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How A Billion-Dollar Internet Scam Is Breaking Hearts And Bank Accounts

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I mean in general. Every web platform nowadays is really good, moderated by programmers or created on some free product. And everything is so bright colorful and easy that you cannot even disturb yourself with thinking about scam on-line. All they need its just our time to think, but how can you think is this toy is so marvelous and splendid, you cannot stop playing it.

Monnie, my agree to you. I must confess that I might have used excessively dating services for not only entertainment but practicing of communication. However I faced with scam almost every day using several sites simultaneously. Each dating site seems to screams scam! Not easy to undermine to inherent policy of each stable company. You have to believe what they say but its hard to give the lie in their throat. What a bizarre methods to earn monies, push women to do that or do that by themselves or hire men from third world countries like Nigeria or Ukraine to help them to extract money from foreign men.

Having legitimate agencies they are about to permiss visa fraud for men and women to scam each other. You would beat your head by the same tricks, you would step in the same water, you would spend your money until they over, again and again they would play your feelings, take you sincerest wish to get rid of loneliness and would deceive you till the end.

I mean till your temptation gets over, then you make send reports to police and all. But no guarantee that you have something from this deal. Russian sites are really notoriously rife with fraud, all profiles are fake and there is no hope you would talk to a real woman. NancyDad, Gunnow, No one is pushing you to pay right now. No one is taking your finger to press the button and to type in your credit card number.

The only important thing is to keep your curiosity. You have questions and you MUST find the answers. If I want to get some knowledge and to educate myself, I would do. But what is the guarantee that someone paid money for that disgusting reviews? Or some unfair agencies who care about their place on the market? I had my chance to join for FREE.

And I got bonuses: Or the one who gives you some specific advices. So cross your fingers. Let me put a few words here about St. Paul, as it seems to me he scams out there. Gunnow, man, you are quite right! I agree with you. I must admit that if after couple of letters girl rejects my interest thats a complete scam!

Anastasiadate and Uadreams women usually express their interest with the abnormal initiative. Like Russianbrides website you send letters to girls but they have never been read. Instead your mailbox is full of incoming messages from girls who are of a great interest of yours even if I have a few info about myself.

Then I tried to chat for awhile but the girl I was talking to was not deeply glad to see me and talk to me, i was like she forced herself to do that, a kind of a job you know. I send message about a scam but no respond.

So tell me if that makes any sense about dating online. I know that some sites charge you when you read each incoming letter to your mailbox of your member account , but as I noticed, the frequency of incoming letters is so high that you can spend almost hundreds of usa dollars each two weeks!

Those fake women attack your profile as quick as they can. And when I tried to tell them that their messages sounded like a complete scam, our conversation stopped immediately and the girl disappears from my horizon: Any certain attempt to avoid some scam issues continues with interruption of a manager of someone who is interested in making money, I was offered another girl instead.

No one was explaining was really were happening there, what schemes do i suffer under. I want to find wealthy lady who is independent enough, adult and mature and who will be happy just to share our common life with intentions and common income within two jobs of ours. But this is the most frequent chance for scam women of eastern europe to move abroad asap!

If you trust the third party but then it appears that its known to be a scam, you do not even try one more time. But as see, many men still, they been there.. I monitore some dating sites work, like Uadreams. Who knows maybe my story will encourage someone to keep the contact with your woman. Probably some agencies try to exacerbate the dating market with different approaches of earning money.

They have staff to respond the letters instead of girls or hire girls who work for them. I can say that if I want I can phone them via skype — staff replies immediately, if message them via support center — I get reply within 24 hours.

I like their site platform, good design and carefully supported by technicians, they fix some errors I noticed. That was pleasant for me, they were thankful for a feedback, and I was granted 7 video chat minutes as bonus.

I postponed my video chat session and she forwarded my request to my girl, so we did not waste our time that day and met the next day. So i just feel that great assitance for now. I see that I have a good job for the money I pay. What shop do they mean? Actually uadreams shop confused me with shop meaning, and as I appeared this website is not a regular internet shop but just one of the international agencies that offer dating services. And among, they have an average shop with high pricing for me.

But maybe you may find something for you if you buy things in Ukraine for you, for your friend, just for visit and etc. Shop is for girls pleasure, to make them happy in case you are far from her and to cut the distance is to show her your attention even from o km from each other.

So if you are interested, just have a look on this page. Your fate is all yours and no one does ruin you instead of you. Suddenly I faced with careful tips for those who want to get rid of scam girls http: Someone can be in serious relationship, others can become a scam victim. So probably you need careful words to eliminate online dating picture with non-fake profiles, personalities and non-stolen photos. Turn on your reading filter and try to analyse the information but not just keep your emotions high.

I must admit that all the information above is not suggestions, thoughts or points of view but entire facts, true facts in details given by people of the law.

They proceeded a big investigation regarding Uadreams dating scam site and indeed they include inherent and truthful data given by translators who worked there.

This agency is considered the biggest scam site among others in Ukraine. One more word is necessary to use for this agency: Uadreams biggest lying scam site as they are the best in lying about love and matchmaking.

Their girls are like huge hype paid equally for high-quality scam, their scam girls work with translators of Uadreams. Besides generally each girl has a boyfriend or is married and lives happily but she has her work duty for Uadreams males scamming and salary receiving.

Yet Uadreams has been uncovered their tax crimes hiding financial basis on Cyprus so they have to respond according to the law statements. As for matching, actually men of are able to find girls of the age from 18 to 22 years in Russia and Ukraine however this is disputable to reviews about older candidates. Indeed the age difference is quite bigger, approximately 20 years. Sometimes is can exceed 23 years. But still many men from Western Europe register on Uadreams and keep using it knowing that this site is a scam.

The answer to this question is so simple: Thus Western male members accept the world market position of Uadreams dating site and think that they are reputable and their girls are real and not fake and surely not scammers. They suppose Uadreams agency to verify girls taking their profiles as singles with intentions to find a husband abroad.

This is what they take due to the worldwide point of view about Uadreams dating agency. And not only this one, there are hundreds of similar scam sites making same things. Scammers are the the ones only to blame, not victims but scammers are guilty in both side effect.

According to the world law victims are the injured party and it needs support, care and scammers need urgent judgement. Bad names are for scammers of course due to their ingenuity. To make the right choice is almost impossible, dating sites, cunning services, fake profiles and scam everywhere.

Uadreams is the same like many others scam sites, and for them is not easy to detect scam so victims stay alone with their suffer. Scammers persisting on their typical behavior, they are not stupid or naive, they just make their crime better and better each day making scam worth and worth. Below is the source from Trustpilot websource:.

Uadreams scammy positive reviews uncover negative sides leading to general review sites whereafter they post negative reviews for highlight positive rates. Making the story shorter, Uadreams influence the ratings on Sitejabber and Trustpilot via using necessary information blocks like Trustpilot or any related sites has been wrapped around their finger by Uadreams scam agency.

They post reviews and suggestions like their own consumers, their scammy positive reviews have been published on different blogs that is why such content used to handle with no value at all.

But they make another thing — they redirect people to the main pages of Uadreams again and again, reading website, using services, lying to members and making fools of them.

Such positive fake reviews are non-free work, this has been made by paid actors by Uadreams scams. Once more world police warns everyone that court system is ready to receive reports.

As Uadreams had illegal issues with their financial operations in Cyprus. About Uadreams website name: Such guys like Uadreams turn worldwide dating platform reputation into bad. And Ukrainian and Russian scam girls ruin their countries by similar criminal efforts.

Besides girls working in such a long term business destroy the female reputation of Ukraine, Russia and Crimea being regular scammers, so people all over the world considering girls to be honest face with scam image then. And we are talking not only about rate high of the agencies but about people and countries as well. As a matter of fact there are many honest people in Russia, Ukraine and Crimea as well as scams people we talk about.

Real good men and women exist in all countries and places. Western women are serious and keep sincerity of their single status.

On the contrary Uadreams girls are good in their scamming of Western men. Scam agency Uadreams promote their girls with scam translators who work on them. Very often girls of the agency are married or have boyfriends from that city they live and work in. You know that Russian Mafia manages all Uadreams? And their translators make regular replies instead of girls. This scammy agency rip western men off by letters fee, translation fee, chats and video chats and all that money goes to scam girls salary, translators salary as this is only their job.

