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Online crush?

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I honestly don't think I've had a online crush I'm not telling but I can say she doesn't go on answers anymore. This is lame no ones telling you I really wish I had a current one so I could tell you Well there is this guy but hes not on answers. His name is Mike and hes a flamer so that won't be happening anytime soon lmao If you like someone, go to their profile and email them to see if they like you back, that's the best thing to do..

No this is normal,the more I get to know someone the more I tend to like them. I think if you are lucky to find someone you can relate to and the more you get to know them ,than it is hard to hold back emotions. We are only human and were made with feeling's.

Yea its possible, but its not probable. You like their personality more so than their looks. Its a doubtful relationship though. Yea thats stright if u like some one on here.

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Login Forgot your password? Join the community for FREE! Your browser does not have cookies enabled and some features on this site require cookies. It overheats if it talks to itself too much and thus must maintain that there is a means Or several for the Server to Locate Real People and distinguish or ID these from 'ghosts'. Any time you get a message from a stranger, there is on their profile: If it is a Real Person, they come up in the Search.

These people are at best Hacks in the programming realm. Even Scam Artists gotta eat Feel free to try the above ghostspotting method If you are a female, well heck, get a 'thank you' back to me in OnlineCrush, I am approachable beneath the name dwpb, when I use my cellphone as an electronic photo display, ten hours a day.

When you first sign up they tell that there people local to you , they would be if I lived in the US , then they put on other sites to try and more money off you , DON'T go on it , it's a CON. Before you buy in The Girls will hit your email even when you just check out a profile and say talk to me but once u buy in you will never hear from them or recieve any response from any girl again.

It's a total scam. A man we can build a happy family with,a man who i will love forever in either richer or poorer till death do us apart. Who may be that right man.


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