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By the way, whether you are a man or a woman, this is the [Proper View] of catcalling. Also, Libertarians are the real Liberals. Modern "Liberals" are all about taking other people's freedoms, because "they know better". That is the complete opposite of being liberal! They are Authoritarians, especially if they supported the Remain side.

I took to discovering this about her, because of how shocked I was by her treatment of me. I had to make sense of it and her being a "Liberal", makes absolute sense now!

This research is what she has built her invalid "stalking" argument on. Another hilarious thing is, when I thought she was more moderate and actually reasonable, based on what she said, I had sent her [This Mark Dice Video] , knowing she would also get a kick out of the stereotypical "stupid Americans". I noticed that she even shared it with her one friend, when she [Posted it on Facebook]. What makes this so hilarious, is that neither of them caught on to the fact that myself and Mark Dice, were laughing and hanging our heads in shame over the sheer ignorance of these so-called Liberals!

Mark's videos always highlight the stunning ignorance of your typical California "Liberal"! Knowing now that she is that exact type of "Liberal", just makes this whole thing pretty amusing.

Hannah even tried telling me not to call her stupid, because of things that I have said in chat. For the record, it does not make you stupid just because you did something stupid. We all have our brain fart moments. So I was not actually saying that she was stupid in those comments. However, often times I will conflate ignorant with stupid, when I am in an insulting, bad mood.

That said, I really try to hope that people are in fact just extremely ignorant and not actually stupid. Ignorance can be fixed, which is the point to all of this, but you cannot fix stupid.

I guess time will determine which one it is. Of course, Hannah always has her looks, which a lot of women are not afraid to acknowledge and use to their advantage. Sadly, Hannah has openly rejected that type of thinking as "misogyny" and "objectification", in typical Feminazi fashion. Granted, since she lies a lot , she might not actually believe that and is just saying it in an attempt to turn us off. That would be another stupid thing to do and why lies suck. For many guys, no matter what stupidity comes out of her mouth, a chick is still hot.

It is a pretty big turnoff to me, but then who knows if it is true. Like those cam chicks, nothing turns me off quicker than when she opens her mouth to spew some Feminazi, or libtard garbage. It is a good way to drive away potential customers though, lol. Like with this site, I know that people come here for porn, not higher thinking, or "politics", but I simply do not care anymore about running this site.

If it is enough to drive you away, then I am glad for it. There was one regular who wanted me to add him on facebook to stay in touch, who was a lot of fun to have around on here, but it is often a bad idea. His Obama loving and Trump hating posts were pretty annoying, but I tolerated it. The reverse could not be said for him, in typical "Liberal" fashion. Which reminds me of this [Funny Meme]. I do not need to ignore people, they typically do that on their own once I talk to them enough, haha!

But for a cam chick who is apparently hard up for money, you might just want to keep your mouth shut. However, from what Hannah has said, I get the feeling that she uses bad past experiences to somehow negate the possibility of doing more. That is a [Victim Mentality] though, putting yourself in your own prison and demanding that others treat you as less than you were before. Additional Info About this site: I hope you enjoy your stay. While the adult content is gone , the site still offers a good history record.

Thanks again to the original owner of Hannah-Amateur. I sadly doubt that many fans will be enjoying their stay now, sorry. I know it bursts the fantasy bubble about Hannah to learn all of this, but you deserve to know the truth. She is still a naturally hot beauty, when not caked in makeup, so there is that! P Seriously though, I am not the only one who cringes when they see those makeup pictures! It is as if she tries to [Look Bad] , lol.

Oh and yes I am aware now that such jokes are considered "Makeup Shaming". Do you know what a world free of judgment is really like? It has no morals, no responsibility and no accountability for unhealthy, or immoral behavior. I cannot take credit for that joke though, it was from a good friend.

It really is a shame that she hides her naturally beautiful face behind [Mimi-Level] layers of makeup. Yes, she can do what she wants, but it is still a real shame, like covering art in graffiti.

Or like taking a cool looking cat and bleaching its fur. Or taking a nice looking natural wood thing and painting over it. Sure, some women are just plain ugly and makeup makes them deceptively attractive, but it actually takes away from good looking women like Hannah.

