Imperial Cleaning Is A Phony Mobile Swinger Site / Dating App With Fictitious Profiles

They even admit that of course you can never meet up with Mixxxer Entertainers because they aren't real members looking for hookups.


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The purpose of our Mixxxer Entertainers is to provide entertainment, to allow you to explore our Services and to promote greater participation in our Services. These people are such hypocrites.

Somehow they think it's okay for them to create fictitious profiles called "Mixxxer Entertainers" but for some reason they think that if you create an embellished profile that your membership is void and they will cancel your account to their faux dating service. What world are these people SocialSoft Networks living in? How is it completely okay for this pretend dating service to make fictitious profiles? If you lie on your profile, or put a misleading photograph they can ban you and delete your account.

We have a great idea how about if everyone tells the truth. How about if all the profiles of the site are real ,legitimate and truthful! Why is it okay for the dating site to create fictitious profile pages but when a user create a false profile then they can easily be banned? People think lying is no big deal. Lying coming from anyone or any dating site ruins relationships, plays head games with people and destroys confidence.

Mixxxer site and their app are both operated by selfish people who could care less about who they hurt. Their own terms and conditions page prove how dirty and shameful they are! Taken from the terms page under Registering to Use our Service: If you provide any misleading or false information to us, your right to use this Site is invalid and your membership is void.

This was a real doozy! In their own writings they write that we give up all rights to join class action lawsuit against them. What exactly are they worried about? How is it okay for them to create bogus profile pages but then if you want to go after them in the court of law then you're not allowed. There is no way in hell that these people should be allowed to flourish financially from the crimes that they are perpetrating.

Fight back, get your money back and show them that you're not going to lay down while they steal your hard-earned money! Taken from the terms page under Class Action Waiver. You acknowledge that you are giving up your rights to participate in a class action or representative action with respect to any such claim.

If you want to cancel your paid trial or monthly subscription to this site you can use the various methods that we have listed below to do so. We also have a full tutorial showing you how to cancel your account on Mixxer. What's the point in wasting time joining Mixxxer? If you like living in the land of make believe then go for it. But at the end of the day if you really want to meet a couple, a single girl or whatever else you're into then is Mixxxer.

It's a fantasy world where nothing is real. We won't be using this dating service, what's the point when everything is completely fake. Am in Cancun with tons of profiles until I paid with my credit card. And without a profile pic. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Did you know that this site utilizes fake profiles and then hires paid contractors to use those profiles to chat with real members. These fake female profiles are called "Mixxxer Entertainers". This makes using this site to meet other couples completely useless. What point is there in using a dating service if you have no clue who is real and who is fabricated? All the profile descriptions and any photographs included in the profiles are all created to trick you into believing you are interacting with real swingers but it's all a sham.

You might be asking yourself why a dating site would go and create hundreds if not thousands of fake profiles. Well the answer to that question is a two-fold answer. First off they simply do not have enough real members that use the service. A dating site without a sufficient amount of people is completely worthless. If there aren't enough people using the dating service then real people will not use it.

Because, there just aren't enough members to make it useful for anyone looking to meet someone. So the people behind Mixxxer fabricate fake profiles and when you do a search in your local community it always seems as if there are thousands of women and couples looking to hook up.

But it's all a facade, it's simply a scam. The profiles you are viewing are "Mixxxer Entertainers". The second reason they use fake profiles is as a marketing tool to get members who have a free account to upgrade.

If you have used the Mixxxer site or the app you will notice that in order for you to communicate with other users you need to upgrade and that's the whole goal of this scam.

They want to make money off of you and using fake profiles is the best marketing weapon in there arsenal to get people to purchase useless memberships. With these fake profiles they can send you emails and chat messages that look legitimate.

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