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She was delighted we had found each other.

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Find fake accounts Catfish from any social website! Search a username and see what profiles pop up Even your own! These have been reported as FAKE. We do not claim all of them to be fake. You be the judge of that! November 20, cjl 0.

These are Share this: November 12, cjl 0. June 15, cjl 0. Fake or just messing with people or both fake profile though. Favorite 0 Share this: June 15, Gotohellfakes 0. June 15, GotchYa 0. June 15, Sarah 0. February 26, Brandi 0. At the time we were talking he said Share this: December 22, Abner 0. November 20, Chriscross 0.

November 14, Omaewamoushindeiru 0. August 25, dcjackyu 0. It was plain unbelievable. He asked for payment evidence, emails and all other means of contact, then he hacked this scammer and in a month, we had all the details and evidence we needed. So, we contacted Nigeria's anti scam agency Efcc with the evidence and this person's bank account was blocked.

Naturally, he was at the bank to find out what happened and he was arrested. It was heartbreaking as he was just a teenager, but he was able to refund a substantial amount of the money. I have Brian Anfield to thank for this as I know lots of people aren't as lucky as I was. Hoping this helps someone though. If you have been scammed on meetme or any other dating app or website, reach out to Brian Anfield.

You will be amazed at the things he can do. You can google his name or just send him an email at greyhat at protonmail dot com Cheers.

You are not chatting with the person in the pictures. I took my mates advice and signed up to a few extra sites as used to only have a wejustfit membership. I was getting quite a lot of interest and a few dates with that site but now ive added tinder and meetme and TBF I dont see a big difference yet. It's a B- from me ATM as I do like some things but hopefully the dates will come soon as ill be much busier on weekends! Finding someone nice to settle down with doesnt happen over night thats for sure lol.

Ive accumulated over K diamonds, was locked out and lost everything, holly, the 1 streamer makes K at least per stream, usually all gifted by one person. They delete accounts of those who come Up in the community and start getting attention and delete the accounts, take the diamonds, go to their fake profiles and send them all to her. There is no way to make the amount she does in one night without the deletion of multiple accounts with a large amount of diamonds.

This site is a joke, I get deleted for no reason, yet people who show nudity can be on there for a lifetime. No one should download it!

Still checking it out if it will let me on it. But for some reason it won't let me. I'm still not sure how it all works though. On my meetme it comes up that I have no WiFi connection when I clearly do and its working perfectly fine also it wont let me go on the app till 10pm? Deleted my account and stole. The most stupid app ever.. Customer service took so.

There are many issues with he app after u dinwlaod it on your phone. It keeps crashing and logging you off which unables you to log in. I hope they can read this one star review and hope. I am writing this review to let people now I lose too many diamonds on this app which you can cash out for.

I do believe before this app is a scam so. Meetme is a scam. They delete my accounts and get my diamonds. I can't believe a company like this still operates. They get your hard earned diamonds and completely delete your account so they can just benefit to it. Pathetic app and pathetic people running this app. I am writing this review so the whole world will now that they are really a SCAM. Me and my other friends account got deleted. If your looking for a dating app.

Please don't waste your time here. Over the past three months I have been locked out of my account four or five times. Then they tell me its because I'm spamming. I think they have no excuse, they're just lazy and do not care about their clients. They will eventually give me the option to put my verification information in, then tell me it isn't correct!

Wrong email, wrong phone number. The people on the site isnt even that great and the cam whores take away the people so there's no one to have a conversation with. I've been on since My Yearbook and it's familiar and also it pissed me off saying I'm doing things I'm not. These people are garbage obviously some nobody is running the site.

They allow naked photos. They allow fake profiles even when one admits. Anddd they will blocked you off the app if you place any complaints. Customer service will not ever get back to you. I think it should not be allowed to be up. However, we know how it works. So at very least best advice, find a better site.

Well I figured I had tried a lot of the other dating sites so I thought I would try this one. I tried to get on one of my other sites and I couldn't. Then I clicked on the meet- me site and I proceeded to make my profile. And looks like it pulled my information from somewhere else. I did not tell it to pull information from facebook, but it added my full name. It added my age and address and it made everything for me.

It pulled the picture from about 10 years ago. I think I was hacked. I stayed on the site for a little while and then I deleted it. Some guy that I was talking to said that there was a lot of hackers on the site.

He told me he was a French journalist, living in the UK. He now wrote political policy for Local Government on a freelance basis. He was embarking on the final stages of setting up an oil uplifting company in Lagos, and was flying out on 28th June to meet with OPEC to finalize the deal and kick start the company with the aid of staff and a manager who would run it from Lagos, while he would return to the UK to live and start a life with me. He told me the recent oil leaks had caused the market to plummet and all new oil lifting businesses were suffering as a result.