I think it is safe to say that many of us really enjoyed her old pictures because of her natural beauty. I mean, those freckles! Yeah, she had a little makeup on in some of those old pictures, but it did not cover her beauty! Ah well, just such a shame all around. Here is the [Members Paysite] that Hannah kept denying was ever planned and built. This [Chick From Mexico] amazingly appears to be the spitting image of Hannah! When I showed Hannah this, she freaked out and hoped that they are photoshopped.

As far as I can tell, they are not photoshopped and the face positions do not match any picture of Hannah that I have seen. Maybe someone else can find out more! This is a recent find that I cannot prove, or disprove. I am going with it not being her, until someone proves otherwise. Someone even used a facial recognition site on it, but the results were mixed. It looks to be unsauceable, even with the almost invisible text on the picture.

Thanks to Tallymebanana for this intriguing find! The watermark had been removed, so it took a bit of investigating to find the full set and info. This chick is just a look-a-like named Kayla. For one, the body is not a match and the pics were taken in September of Another picture, with an open fridge in the background, led me to Canada food brands.

I was able to find the full set from there. This picture is often found in collections, but it is most definitely not Hannah.

This picture is also often found in collections, but it is beyond me how anyone confuses this chick with Hannah. This picture was user submitted, but again I could tell that it was not Hannah.

It is from a set by Doreen and Matze from Hamburg, Germany. This was one of the fake Hannah videos that Karl had on his scam site, in order to sucker more people into paying him money. This was the second fake Hannah video that Karl used. I still cannot believe that Hannah actually compared me to this piece of shit! This video, or clips of this video, have been falsely labeled as another Hannah video.

Her name is Ann and there is also a picture set of her. This is no longer a rumor. It has been proven as fact. I know, it lacks common sense, but there you have it. The fan-made videos were just to private individuals and the site never did materialize. I also [Found Out] that Luke, Hannah and Karl were all well aware of the age issue at the time, but none of it was meant to hit the open web like it did.

Afterwards, Luke just plain lied about it, with only Hannah telling the truth, back when she found this site in She failed to prove it at the time though, so I just figured that it was a tactic to get the site shut down. Needless to say, it was a very careless thing to do and none of them had ever taken responsibility by proving it. This also means that Karl was knowingly hosting underage content for years and that the "18 USC Notice" on his scam site was a complete lie.

It also does not make sense that if Hannah went to the police to get his site shut down, like she said she did, then why did she fail? The webhost would have certainly banned him and the police would have arrested him. Either she left the age issue out of it, which would be pretty messed up, but not surprising at this point, or she lied again. Old text, for reference: Basically, enjoy the vids-n-pics and do not worry, her stuff is all over the net, if it were really an issue then it would all be gone.

While people have said she was underage in some of her videos, no proof has ever been given. Luke has also said she was 18 at the time. In fact her parents did discover her "on-line fun" and were quite pissed. That in and of itself is enough to wonder if they spread the underage rumor hoping to get her vids taken off-line. She and Luke both had many communications with the people at whatboyswant. There Are Over 20 Vids Also a no. There is, to date, 18 vids of hannah. No site stamps on these vids except for the hotel vid which was released on totallycrap.

It looks like the original 90MB version was on Hannah-Fans. The 90mb version was not the original, it was an edited version of the original. Audio replaced by music and a few scenes were cut that Karl did not like. Hannah-Fans is pretty much dead now. The site is still partially there if you know the URL, so it still is not completely gone.

The site is finally gone! No more scamming from Karl! That site is a pure rip-off. They charge you for the vids that already exist and there is absolutely no new content. I personally can say it is a scam and many people that have wasted their money have also been kind enough to voice the fact that it is a scam. Also, if it were her site and she did have new vids, then with all of the people that have paid for "her" site, someone would have leaked the new vids.

If that is not enough for you, Hannah herself told us that it is run by Karl, the guy from the hotel threesome video! If you need further proof, just bypass the membership login and find out! Yes, you can do it and no, it is not hard Some people claim to be her, saying the vids were underage, she has aids, is pregnant, blah blah.

No proof is ever given of course. Others claim to have seen her, or know her and also claim some of the above stuff. Some even claim to have slept with her through her alleged involvement with freeukescorts.