They need to get money and they chose such a way. Free dating sites are less dangerous as you spend no money but use your brain not to send a dollar to someone you have never met face to face. Sometimes you may find your girl on social network and open her account page you see a big difference comparing with that one posts by Uadreams, VK or FB, Uadreams support asks a girl then to hide her profile but they actually do not do anything to stop scam, this is a terrible scam almost on each page.

We have been investigating such cases and reporting Uadreams for multiple frauds, thefts, agency posted photos and names without girls confirmation. They promote themselves by a number of testimonials that cannot be verified as well as their scam dating site gives everything possible to cover scam and fraud actions with foreign men from Western Europe.

As you can imagine that real marriages should be stable over years however no testimonial can show that, they can show something unreal and fake, no proof for having such happy members. Taking into account what is said above, Uadreams hire girls and translators for scam work, tricking Western men around and empty their savings, promising them endless love and happy marriage.

They make the job twice harder: They influence on emotional state of scam victims and there is no need to speak about suicidal states after such romance scam case. Because these wounds heal slowly and hurts a lot. And today we need to warn others from destroying their lives, from signing in Uadreams scam dating site or particularly same scam sites.

Westerns worldwide are guilty as well, they paid services and they used services of scam sites, they are guilty equally as such dating agency like Uadreams is, all parties like members, girls, translators in surrounding scam effect are guilty. Probably dating scam sites in Ukraine, Russia, Crimea will disappear if al those scam girls will have enough courage to reject such job offer in scam dating sites or refuse to keep working there if they uncover the fraud system of tricking Westerns worldwide.

So shoosing video instead of texting is better as men will see if a girl is real and not fake, the process can be very complicated if a man would ask a girl to do anything suddenly or stuck on detail from the previous conversation. You should do anything to check if this video is not a record.

Such certain maneuvers would help to choose proper sites among other dating ones. Poverty is not a reason to be a scammer. This is like robbing a store for some products he could pay for but refused.

No one is forcing you to do this or that. Everything is made by your wish so there is no justification for girls who accept scammy job. Girl being poor try to manipulate by this situation and again money issue comes from everywhere.

Men from abroad chose false UA dream for making their essential wishes come true but instead they receive scams. Particularly pictures are stolen and personality is fake as you can find her on two or three similar websites, profiles are filled with fake information, non-verified. This is what scam dating sites do every day. Some small agencies can steal information from other sites with good reputation and use it with scam purposes thus the seconds get into trouble with tarnished reputation being unaware about such tricks they work hard to make the issue clear and justify the gossips and blamings.

But this is an exception. Indeed there is a great hope for Uadreams scam agency to respond for all their frauds and scams, they need judgement as many similar dating scam sites with the system of scam girls and translators. And this day will come to Uadreams very soon to finish this kind of evil business, all related business. People worldwide have their real dream about deceivers and fraudsters to face with public justice.

I believe they are almost regret about their cruel job, they should ask to forgive and they need to correct their Worldwide scam reputation slowly but in right direction. Anyway crooks should be responsible for their actions. The Worst Dating Site in my life. Uadreams is a total scam!

My personal point of view in a message below. Let me mention that I believe only in detailed truthful facts but not in thoughts that is in mind or concerns. Facts that are given by law representatives to illustrate the situation better according to the specified investigation they led about big dating scam site Uadreams. And as I see they are one of the most famous scam agencies in Ukraine! And their organization is the hardest lie ever, because they lie about love and marriage to each new man registered on their website.

Uadreams invest a lot in their hype session, this is a high-quality scam with a biggest staff: As for ladies, they mostly married or have boyfriends in Ukraine and Russia however they their duty to scam rich men to get regular fee.

I just want to say how I am sad about all that tricked men. And I hope that my words will warn everyone and prevent others from catching a hook. And now we are talking about alternatives for online dating fans: Sure you can know her via the internet but it is better to prevent yourself from scams than to cry out empty wallet.

I can add certain illegal actions connected with tax issues covering on Cyprus territory and I believe one day this agency will face with judgement according to all necessary law standards. Let me mention now age difference between Westerns and slavic girls we meet on different sources about Russia, Ukraine and Crimea. Actually they refer to men above 30 to 35 and girls above 18 but not older than As you see they have not so big difference and this is quite attractive for foreign potential customers.

However Uadreams highlighted another index: In spite of this information Western men keep subscribing to Uadreams dating site, supposedly guess that this could be a scam.

But indeed the question is that they keep using it. But as I see the respond is obvious, they are afraid to be a scam victim individually like a separate case, thus they search for world attitude to any reputable agency like it may seem in Russia, Crimea and Ukraine. They hope that girls are real, non-fake, offices are real too, not scammers. The general picture is good as the hype has been made seriously. Westerns believe that Uadreams check girls profiles and statuses properly, they trust them afterwards as they think slavic women want to find a man to marry.

And as a result, worldwide vision makes the deal for Uadreams, they seem not like scam agency but they are true scam, the biggest scam. They spend a lot of money to clean their reputation, to make good reviews but the reality gives the opposite suspicious image — Uadreams and hundreds dating sites like them are the cruellest scams ever.

They make money and they build a whole system to make scam money on people. So, there is a point that usually victims are really innocent in such scam issues like romance scam. Like police used to mention this side is injured, a victim, so they are not guilty, they need support and care.

But the guilty side it the scam side and the third party that make business on being intermediation. Indeed I would like to make some conclusions about that later, while we have enough arguments. Actually bad guys are scammers who are genius in their job. Would you deny that? Uadreams does nothing to detect scams and that is really cruel as the agency should defend their customers, here we see that victims used to stay one by one with difficulties and aftermath.

Scammers in Ukraine, Russia and Crimea are not naive or stupid, they are really smart, they denote typical male behaviour and manipulate by feelings with the sensitive points, they implement various tricks to achieve a goal and this frighten most.

Each day scams becomes more cruel. Referring to Trustpilot some dating sites reject the translation scams because girls in Russia, Crimea and Ukraine knows English pre-intermediately and this information was confirmed by researches. While reading multiple reviews Uadreams posted regularly I made a conclusion they do that by themselves, they eliminate everything positively and reject negative effects — all of that gives me a scam definition.

One more thing I noticed Uadreams scammy positive reviews are like regularly created negative material with the right conclusions for better website rates. Like Uadreams scam agency is not a scam at all. Finally, what I aim to say is that there is no sense and value in these posts however when you click on these pages you refer to the main Uadreams website page.

This is all they work for. But thanks to Uadreams worldwide dating market has not good reputation. Girls from Ukraine made their contribution and keep destroying online dating situation bringing no sincerity to their attempts.

Females of Russia, Crimea and Ukraine are popular for their total attitude to marriage however dating websites like Uadreams ruined the relationship intentions base. Thuse worldwide dating sites members face with fake profiles of girls with stolen photos.

If we think about girls badly then, we think about people in generally as a conclusion. But this is not right, the problem is in dating business only. Ukraine, Russia and Crimea are countries with rich culture and they are proud of very good people, sincere people, so I think there is no place for scammers any more. If to compare women from Western Europe and women from Eastern Europe, first ones have privilege in their sincere intentions, last ones have opposite position, just playing games and earning money.

Dating platforms gather such representatives for dating business with translators. Managers work with new girls they can have husbands or boyfriends — can you imagine? They know perfectly how to make show trust and sincerity and to achieve the same attitude from another side. But suddenly they rip you off with all related things about gifts and chats. Uadreams never let their girls to share personal contacts, and the staff as well. They want to keep the position of the third party and to receive their money for that.

Scammy agency Uadreams trick their clients with payments for letters, audios, videos, chats and everything they can to sell. They sell what they see and past in their shop, they need to have salary for their translators and managers, staff does its job carefully.

Having some advices about what site to chose if you are still in with dating online, take a chance to free dating sites, they do not request a dollar but be careful about sending money to some girl.

She might be a scammer then. Uadreams guys never check girls documents and marriage status, they are not interested in single personality, they care about working profile to attract consumers.

If you find a girl in facebook or vk with confusing information be careful, supposedly this is a scam and Uadreams can ask a girl to close her page for viewing or to hide it completely. Indeed this is a scam! They must be interested in clearness the situation of any fact difference.