He had to up the anti to enable the business to kick start quickly, having to go out to Lagos to meet with OPEC urgently. Along with documentation from OPEC confirming his business details and the license he had with them.

He sent me pictures of him, his home, and the business proposal he had presented to OPEC along with the logo for his company. He gave me his business mobile number and said while he was in Lagos he would get a new sim for his phone so he could contact me daily while we could not be online together.

We planned to meet when he returned to the UK on 12th July He would come straight to my home in Lincolnshire instead of going home first. In the meantime I was holidaying with my girlfriend from July in Morocco. He was very worried I found meet someone else while I was there, and said he wanted us to keep in close contact.

We seemed to fall head over heels for each other. I had never felt so loved, cherished, respected. I had hope, dreams, of a wonderful life with this man. He reached Lagos and told me by email that OPEC expected him to buy a second tanker to supply the amount of oil he promised enabling him to kick start the business, receive the green light from OPEC and be able to return home. He had asked all his friends and was still short of 5k. I am an intelligent, intellectual business woman, with a multitude of life experiences.

I have my head screwed on the right way, am savvy, and can usually smell a rat when I see one. I do wear my heart on my sleeve, and live a very open and simple life nowadays after some huge life experiences. I found him to be my match, my soulmate. I grew a connection with him. We grew a relationship. He told me he had spoken to his Mum about me, who he was so close to, and lived in Toulouse.

She was delighted we had found each other. He described me as the perfect person Heaven had made especially for him. Then he said he could not raise the money and did not know what to do. He said, he would lose everything he had built and saved and worked for if he did not get this off the ground.

He would not be able to keep to OPEC's deadline and had to start paying the loan to the bank on 23rd July of 2, per month. He was scared and desperate. He seduced me into offering to help, on the understanding he obtained a legal document from the Nigerian courts, a sworn affidavit, confirming he would pay me back first, by 23rd July , from the first profits of the business, which he estimated at 12, per week on the average of 85, litres of oil per week. I fell for it. The documentation came through whilst I was away, I released the cash from my savings, and planned to make the transfer through Western Union on Friday 9th July when I returned from Morocco.

We maintained contact throughout the week, the relationship building all the time. Emotionally feeling closer and closer to him.

We spoke on the phone, I loved what I heard. I fell in love with him. He would love to have me on his arm. To show his appreciation for everything I was doing for him. To show his love and dedication to me. But told him I was on holiday with my friend and this would not be fair on her. We would wait until we both were back in the UK and could start our lives together properly. On my return from Morocco, he supplied the sworn affidavit and I was happy all was well.

I told him if he did not pay me back I would drag him through the courts, but actually did not believe there would be the need.

I made the transfer, using a WU agent in Peterborough, firstly of 3k on 9th and a further 2k on 10th. He was delighted, so grateful, so in love with me. We spoke more on the phone, he told me he couldn't wait to see me on the 12th, that our life together could begin properly. He told me he was being called to an emergency meeting with OPEC on Saturday night, 10th, and did not know what for.

He told me they collected him from his hotel and took him to another town to meet the representatives. I was fearful for him. Thinking anything could happen to him.

This was Lagos after all! I heard nothing from him after 7pm on Saturday 10th, I was going out of my mind with worry. This was not usual. We were texting or calling or emailing constantly prior to this, day and night. I started to worry that I had missed something. Had a gut feeling something was wrong.

I checked on Google maps for his home address in Bradford, it checked out. I Googled the office location in Lagos, but could not find this. I sent him an email asking for him to contact me urgently. I was concerned about his safety but I also wanted some answers.

He finally came online at 8. All the fears disappeared. I would only be 36 hours before we saw each other and all would be well. He went onto tell me there was a huge problem. That OPEC had told him the Nigerian Government would not allow him to kick start the business on 12th because he had not yet paid taxes. He could not afford to pay what they asked; over 35, He was scared, feared for his life.

He said he could go to jail. He could not come home on the planned flight until he had paid this money. Said he had called his sister asking her to sell her car. She would raise 8k. He raised some more, bringing it to 15k. He tried his Mum but she could not help and was so worried about him.

I asked why his solicitor had not picked this up prior to the journey to Lagos and the finalization with OPEC. He said he had, but he had overlooked it. He felt foolish that he could do this, and now did not know what to do. He did not want to go to jail. I smelt a rat, but I also felt my emotions being pulled to shreds. I now had a relationship with this man. He was my Christian. I communicated with him daily, I talked to him so had his sweet French voice in my head, his words in my mind, his love in my heart.

I would be meeting him tomorrow, and we would be starting a life together. He even asked if I would consider relocating to France with him one day. With all the documents shown to me, his passport details, his sworn affidavit, his photographs going back over a few years to those taken last week, pictures of his home.

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