BUT, the real Hannah did find this site as you are probably already aware. Other Sites To Stay Clear Of Since Hannah found this site and gave us the story of what really happened and what she's been doing, we now know for fact that freeukescorts. May 21st, - First Problem Okay kids This was going to be Hannah's official website.

Maybe it still might be, that all comes down to Hannah getting in touch with me or not. You can call me aStro3x I have a couple sites at http: I pick up girls, photograph them, build websites etc I met Hannah and Luke through a forum and Luke asked me for help creating Hannah's website.

I agreed and this site would have taken form as we said it would in April, except Luke wasn't able to provide me with enough content to go live with. I heard all sorts of reasons and all could very well be true, I am not calling Luke or Hannah a liar. I just know at first, they lost the camera or something so they were asking for donations for new stuff, outfits etc. Many people from the board I was on donated and for those donations, they got little videos. I don't think so I'd like to give benefit of the doubt and assume that things just didn't go the way they'd planned.

As many of you know, Hannah recently was caught because some fuck face at her school saw her online, it got back to her parents or something.

So then, Luke's computer dies or something and he tells us all that he'll be "back". Well, the time period he quoted has come and gone I have no fucking idea what is true, what is not true because neither of them have responded to their emails I sent them.

So now what happens? I am giving Hannah and Luke to the end of May to contact me. They know how, they both have me on their MSN and they can also go to http: It's not that fucking difficult. See, they sort of took money for videos they never created, so how can those people get their money back? Well, I'll post all the photos here as well as a bulletin board or shout out board or something I have heard many boards had Luke and Hannah posting asking for money Obviously I know of one site that I myself post on I'm not trying to be an asshole, I am trying to get back the money for those that got fucked.

We might not get it back, but hey May 26th, - 5 Days Later Well, it's been five days I have heard rumors that Hannah is setting up her own site or something, which would be great Thing is, it's the net and let's face it, we know these will prob.

I have received emails from many people, many forums. Some friends and other photographers that have worked hand in and with them. We all wish the best for both Luke and Hannah, regardless of their situation. No idea if Hannah broke with Luke, why etc but that's their business. All I and others are trying to do now is recoup the losses from money that was collected for videos that have yet to materialize.

Some videos were done, some So Luke, if you're reading this, and I am more than certain you are There is still an easy way to fix all of this, but you need to step forward. Hannah, if you're reading this Contact me or whatever, let me know what you wish me to do with your photos that Luke has sent me. I don't want to hurt her in any way, and as of now, all I am out is the fee to register this domain who cares.

Feel free to contact me if you wish, I'll be posting some reader email shortly I was away from MSN and he messaged me saying:. Well Luke, I feel for ya man, but jesus You going to refund that cash to the people you stiffed? This time he's informed me that Hannah has intentions of creating videos for all those that paid anything towards videos, plus possibly something a little extra, but it wasn't elaborated on as to what the 'extra' would or might be.

He also said Hannah wants to develop UKHotty in the near future and she'll be contacting me soon to discuss what we're supposed to do next. I hope this is true, but like all things online I'll believe it when I see it. It's not personal, but it's easier to assume this won't happen that hold my breathe and hope it does. Hannah doesn't have a computer or digital camera right now I guess. I considered starting a fund to get her one, but truth is, we have no way to know she'll buy one.

Sure, I can buy one and send it to her See what I mean? No idea as to what will happen. I guess I'll wait and watch, see if she contacts me or not. Luke has informed me he will have nothing to do with her or the site pretty much from this point on. She's with someone else now, I can understand him wanting to distance himself from this Again, it's not personal bro.

August 20th, - Hannah who? I have to admit, like you, I am a little disappointed by this whole disappearing thing Hannah has pulled on us. We were told she does want to do a site, and she'd come back Not even an email for her fans to say sorry, I changed my mind or sorry, I'm not ready yet?

Seriously, how fucking hard is it? So I figure fuck it, she was hot I know some people find examples to be torture, because I am one of those people. So to those fellow people, do not click the link! These pics have been shared now.

The poses in these 3 porn pictures are the closest matches I could find. I had been avoiding writing up this whole situation since, well, why relive it? But, it may answer some of your questions. It all started after Hannah came into chat and said that she and HB broke up. Specific details are not required there, so I will leave it at that. From my perspective, normally when that happens between couples, that means the other person is not involved anymore.