This website has too many testimonials I think. Actually they do not highlight any particular case as we do not know exactly if this couple is happy now. In case a fresh marriage created by online base can last for 3 years we do not see if they are together. Probably they separated or this couple is a fake. Referring to said above, Uadreams is an agency that cover their girls and encourage females to for for scam and fraud, empty their wallets, and ruin their hopes for better future.

They never be with you or marry you, they just promise forever love but be careful: Yet emotional state of scam victims lead to suicidal state and this is much more terrible aftermath. They probably do everything they can to come closer to you, they know you better, they know your life as good a possible, they can be sensitive and understand your drama but they act like you too are able to help them with their problems.

The wound hurts very much afterwards, scammers leave very fast, you have no time to think if you send them money and wait for any spending review. So my task today is to warn others from being stupid and catch such tricks on dating sites like Uadreams.

Actually we were talking about guilty side above. The truth is that each side is guilty, not only the criminal one, Uadreams n our case, remember that each victim is guilty as well as girls, translators and managers. May be dating sites in Russia and Ukraine could disappear forever if only girls will stop tricking Western men, if they refuse to make foolish things for money.

Today digital era gave us various ways to choose what we want: Like taking care of video chats and less using letters. You need to see who you are talking with, see the reaction and gesture, posing questions and see immediate answers — this will help you to understand if girl is real, if she is interested in you or just working for money.

You have a choice to verify if any video is a stream or a record. You have to defend your right to know the truth. Indeed as a rule scammers are people from third world countries and the main reason they act like this is their poverty.

They even do not blame each other, they just consider romance scam is a serious kind of job for good money making for feeding families and etc. So nowadays we understand what pushes the dating scammy machine. The lack of money gives a chance for a girl to manipulate men with her fake intentions to create stable relationship and marriage in future, even being married herself in Ukraine with local men, she keeps using her tricks.

Or dating scam site like Uadreams use fake pictures and fake information to fill the profile to attract men from Western men in particular, and they succeeded in it. Similar websites are the same with their policy: And other small sites can do nothing to survive but steal data from biggest agencies, thus you may see the same pictures and information about a girl twice or more.

Such illegal actions ruin reputation of any good dating sites as well. Blamings and critics work perfectly so people want general point of view, they need the dominanta. Actually I hope that judgement is waiting for scam actions of Uadreams as soon as they can. We are tired of their untruthful work and girls and translators. I hope this day will come as soon as possible, I believe in justice.

This evil business should die, people need their right for love, sincere love with no scam and fraud. And who knows probably victims will receive their money back as soon the police will get the chance to fix each scam case and catch deceivers very fast. This time people have to report. Western people began to do that so we hope the forgiveness will come soon. Each side is responsible. So maybe dating sites become real and good soon and worldwide reputation of many platforms will turn over a new leaf.

I might think this site is a kind of a humoristic performance: And not a few money but hundreds of dollars. And for 30 minutes of video chat!

Since there are millions of free services of a very good quality everywhere. My mistake is that I came to this website by conversations and recommendations from many people on forums and I guess these men had no idea what they talk about.

Probably they are out of this point or they were paid carefully, who knows but the truth is too far from reality. Supposedly they think everyone is able to allow his bank account to be empty via standard freak dating site. I recommend you to stay away from it. My review is aimed for warning men who still are members or may be future members of this website, you should keep away from it, people. Your soul would be wounded and all dollars you kept for living will disappear.

Besides I am a young 30 years old man, really good looking and prosperous with good job and place of living. So I do not wonder if women are too much interested in me. So we were communicating perfectly, everything seemed so romantic until we met in Ukraine. Just the time I arrived we decided to be together and we had 3 days planned, besides we gave phone numbers to each other to contact any time but when I came to my apartment and tried to reach her by phone she did not answer, she replied via vk or chat on Uadreams site.

I gave up and started to chat on that site chat but insisting on escaping the website and using whatsapp or viber or anything else but she even broke with replies even in vk site.. I sent letter to uadreams site and later she answered with telling me that she had lack of feelings to me now when she saw me, there was no chemistry and she did not see any common future.

So immediately I referred to Uadreams with my personal complain about girl playing games with me. They replied that they did not give any guarantee of relationship, they just offer dating services. My main point is why should I pay so much money just for dating?

They made me fool, they tricked me like a boy and Uadreams girls are just players and scammers. They are not interested in love and making family with any man.

You know, the women on Uadreams have nothing to offer except tricking, you will not believe until come and see with your own eyes. I spent one month or so to get well after that. Move on and stay away from that deal. My question to Uadreams is that I wonder why such a dating agency does not care about intentions of their girls?

Like my example, a girl I contacted was interested in communication with me on the Uadreams only but not in skype or elsewhere. Even after exchanging contacts she was still doing this, escaping me from communication on free platforms. May be this girls was just working and her interest is in luring me only to the website of the agency, right? My advices for consumers: Your own fantazy will get you into prison. And I really believe that my experience will be useful for those in doubt.

You know, Uadreams agency is a professional organization contains of lawyers and psychologists who are convinced in what they do and what is more that know how to convince you in getting into romance scam.

They know how to represent arguments against mine that is why the truth is far from there or there is no way to verify it. Now I managed to browse their website and see female profiles, for example Alla, a student of 19 years old, had been 65,7 inches 4 years ago but today she is 66,9 inches and still a student. So I might consider she does has serious intention in Uadreams agency with her sincere attention and interest and her 4 years here gave her a particular experience in communication with men.

Probably in Ukraine to achieve this level is much easier. Another girl Tina has two children at her early Besides that all of them are smart and goal-oriented with their greetings in the letters and sincerest words they like to write to me.

I cant say that I like almost every girl on this site, yes, they are beautiful but there were only few of them I got in touch just for talking. I was starting my conversation with a girl named Olga on Brides but she redirected me to Uadreams site like is is more safely.

And later she disappeared from the first free profile. There is no problem for me to speak Russian as I am from Slovenia so no girl would lure me to some translation website. I tried to reach Olga87 — that was her nick on other social sites by her address indicated in Google but she did not reply.

I found her work place and even hoped for any relationship as our talking was really good. Maybe some day Olga87 will read this message and who knows maybe she would like to see me. I still think about returning to my FB page or google profile to connect to her or at least not so reliable UaDreams agency just to keep my feelings up. This is so painful to be lonely. My expectation failed when I saw grasping and insatiate people on this site, they were not a commercial project. The point is when you try to send your contact to a lady you talk to through the site, they block this message.

So lady receives just my incomplete sentences. And there is only one way to meet your lady is to purchase one trip package from the site, but I must say all of them are not cheap as you think. I read the recent review and it said that girls from this site are greedy, they intended to trick men and just to make money from them, so I may suppose this was true. But I paid and when I sent it they did not deliver t but took money. Uadreams is a complete robbery.

And you cannot find all terms and conditions as they are hidden at the bottom of the main site page. And then I tried to get in touch with one girl who was here and on the other site, but she ignored me on the other site free and explained that she is not interested in my personal contact, like she is afraid.

So I see that girls are interested only in luring men to Uadreams site and all. To buy their services and to communicate only there. Stay away from these guys. From the very beginning I should say that Uadreams make a perfect impression with their market position, user-friendly design and smart deals.

However within knowing them better you may explore advantages and disadvantages as well. Communication with a girl is so professional that you like t very much, the site is really good designed and it is easy to find what you search for. But may be for me the pricing is too high and I would like to pay less.

So I decided to check by my own experience and you know what? Probably no one can imagine how many men from abroad play games with Ukrainian women. So I can deeply understand their fear and distrust. They are sensitive and know you very well, they can guess your intentions from the first sight and if they know that you are serious, they will accept you.

There is no happy tales about 18 years girl married with 60 y o man. But they will definitely be shy if such an old man would like to insist on kissing during their first meeting.

You probably should think about before making such a silly request. If you have a daughter, may be she might have been too shy. The question is that men who are members of such dating sites are older than 45, so young women do not have another choice than to expect a man of such a category.

The tendency is like this, a young woman wants an old man. As women have no choice among all candidates on the site. The chances to find the other half is really high if you take it seriously. But I say not only about uadreams site but many similar and not only paid but some of free ones but be careful with choosing. Ignore those site who show you only pictures and videos. This is not enough for common future.

