sponsored hackers working outside of the country, but most likely to be the deed of a Sony employee.

Stammberger provided to the FBI Norse's findings that suggest the hack was an inside job , stating, "Sony was not just hacked; this is a company that was essentially nuked from the inside. We are very confident that this was not an attack master-minded by North Korea and that insiders were key to the implementation of one of the most devastating attacks in history. Norse employees identified these people from a list of workers that were eliminated from Sony during a restructuring in May , and noted that some had made very public and angry responses to their firing, and would be in appropriate positions to identify the means to access secure parts of Sony's servers.

Seth Rogen also expressed doubts about the claims that North Korea was behind the hack. Based on the timeline of events and the amount of information hacked, he believes the hack may have been conducted by a Sony employee.

I don't know if I subscribe to those theories, but I kind of don't think it was North Korea. In response to allegations that the intrusion was the result of an inside job, or something other than a state-sponsored cyber attack, computer forensic specialist Kevin Mandia, president of the security firm FireEye , commented that there isn't a "shred of evidence" that an insider was responsible for the attack and that the evidence uncovered by his security firm supports the position of the United States government.

In February , analytics firm Novetta issued a joint investigative report into the attack. The analysis said that the same group is engaged in military espionage campaigns. Because of the depth and scope of malware tools, structure of the analyzed code bases, TTP overlap with similar attacks, and long trail of activities attributed to the Lazarus Group , Novetta does not believe that the SPE attack was carried out by insiders or hacktivists, but rather by a more structured, resourced, and motivated organization.

Although our analysis cannot support direct attribution of a nation-state or other specific group due to the difficulty of proper attribution in the cyber realm, the FBI's official attribution claims could be supported by our findings. Department of Justice issued formal charges related to the Sony hack on Park Jin-hyok on September 6, The DOJ also asserted that Park was partially responsible for arranging the WannaCry ransomware attack of , having developed part of the randomware software.

The DOJ had identified Park for some time, but could not indict him immediately as much of the information around him was classified. Obama also issued a legislative proposal to Congress to update current laws such as the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and introduce new ones to allow federal and national law enforcement officials to better respond to cybercrimes like the Sony hack, and to be able to prosecute such crimes compatibly to similar off-line crimes, while protecting the privacy of Americans.

In December , Sony requested that the media stop covering the hack. The threats made directly at Sony over The Interview was seen by many as a threat on free speech. In light of the threats made to Sony over The Interview , New Regency cancelled its March production plans for a film adaptation of the graphic novel Pyongyang: Hustler founder Larry Flynt said, "If Kim Jong-un and his henchmen were upset before, wait till they see the movie we're going to make".

In China, the media coverage of the hackings has been limited, including in search engines except Google , which has given out 36 million results. Hua Chunying , a spokeswoman of foreign affairs, "shied away from directly addressing" the Sony hacking situation. Russia said American threats of retaliation were "counterproductive and dangerous", and that the US did not provide any proof of who hacked Sony.

Prior to November , the group were already working on a documentary about international cyberattacks, and quickly switched focus after the revelation of the Sony hacks.

They anticipate presenting alternative theories about the identity of the hackers in the documentary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Sony Pictures Entertainment hack. Yet it is exactly the kind of behavior we have come to expect from a regime that threatened to take 'merciless countermeasures' against the U. North Korea portal Computer security portal. Shamoon wiper malware returns with a vengeance , December 2, Retrieved December 20, Retrieved December 17,

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