I had my meeting in Poltava with a girl of mine and I was a participant of a great hunting. My meeting experience is quite good, I had more than But this one lady has the most powerful intention of ripping off. She does not only collect luxury perfumes or gold, she is interested in wine!

She is fan of clothes shopping and demonstrating me a model look.. And when I started to be closer with my cuddles and kisses, she rejected. I thought it seemed like she wanted to performed herself with be for others in her own world of show, but indeed she was not interested in my personality. She would regularly chat with you for free language courses and pool or cinema tickets instead.

I had many years experience with uadreams so I know the issue perfectly. Wake up if you are still sleeping, leave Uadreams as fast as you can. Sean H fiction uadreams scam produced some positive stories about Uadreams scam translate fee agency, anyway I mean that if you want to check this out, this impossible.

And about their testimonials — they have zero to be truthful. Besides that we wanted to see any visa scams after some years about uadreams marriages just for verifying their sincerity. But as you see, they do not offer to see anything said above, they are just total ripping off, you have your time and money wasted. Also as I know honest dating or marriage agency used to have more than hundreds or thousands of wedding couples who can represent their marriage documents and they also can prove no visa scams after like 4 years of marriages, what is more they are able to share their contact info thereafter each new customer can verify if these guys are real and marriages to be real too.

Besides truthful dating agency or marriage agency will definitely allow giving personal contact of the girl, just not after meeting like uadreams indicated, but before. And what I used to know Uadreams scam translate fee agency managed not to give contact details even after the meeting in the office. They intend to milk Westerns on monies and fake translation fee for the miserable letters they offer.

As a rule you receive a heart break and big hole in a wallet with Uadreams translate fee scam. They abuse you and play with your soul and sincere feelings when you found some local husbands or boyfriends of uadreams brides, they have various accounts on social media and Uadreams just request girls to close pages with information.

These crooks go straight with their business plan, this scam translate fee agency is a real mafia run for many years and victims had no idea how to prove anything. Westerns just dry their pockets out, this is a robbery! Their uadreams is a false dream ever. My caution for you is about Sean H seems to be a fake positive testimonial. May be they cleaned it out. One more thing to mention: And if you wonder if their girls are online every day, this would warn you, probably they work accurately to empty your savings, this is a regular job for a girl of a third world country and Uadreams gives them their scammy job ever with a normal salary.

And in such a way this money is easy money for scam girls, they do not dating, they just luring men for services and site. Cyprus is an area Uadreams scam agency hide their money, they had taxes issues as well and who knows soon they will be responsible for every crime they do. Also if you think today girls in Ukraine and in Russia do not speak or understand English you are wrong, they do.

And they do not need scammy translation, this is you foolish paying money. Uadreams scam translate fee agency had their personal scammy posts positive with fake reviews, articles and testimonials for high rates. And what is more, Uadreams scam agency votes up, a few time for rising rates up and each new positive post makes the deal. Keep away from this mafia nest, they control scammy business.

They love you when you send them letters, very often. And when you buy their translation services you notice that these people are greedy and interested in money only. Special managers who receive money post such positive reviews to maintain dating business of the agency. And if to check their ID, they are bots to be used for reviews only, not real people. Their aim is to write as many positive messages about uadreams, fake feedback.

I recommend you to use free dating sites instead, probably you would have less adventurous with them. My english is poor but I explain for my visit to Ukraine. I found a woman in merefa, 36 and one child. I wanted to come but she said she do not have time, she is busy with a child. Then I send a letter to uadreams to ask, if I buy tickets to maldives and take Snizhana with me. But they said no.

One former investigator gave me a push to write you some words. And I am here as my experience was less successful as I hoped. However Uadreams is a complete scam with their women to be well-paid for stable good job of constant correspondence with foreign men, they make men to see videos, make calendars, have video chats, to buy gifts and do everything to show their ingenuity.

First of all they are very sweet with you, when you are about to start your relationship, but you have a few time to be lured and ripped off. If you think about trip — forget! This is a scam. You have to overpay even for a translator when you meet with a woman. And when she does not want a translator, she pretends to have him in need.

Just to feed all their team. So keep your dream separately from uadreams crooks. My days left unstable with many other dating sites until I tried Uadreams. I am surprised by their professional approach with the website, services and customer support. I am able to search and to find what I want on the website easily. And I see they care about safe payment, so I used to warn about paying online with card frauds and all, but here they have safe bank and all financial operations passed successfully and there have been no reason to be unsatisfied yet.

This agency is in Ukraine so still they have limits to international payment processes. Maybe soon they will glad me with that service.

Apparently I am that man that is completely satisfied with Uadreams people. Managers are very nice, they help me to calculate my trip to Ukraine next september. Indeed I worried about the price but I requested a cheaper variant of flight tickets and they helped me to find good variant and to book more days in Ukraine. I am very excited with my future trip. For now I like the quality of my services, sure I do not waste my money for gifts I consider expensive but I like video chats with lovely image and fast translation.

Today I recommend everyone to try Uadreams as the best variant of online dating if you like Ukrainian women. Google told me lots of terrifying things about dating online and in spite of all this and saw doubtful information, actually about those people who were satisfied. So my concern is to verify. Firstly I tried website and I like it, I saw many girls and their photos were not similar to those ones I saw about Russian and Ukrainian women.

They were not too much photoshopped and features were natural and real. Uadreams have wonderful translators, they work accurately and make translation quickly, so during video chat they work simultaneously. That is really awesome! No language problems, you communicate easily but time difference makes me very sad, when they have morning I am about to sleep ot the opposite situation is pity for them. In a month I would have my first tip with Uadreams to three branches and three girls accordingly, so I am very excited about that!

I know a person from Ukraine, we met here in the United States and another good friend of mine decided to visit Ukraine with the help of Uadreams to see one girl he was interested in. You people are the ones who will make conclusions. Someone will take it seriously, others consider a joke, blaming and fake. Let me remind you about UAdreams, they emphasize that you are able to exchange contact details with each other but after you visit your lady in the office.

Let me refer to the site:. Another thing is the pricing: I began my correspondence with several ladies and then I selected just a few to contact and to meet personally. Sure all ladies answered my paid letters accurately but some of them ignored my detailed questions, that confused me.

And those ones I excluded from my planned trip. SO I left those girls who were more attentive to me. Finally support confirmed me Svetochka, Oksana and Elenka. Suddenly when I arrived to Ukraine, a message from support astonished me: Svetochka is not able to see me during a week as she is working hardly as a doctor. Two these messages received after my arrival, after booking hotel rooms and etc. So these girls were not available to see me. At least I was offered to see another ladies instead who were ready to see me, as they liked my profile.

Totally I met with 5 ladies and two of them rejected my request to exchange phone numbers. Three others were ok with that but I never received a word from them via whatsapp. I can even imagine the average salary of a Nikolaev employer. Our dialogue with ladies was really perfect until I went home.

And if I tried to speak about any plans for future, about common life and everything, they ignored me or one became angry and irritated. Sure we had dialogues but I am not able to prove this policy of Uadreams. They do not do what they promise. Our conversation with girls was strange, they were talking about their interest, no one asked me anything special like they read everything about me in a profile usually I do not write much in the internet about myself.

Another one lady was talking about her friend, I suppose boyfriend, and show some photos of him. So how do you think — is it polite for a human to speak about such thing with another human who spent thousands of dollars and one whole day to reach this place — about such a stupid things?

I cannt stand when someone is hiding eyes somewhere in the phone playing games or replying messages or scrolling instagram whatever, this is ALL RUDE. No appreciation, no patience to man. So as you see Uadreams is very busy and they care about their consumers. My main question to UaDReams is why girls are so sweet and send hugs and kisses while you exchanging contact with them on a meeting but completely disappear after? They lure you to the website, they talk you via services, is that all you need?

The site is expensive and offensive with such a non-responsible policy. Is that a scam? Photos, videos with them — everything is real like offered. But they are normal girls from a real life like you see on the streets. The age was young and little over average, probably my real life is beyond this imaginable relationship. It seemed to me that on the streets of the city girls were more attractive than Uadreams promote.

Who knows if your wallet is thick and you have extra money to gift them to Uadreams feel free to use this opportunity. I can say probably for me that was one expensive experience but enough to understand that I will never try this out. This is boring but if you are boring too, you will have great fun together. The same dinner you may have in America or UK, I mean the cost.

Besides here people knows English. Good news for you, men. There were more women in Ukraine than men. Men are busy with hard work and basically you see only women passing by. Probably if you come to Ukraine just for a non-dating visit you will be able to pick some phone numbers up from waitress or administrators of the hotels or restaurants. They are sweeter and smarter than in UADreams. My lesson is my big amount I wasted, indeed I loved Ukraine, its rich cultural place with nice nature and I would like to visit this country again.

Of course I can understand that stability of relationship depends on two people, their personalities and common intentions. If one is away the union is not possible.

But if the problem is only in that way I can refer to any other dating site, better with a free base. My question is what for the price is so high? Just for communication between some people in the digital times?

Still I cannot see the advantage of Uadreams, for me such overpricing leads to suspicious attitude. I could accept this if they give a guarantee to be married right according to the payment.

And I wish I could see any proof of couples married and living happily for some years. They have the perfect agency with splendid scams services they offer. I was a member for 2 years and spent around 9 thousand of dollars with talking with their girls. I mean, I used to talk with several girls, trying to build up relationship, however failed. Indeed, if you join the website all of single girls become so much interested in you, fall in love with you and so and so forth.

This girl suck on me, she texted me often and initiated our video chat, so that I believed her intention to be with me. Our communication was romantic and sweet, I thought that was a true. She was very substantial with her arguments to meet in Ukraine, I believed her and made a decision to come to Merefa. But how was I shocked to meet her and see her coldness and indifference! I felt like I met a completely different person with no relationship in Ukraine. I came to waste some hundreds more.

Undeniably I cannot see the reason of such difference in behavior. Therefore I understand how the scam system in uadreams works. Afterwards I contacted three other girls, we had chats, exchanged some letters and messages but no more. I did not have anything serious with them.

Another girl, the next one, seemed to me different. She was from Zaporozhye. She was really nice, but I found her boyfriend on vkontakte social network. That made me angry. Is she is not single why the hell is she doing on dating website?! Anyway I was tired about all that games and wanted to leave, but support convinced me to stay and have another try with the next lady, Natalia from Lutsk.

She was sweet and wanted to talk with me after she was shown my profile. By all means she had a profile on vkontakte too, do you still wonder if she had a boyfriend? That situation impressed me much and I complained to uadreams about this stuff. Natalia was not removed from the website as my proof was not enough.

She was busy with communicating with other men. She brought money to the agency, they just cannot kick her off! You have to percept this fact. Such girls are more likely golden for dating agencies. Men you catch the hook can be stupid, they confess, but still continue to get in touch with such girls, because they are beautiful, interesting, smart, and seduceable.

Imagine the total amount. Besides, girls can chat with several men if the translator is really professional and make everything quickly. Thus, if you want to complain about chat connection, think if your beloved chat with some other men. Uadreams gives 5 per cent for each your payment for one services, whether sms, a letter, a video chat minutes, a photo, and others.

I discovered that usually girls who work at uadreams have many girlfriends from one branch, so that you may see their friendship on vk as well. Be cautious if you speak with one girl, she may contact her friends about you or other men too. The board of the modelling agency is the only sign you can see there.

Probably for you would be amusing to read about my trick I made before cancelling my friendship with uadreams. Generally, I contacted with 12 girls on uadreams, we had a mutual interest. But I verified vk and of course I saw a few of them there.

I sent them the invitation, instead they ignored me. To conclude, they need you on their non-free platform, to make regular payments. If to mention uascamsdreams. They never treat you when you want to resolve vk issue, they care about girls to make them stay on the website and chat with several men. And they will seduce you with different options to impact your opinion, to make you change your mind and stay. I call this beautiful scam romance, they trick you beautifully and use your money.

Sure all around the world there are several thousand of uadreams clients and if you wonder how much money they get, sum up the average payment per month for a contact with one girl. However this is their hook to lure us. A man who claimed to be in Boston, born and raised. By the end of our first talk, he too was madly in love with me.

I told him that I desperately wanted him to call me, just so I could hear his sexy voice! After much coaxing, he called me and had a very thick african? Of course he would have an accent!

A man who claimed to be from Dallas and had lived in TX all his life. I asked him what kind of car he drove. He told me he drove a cardillac. No, that is not a typo. I proceeded to tell him about my car. It went something like this: When we have good weather here, I put the top down and just zoom through the countryside!

A man who claimed to be an american working in west africa red flag!! He claimed to be a foreman at a construction site, something like that. He said he would be coming back to US soon and wanted to pursue a relationship with me when he returns. A few days later, we were chatting and he told me that someone had stolen his work shoes. Could the boss send them to me and then I could send them to my beloved?

Sure enough, a few few days later I got a box shipped from Banana Republic. I opened the box and they were shoes alright. Proper work shoes for a man working at a construction site?? He called me and had a very thick african accent.

I asked him about his accent and he said that he had worked in africa so often that he must have picked-up some of the accent there. Needless to say, I cut-off communication, and the shoes never got sent to him. This next one is very similar, an american who was working in west africa.

After a few days he told me of how he had gotten robbed and his boss needed to send him some clothing. Again, for some reason the package could not be sent to him directly and could I receive it and send it to him?

This one even emailed me a pre-paid allegedly shipping label. A few days later, I got a box of clothing from the Gap. In it were clothing of various sizes.

No way one man could make an outfit from these clothes. XL pants, S shirt, etc. I let him know the package had arrived, but damn, my printer had gone on the fritz and as soon as it was fixed I would print the documents and sent him his package. I cut-off communication and tossed the clothing away. Nothing in there was the style or sizes that my sons would have worn.

A man who claimed to be in Washington, chatted me up in was madly in love with me by the time our first talk ended, and wanted to send me flowers. I said sure, and 2 days later I got 2 dozen red roses, a plant, eater lilies, and a bunny. I insisted we talk on the phone so I could thank him properly. He had a very thick foreign accent. I asked why he he has such a thick accent if he has been a life-long resident of America. He said that when he was a small child, he and his family moved overseas briefly and he must have picked up the foreign accent there.

I could barely understand the guy. If a person on here seems to be too good to be true, then they probably are. I know the attention makes you feel really good, but think of it this way: What kind of loser has such a meaningless life that they would be willing to drop everything to come here and move in with somebody they barely know? Give it a rest!

We are on to you! We are now sharing our stories with each other. In these stories we mock and ridicule you. We laugh at your unbelievable gall and ignorance! Hey, you have a computer!

I was scammed too bad… i had to learn my lesson the hard way fell for the biggest game on earth mine as well been a hooker gettin pimped… i was stupid and fell for the game cost me my hard earned money, all this lookin for LOVE my dumb self knew better knowing good and well if he needed my money he didnt need to be with me in the first place lost a lot i was so conned i was so blind and keep asking myself why what was wrong with me? I swear i was under a dumbspell learned the hard way only thing right now that eases my hurt i say at least i am not in a casket behind this scam.

Sylvia- I am so sorry for the heartache, but so glad you did a little research and found my website. Every time someone like you tells us their story it helps others not get scammed. There are some cruel and evil people out there and these Nigerian scammers are the lowest of the low. Playing with peoples hearts. Congratulations on finding this out before you lost any money! I felt desperate and almost in tears,I met a man on divorce people meet.

BABE i am so sorry to drag you in to this but i know that you have a kind heart and i promise to pay you back as soon as i get to NY can you send me Immediately he sends me his friends address and asked me to send money via western union and email him the ref number.. Out of twelve there must be a Judas Iscariot. If I can prevent one person from being scammed than justice is served. He will claim his undying love for you, then ask you for money to come visit you. Once you give him a few dollars for a plane ticket, he disappears.

Please keep your hard earned money and save yourself heartache. If he contacts you, run. Remember you do not really know who this person is. Do not fall for his lies or love letters. Keep your money Ladies. Another person wrote about him below as well. If I can prevent one person from being scammed than justice will be served. He is in Nicaragua on business-self employed contractor and is a scammer!! Wayne Zambruther from Bangor Pa-same story as a few above-just moved here from CA-wife and parents died in a car accident a few years ago-has a 6year old son-Paulo.

Good luck to you all out there! Beware of Lwilliamson89 on Yahoo Personals. The first two e-mails were written by someone that knew how to write english. All subsequest e-mails were full of sweet romantic stuff that almost made me gag.

Yes, he was a widower and had a 6 year old named tess. I checked this morning and he took down his profile. All of a sudden he had to go to Nigeria to see his sick father. I knew from the beginning he was a scammer. I guess he figured out I was on to him. He is a scammer!!!!! Report him to Yahoo! May not do any good but do it anyway. Hey all you ladies…I aswell recieved a bunch of emails form a 42 beautiful man form Wisconsin with a 8 yeard old daugheter.. Oh boy, I have one like this on the line right now!

He took down his yahoo ad right after I responded to his inquiry. He is a good looking white American guy, widowed, with a small daughter, with a sick father in Nigeria.

He goes by the name of Larry Williamson. The photo in the ad is not the same as the ones he sent afterward. The wording, misspellings, everything is the same! He has not asked for money yet, and there is no way in hell I would send any. The initial photo shows him, in a red snuggie, holding a cat on his lap.

He looks russian or eastern european. I have all the photos and email exchanges for comparison. He gave me a cell phone number with a nigerian exchange, and let me know he has a heavy accent.

If someone was born here in the USA and spent most of their life here why would they have a heavy foreign accent? I never even came close to falling for this, by now it is almost amusing and I am curious to see where it will go.. Kim, Please realize this person is fake. Watch my video where I discuss this with the hosts of a local talk show, and your story is almost textbook.

The good news is you discovered it before you sent any large amounts of money. Many people do not realize it until they have lost thousands of dollars. Warn your friends and follow my advice next time on how to avoid these situation online. My tips are listed here. I believe that I am being scammed by one of these people.

He is supposed to be a petroleum engineer working a contract in Lagos Nigeria. Drop dead gorgeous — has a 10 year old daughter, wife was killed 5 years ago in a car accident. Is madly in love with me — has called several times, needs money to pay his expenses because his money is tied up… Found me on Yahoo personal ad — deleted his account as soon as we started chatting.

Has been very attentive…chats all the time — avoids direct questions. I would like to share the photos that I have and also see the photos that yu have if you believe we have the same guy. Has written poetry to me always calls me baby. Please e-mail me if you think you know who this guy is… and also send pictures so that we can track him down since he is breaking girls hearts!! I had the same experience, except it was a woman who stated she was an antique dealer in west africa….

She even game me her phone number in Africa. I just deleted my profile…I got a hit from a guy in Austin tx who sais he is an International soccer agent…guess what he is in nigeria……first week all lovey…romantic….

Wants to marry me…. I called the guy whose name Stephen used. This guy had no clue. We can probably save a lot of people, if we all do it. I just knew there was something wrong with him.

He only knew me less then a month and was falling in love with me. Yet had never met me. Oh, his email and it does still work is jamesbrown4ray yahoo. I have decided personals are not for me.

Too many crazy people out there in person much less meeting them online. I kept getting emails from yahoo personals, and one day decided to check it out. I would like to give you some of the emails, and his pictures. He also called himself, a widower. His parents had died when he was young…but he forgot that last night told me he was 37 when they died. Said lived in Melrose, MN, and been married 6 years to wonderful woman, was devastated the last 6 yrs because of her death.

Had 2 profiles up. May have had a few different interests too. He tells me that he goes to a different country every month for work contracts. Now today he asks me for money to pay his motel bill. Thanks for your information.. Thank you for the email it is really nice to hear from you, i am so Glad to receive a wonderful email from you, And you seems like a very nice and humble woman i will like to know more and i am interested in you and see as thing goes for us, i am originally from Germany But i live in Minnesota melrose and i am into Building Construction Field and due to My Job i am presently out of the country now and i will be coming back to the state very soon.

Thank you so much for the nice compliment once again i am just really so happy to receive your email again you re such a wonderful woman i am so Glad to hear that, Tell me do you have a yahoo id so we can chat online and get to know each other more.

I want you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours we spend talking. It means so much to me. I just want you to know how much i care about you and how much i want to know you more,I miss you every second of my life. I knew I found someone special. One day without you is like one moment without air, like one day without food and a week without water.

Dileep, you are my happiness, Dear, and my adorable darling. I care about you so deeply there are no words to explain the tremendous tidal wave of emotions flowing through me just from the sound of your smile , the mention of your name, the vision of your smile or thoughts of you. I think about the times we had together and the happy days you and I shared, which are all now memories.

But, just remember one thing: I will always care for you cause you do own my heart And you will always remain in My heart Cause i do Care Hope to hear from you Stephen. We talked on y mess in my mail box.

That we are only here for a time, and life was short, so we need to make the best of the time that we have. He said that he wants to get to know me more, and that he wants a special life long relationship, and he thinks that God brought us together, and he loves me, and wants me, and that he wants me to love myself, and he would help me.

He is still wanting to get to know me more. He sent me M kisses. He asked if I knew how to speak French. Asked me if I would like him to teach me German. And told him that my daughter had learned German in school, and that my other daughter was engaged to a boy from a German family.

He thought that was good. He wanted to know how old my children were, and who was the oldest. I told him their names, and ages. He wanted to know if my children lived close by.

I told him that money is tight for me right now, and I had just spent On dog at vet, To get his email address from Y Personals, and 20 for college admission. I told him it would take me forever to get thru school, and I hated my old job, and wanted to change careers, and needed to make enough money when out to pay the bills.

He just waited, til I responded, saying that maybe I could take 20 from the money to visit , then he asked me if I was going to…. I said yes, think it is important that we talk on the phone.. Looking for a lady that is loyal, honest, loving, not deceiving, caring, who has good family values also, cares for her personal appearance and the hygiene for a serious relationship.

Someone who fills the missing parts of me. Someone should be content at the symphony or walking in the woods. A person who is able to enjoy and share life with someone else. No man is ever perfect. But I strive to be a good man, and to improve myself.

I am fiercely loyal to my loved ones and friends. I take pride in the fact that I am an honest man. I also take pride in being a faithful man. In this day and age way too many men dishonor themselves by cheating. So I take pride in the fact that I have never cheated in my life. I am a strong man both physically and mentally.

But I also know when to be soft and demure. I am very well educated and successful. But that is not to say that my career comes before any thing else. I work to live NOT, live to work. Afer I sent the report, I talked to him, and then emailed later that night to have it come back as failed, and undeliveralble. He contacted me this morning and gave me a new email address: His 1st email was: Unfortunately, abuse by various third parties can come in a variety of forms.

Notification by customers like you is vital to our efforts and can assist us to identify potentially abusive profiles, emails and other methods by which third parties attempt to abuse the system. As you know, certain laws, regulations and policies restrict and govern Yahoo! If you have additional questions we urge you to review Yahoo! Please continue to notify us about any conduct you find questionable in Yahoo!

I hope this helps others. This time, I was Stupid though…gave way to much personal information.. But like everyone else.. Faye Barnes A deleated profile on yahoo personals is most definitly a scam. Me being 27 since the first of april was a little tickled that someone would ask that question.

This was the first clue to her being a scam artist. Things I have noticed the questions they ask. Does age matters to you?? How Old are you? What do you do for a Living? If you get any of the following type of emails your probably have a scammer. I feal like such an idiot for actually answering these questions. It took a lot of time and thought.

He stated that he was retiring in June and would be returning to my state. I could not figure out why he had a residence in my state if he was stationed in CA and had been in the army for 23 years. I have found so many similarities! I questioned his grammar once or twice, a major in the army has to be intelligent, right? Well, he was allegedly in Iraq, 7 hours ahead of me, so blamed this on being tired or not looking at his typos.

After 3 weeks, he emailed me a picture of an engagement ring, purchased while on patrols outside of Bagdad and he said he intended to give it to me when he returned to retire and marry me.

Freaked me out, but I have never been in Iraq for a year and thought maybe he was just trying to hold onto something from home and he would settle down after he returned. Well, then a week ago he told me he would not be in touch for a few days while he was away on a mission. In the mission, they saved 8 people, Iraqi diplomats.

He was to go to an award ceremony. After the day of the ceremony, he told me that they gave him a medal and he shared a photo of a bag full of US money. I questioned the legality of this, how can a soldier accept this kind of money? He asked me to accept a package from an Iraqi diplomat with the money, my ring, and photos of him.

He did send me close to 10 photos at different times. All photos were of the same person. I compared smile lines, a POW bracelet, nose, lips, you name it. I contacted investigators from the US Army, thinking this was an embezzlement scam — they took information, researched and called me back to say this is a scam and if this person shows up, to call local authorities.

I refused to go to my local airport and pick up the package. Then, I got email from a person claiming to be a diplomat from Iraq stating my package had left Bagdad International Airport and would arrive 2 days later in my local airport and the diplomat would be there to hand deliver it to me. I watch 24… I had all sorts of ideas flowing through my brain. My lovely little army major tried every guilt trip in the book — this money was our security, our future — my ring was with the bag, etc.

Have this guy open it up, take the money needed, and put it in a new bag. I knew, of course, that there was no bag of money or package… just the need for my own money. I read the example emails above — oh goodness — so so many similarities. Cos, bad grammar, Dear, referencing his son calling me Mommy and my children calling him Daddy immediately I corrected this..

I have known it was a scam for a week or so… prior to that, I felt so guilt ridden that if I was going to hurt this man who is so proudly serving our country overseas… wow, what a great angle to go with! After one of my best friends married the man of her dreams she met online, I decided to give online dating a try.

I even questioned him about it and he said it was his name. The wife dying in the car accident was my next hint that something was not right. After he asked me for money and I told him I was referring him to the FBI and CIA and they would track down his sorry ass thru his URL and shoot him his cohorts for trying to scam American citizens I even referred him to what happened when pirates tried to take over a US cargo ship , I never heard from him again!

Got to be more careful!!! I work in a business where people lie to me all the time but even I was caught off guard at first with this fool! The letter that was published from the author was almost VERBATIM the letter I received from the Nigerian scammer…I mean they did not even take the time to change the story or even the grammer or punctuation! He did add one new twist…his wife died in a car accident on June 16, and left him to take care of his daughter Stella. He has been SO heartbroken and this is his first time trying to date anyone since that time.

Then of course the story he tried to use to reel me into the scam My father is sick in Nigeria and my flight leaves in 9 hours… bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!!!

I continued to communicate with him just to see how far he would take this, then BAM!!! Why do people fall for these idiots? It is so obvious they are full of crap. They are all over match. I get the messages, winks, etc. My response to these obvious scammers is always the same. Where do you live? Nigeria, South Africa or Malaysia? Those are the countries that these guys work out of. They are currently changing their routing of their computers so if you do a ping it does sometimes come back to the City or at least the State they say they are in.

If you take a close look you will see that it does not originate from there. Can nothing be done to catch these people and punish them? Why can yahoo and match not send a ping to the people who sign up to see if they are being honest about their locations? Is that too much to ask? I guess they are just too busy taking our money for nothing. I have run across a couple of scam sites. The first was sending me letters from women who quickly professed their love for me. Then a couple of profile matches mentioned Nigeria.

Either doing business there or family there. I pressed her to give me an avenue to check out where I could send the money and questions about her location, hotel address the hotel was the scorce of her problems and names and places I would need to help her myself directly. I am a very personable person and I like to be involved in a lot of things. I have a problem at the moment which is just a minor setback for me. I am not looking for love, just a companion.

I will like to hook up sometimes but at the moment I am having a big problem Thats is making things hard for me dont know if you care to know what my problems are i am a very outgoing, open minded person. I would love to find friendship first and possibly love? I am a very good girl, but not at all innocent. I love to have fun no matter what the situation be. I love diversity and I enjoy people that are down to earth. I desire to become a better person inside and out.. I have a hunger to learn new things.

One of my hobbies is Traveling. I like positive people and I try to surround myself with people who have an open mind. My interests are camping, swimming, volleyball, having fun. I am seeking mature, stable, focused, monogamous gentlemen to sweep me off my feet, spoil me rotten and embark on a brand shiny new relationship.

I have some feelings that something might work out between us. I am mostly lovers not haters at all.

I am a woman of my words and I expect to find the same in the right man. I have a very big heart and I would love to share a part of my life with someone special…. Dear Bob, Thanks for showing interest in me. I want you to know some few details about me. But I must tell you that I am looking for the right man that I am going to spend the rest of life with.

I need someone I could trust and get the same unconditional love and trust in return. I have some family issues that I needed to take care of.

As I am the only child of my parent, they have loved me unconditionally when I was a kid and till now that death took my mom and my dad missing somewhere in Africa. I have promised to return the same favor and I hope you can understand what I am trying to say at the end of this letter. I lost my mother when I was 12 since then my father was busy taking care of me and his business. About 3 months ago he told me the agent that was going to sell it has sold the factory and he had to travel down to the Africa to get his money.

I have not heard from him for over 2month and I had no Idea what happened to him. The only person who would have helped me is missing. I hope you can understand what I am going through here.

I promise if you can help me out that I am going to do everything to pay you back. You have my words.. I do hope you can now understand me allot more better. Nancy, You sound like your in a hell of a jam. I may be able to guide you through this but I need some basic information. Addresses and phone numbers are important. Again, names, addresses and phone numbers are important. Have you contacted them yet?

Carrier, flight number, itinarary, date of return flight, etc. OK, now some numbers; what is the amount owed the hotel? And who is the point of contact? Assuming that they still return your ticket and that the ticket is still good do you have a place to stay until the flight date? I know a former Marine who has done a few communication contracts in Afrrica and may be able to give me some ideas on the best direction to take getting you home.

Time is of the essance so please get the information back to me as soon as possible. Your father carrying around a large amount of money in Africa is asking for problems. Not a wise move. Life is cheap there and money is power. A wire transmital to transfer funds should have been used…….. Dear Bob, Thanks for your message and concern about me.

But this is not the best place to explain myself, its something that we will talk about in person when we are together on maybe our first date or later on depends on how this leads us. If there is anything that you would like to ask me feel free to ask I am very open minded, and down to earth. My Pet Text Answer: Please i hope you can send the money as you promise helping me and as soon as the money is sent the hotel manager told me to ask you to get me the confirmation receipt you use sending money like the.

CDATE has you sign up using your credit card and tells you that you have automatic entry into their sight with your user ID and the Password that they give you through the e-mail. Once you sign up the sight keeps sending you back to the sign up page or tells you that due to inactivity the log on has been closed and to reenter the site through the log on page. It was an endless cycle. There was no response to help inquiries.

This is excellent info. I guess we thought yahoo was legit! Got hit from Yahoo Personals — I know something was up after the 1st email, because the email was as if it was pre-written for anyone. Not a response to the email I sent and my 2nd and 3rd responses were one liner want to see when the scam came. Thing is I sent the information below to yahoo. So I total deduct myself from yahoo. Hello Jo,How are you doing there and how is life treating you? So would you like to know about me?

I work Monday — Friday 1pm — 10 pm so I hardly get on the computer during the week, but i try to read my mail at night at home so please kindly mail me on my personal E-mail on michael44dunlap at y a h o o dot com.. So tell me about you and what you looking for?

Hope to hear from you. Hi, Am really great to get your mail today ……How are you doing there?? Am kinda cool here. So I enjoyed reading your profile as well. It looks like you are into a lot of pretty cool things , i would like to say what a beautiful woman you are. I am ready to start the next chapter in my life with someone who is ready for a serious relationship.. So here I am just one little fish in this big pond seeing what else is swimming around.

Could be that you know exactly what this little fish is looking for…. I believe that every relationship starts with a great friendship. I am an honest and caring person and I hope you would be too. I believe honesty is the best policy. I like to experience new things. I am willing to try anything once. I am here because I am ready to find true love. I am well educated, well traveled, and financially secure; however, I feel like something is missing, and that something is having a relationship with a great woman with whom I can love and be loved….

I believe in the old golden rule.. They usually never work out. I am not looking for someone who plays mind games or is not interested in being in a committed relationship. I enjoy the simplest things in life.

I love the outdoors and feel fortunate to be able to experience all four seasons. I like to go camping, gaze at the stars on a clear night, take walks just to enzoy nature and scenic drives to nowhere. I tend to take the road less traveled. Life is too short not to enjoy it! I would always welcome you to my Life. Says he moved here because he was here on a job and likes it. This guy is super smooth, very romantic and even wrote me bad romantic poetry.

We chatted about cars, what we did each day or what I did and what he supposedly did. I went along with him when he said he was in London on business, supposedly getting an inheritance of 1.

After some subtle hinting around from him to me, eventually he flat out asked me for the money. I used every logical step to suggest to him: The US Embassy was my biggest suggestion. This guy had me going for a bit there, until he started getting really affectionate and then started talking about his desperate financial plight. I got hit with the same damn thing mike did, a girl named olla smithson from madrid, been sending me long letters about how hse wants to be with me and all that nonsense.

I am an untrusting person by nature and am new to this online dating thing so I got suspicious. In my life when anything sounds to good to be true it tends to be be untrue.

She hasnt asked me for money yet but did make a comment in the last letter she sent me me about helping out at the airport. Same story to the letter as mikes, parents dead, moved to the states to live with her aunt, working as a nurse with unicef,was drop dead gorgeous in her pics, I knew it was to good to be true.

Both men are good looking and appears to be educated but both within a couple of emails have asked me for money. The first one finally stopped contacting me and the second keeps tying to contact me but I do not respond. I am now on my 3 contact and after 12 days he has has traveled to Nigeria on business and was attacked and lost everything…. Ok…here we go again… The sad part about this is the first profile was local….

I did delete my profile about a week ago because after 3 scams, I had it.. Got hit with the same crap this week. This time it was a Patric Gracious Zambruther and it was the California story. He is from Italy, came here when he was Married his high school sweetheart. They were married for 16 years. He has a 12 year old named Bob. His wife and parents died in an accident together many years ago.

He has dated a few times since then including to a woman that cheated on him with his best friend that he took as a brother. He moved here to Bangor, Pa and has only been here a week.

Never any LOL or any jokes back. Not sure what got my hackles up but after 2 days of chatting, including emails back and forth from work, I asked him his last name and googled him. Found the website for the art gallery and then this site. Confronted him with the info and no response back.

Will be letting Yahoo personals know as well. That photo was stolen off the web. None of these images are real. Please people do not fall for the images. Everything is fake, they steal images and other things. I am so sorry for your situation. These criminals are cruel and hurting people. Yes I was scamed by a woman named Joleena she said she lived in England and her father died five years ago she was going to Nigeria to take care of her fathers propertys there , and needed After all this I looked to the town and there I found the news of Ophra and the scammers, I played sorta sceptical and then she told me to F.

I did receive one from a Tiffany and another, Linda. I exchanged emails with Tiffany I have a hunch this is too good to be true. I realized this right away because I have not mentioned my mother.

She died three years ago. Probably this guy gotten mixed up with so many exchanges of email. It is British and most commonwealth countries, and are formerly British colonies. Be careful of scams from Eastern European countries. They produced fake H1B visa pasted on the passport. My brother was contacted by a scammer and it was really sad. He has never really done much dating and so he was really trying hard and putting himself out there, just to have the first person he really clicked with turn out to be a scammer.

We were able to look up the IP address from her e-mail by using this web site: It was the same kind of MO that has been listed by other people here. When suddenly she needed money and had no one else to turn to. She was going by the name Olla Demilio Smithson but her e-mail came through as Olla Own ollasmith28 yahoo.

My mom has been using Yahoo! Personals and seems to get one new scammer every other day! My favorite thing to do is screw around with them using her profile. I even documented a couple of cases here: I linked to your post in my article since you have more serious information about how to spot these guys.

Iwas contacted by this Keith Anderson from Los Angeles too, at the same time as the person above…same story everything…. I unfortunately sent him money and have submitted a fraud report to my local police department, Western Union and the FBI…am going to contact the Nigerian Economic and financial Crimes Commission on Monday to see if they can do something……….

I was contacted by a person on AFF. Their email is sarah. She claimed to be a sociologist paying her own way in nigeria. She also gave me a reservation number on british airways for a ticket she never paid for to come back to houston.

English is so bad. Said she has sister in UK. Thank you for posting this. I am currently having a conversation with Brad Hall. He suddenly had to go to Nigeria to see his sick father who is in the hospital. His 8 year old daughter Brenda is there with him as well. But reading your email it is the same guy, same questions.

So now I just wait for the ball to drop and him ask for money. He is slick, I have to give him that. Everything sounded legitimate for awhile. She would send pictures, including family pictures. The thing that I found really funny was how could she possibly want me, when she has never seen me. I sent her roses for her birthday and she sent a picture with her and the roses.

Then things started to become suspicious. She wanted to fly to the U. She told me the fastest way for her to receive it was through Western Union.

I was told to send it ASAP, because she had to make arrangements through work to take off. Sent many emails mindsonminds yahoo. Gave the identical life story. Only exception is he claimed he moved from California to Bartlett, TN. Emails were always lengthy professing his love for me, etc. Emails usually were full of simple grammar mistakes.

Even called me Diane in one of these sappy messages. Even possible that the person I spoke to online was not even the same person writing these letters. Never revealed much about himself more interested in trying to convince me that we were meant to be together, etc.

Just too much, too fast. Lots of RED flags!!!! Unfortunately, the scammer, got a reality check thanks to doing my own investigative work. These people need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Said his name was Keith Anderson from Los Angeles. He sent 4 different pictures of the same guy. He was 46 and a widow with a 9 year old son.

Said his wife died when his son was born. Died from cancer and kidney stones…. His parents died tragically in a car accident when he was a small child. I kept talking with him anyways. He said he was an IT analysts and programmer. Self-employed in UK on business. Then said he had to go to Nigeria to get the parts he needed. He needed money for doctor bills, hotel and food.

Contact the US Embassy. How can we post that picture of the man and his little girl, so they can know their image is being used. I too fell prey to antoniol3 yahoo. The profile has been deleted in the past few days. I was given the same story about his mother and grandmother passing away and then suddenly he had to go to Nigeria to see his ailing father.

Never got to the money part or the meeting part, but he had fallen madly in love with me, over a few emails and pictures. However, he did answer my questions but asked the same questions to me again and again. I think it is sick that someone has even thought about doing this. I really do feel sorry for the very handsome guy whose photo is being used. I had the same one as AlmostBelieved. Read the example letter, just like it. And scrolled down and actual read about the same exact guy with the description of same exact picture.

Live and learn I guess. It is the same email tha was posted on the front page. Again conctacted through yahoo personals. Poor writing, cut an pasting, very choppy and crazy spelling with random capital letters. Good eye everyone and thanks for spreading the word. Although I thought this guy was a bit odd, I was greatful to find this information when I googled his email address: Good luck to everyone looking for something real.

Pretends to be a widower who lost his wife and the baby some years ago. Says to be an international constuctor for hotels etc.

First alarm signal was for me when he said too fast to love me and wants to marry, always suspicious. Then he said he would be in the UK and lost his credit card… you know the story… big second alarm signal. Ok, I played the game and asked him, please to understand that I need some proof, if he wants money to pay his hotel. I offered him to that the hotel will send me the bill and I can take care of it. Then I said, ok, give me the hotel number, I will call them.

No… but he mentioned the name. I confronted him with this and he said, he instructed the hotel no one to tell something… sure…he was still begging for money. Then I asked him to send me his passport copy. OMG is all I can say. This guy had the guts to send a faked passport copy. I was contacted by a scammer the 1st week I joined BBPeople. He said he was a widow from Italy with 10 year old son living in FL.

His parents died within 2 years of each other and then his wife got sick and died too. I was suspicious right away because his name did not sound Italian.

After asking him about this a couple of times he told me his middle name which was Italian — ha! His grammar was atrocious and you could tell that some stuff was cut and pasted.

I asked what part of Africa he was going to and he said he didnt know! Are you kidding me — who leaves the country without knowing where you are going?! I asked who was going to watch his son and he said since he had no one to watch his son he would be take him with — who in their right mind takes a 10 year old out of school to the African continent when they dont know where they are going?

He replied why do you say that. Anyhow, it was fun to screw around with him once I realized he was a scammer. I told him to have a good trip then blocked him from my account!. Ladies and gents beware of these losers! These jackals prey on men, too. Yahoo is not doing a good job.

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