So since this site was made for Hannah, it made perfect sense to me that HB was not a part of it anymore, or the private chat that I had set up for them to contact me more directly. I also did not want the site interfering with their personal lives, which it definitely could have if they both showed up in the private chat after splitting.

Everyone knows that is just asking for a fight. Unfortunately, it all had the opposite effect. No good deed goes unpunished, right? I am not sure what all happened, but according to HB, he and Hannah had gotten back together. So he was quite upset with me, thinking I was trying to cut him out, "going behind his back" and whatnot. I managed to stay calm throughout his scandalous chat, which is a miracle for me, lol.

Normally, I really have a short fuse when it comes to people accusing me of things like that. For me, what I say and do, that is all there is to it. I guess I am quite old fashioned that way, lol. Hannah seemed fairly cool about it though and left on a positive note. However, HB has been in a foul, taunting mood with the few comments he has posted since then. I think he really hates me now, lol. No skin off my back! I am also very aware that almost no one believes anyone's word anymore and that everything must have some hidden meaning or agenda.

Especially if they say otherwise! But, that is the truth of it, whether anyone believes it or not. I had thought that the whole thing had put Hannah off of visiting the site, but that was not the case. I was quite down from learning that she was not appreciative and was doing some much needed venting in the chat. This must have made Hannah mad, because she then shows up in the chat, for the first time in freakin' years, pretending to be some random guy and proceeds to put me down even more!

There is yet another let down. She has also told me several times that she was going to come on chat, never to do it. But, now she comes on, just to kick me while I am down?!

What the bloody hell ass fuck, I say. It was either that, or I end up blowing up on her. Now despite personally wanting to just nuke the site into oblivion at this point, I still wanted Hannah's fans to be able to have the history.

I now also really wanted some compensation for everything I have done. Enter the Members Only site! Granted, money will never truly compensate, but it will at least make up for the money I have lost in running this site. And no, Hannah has not been given access yet. In fact, she will not speak to me at all these days. I hope she will someday, because I do not want to leave things like that with her. I could have continued ignoring the problem and kept the relationship as it was, but I just could not handle it anymore.

I am not happy with how it played out, but them's the breaks, as they say. I assume she is also mad that I have even mentioned this stuff to the public. I guess I should just internalize everything until I explode, drink myself to death, [Or Something].

I go by actions, not words, just as the great quote said on the main page. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts. If I feel that someone is not grateful, or appreciative for the things I do for them, or even worse, I feel like I am being used, then they are not going to get my nice side.

I am not going to even care about the excuses they give me, because they are not caring about me either. With how jaded I have gotten, pretty much everyone starts in the negative with me and has to work their way into the positive by their actions.

I just love women, they are my blind spot, my achilles heel. I tend to let the good ones, [Not These Kind] , start out on a positive note still, but after this, no more! Now with Hannah, most guys want me to push and push for her to make a come back.

That is not my way though. I also know that she and I are too much alike that way. If she does not want to do something, then no amount of pleading or money is going to get you anywhere. It actually just makes us resist that much more! Tell me I am wrong, girl! I think she assumes that means I do not have the same interest though.

Well to hell with that thinking! I would absolutely love to see more! Even after everything, especially after everything! So ok, fair enough on not wanting to do new stuff now, but what about me personally? I could not even get a [Damn Picture] for the site, even though she said, most sincerely, that she would. Not even after all the things I have done, like building her a new site for free.

The only compensation I desired was to see the new stuff! We discussed it plenty in private, sometimes just between her and I, no BF around. Then they back out without a word to me about it. Not even an, "Ok, we do not want to do it, but here is something for your time and effort. Now there was an excuse given when I [Mentioned This Later] , which I am not going to repeat, since for one it was said in private, but two, it was utter crap and we both know it!

Well that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lack of gratitude. I am glad I did not buy them the nice HD camera that another inner circle fan did, in the hopes of seeing new stuff. Nope, all we got was the [Massive Tease] that they shot a ton of stuff on it! Tease after tease, let down after let down, and she wonders why I have had enough? I could write paragraphs more on all the other let downs, but I am not going to.

It just upsets me more. Now, my cares are in the trash. I would rather things not be that way, but that is where she has chosen to leave them. There is another reason for my getting so upset too. I suspected from the very beginning that Hannah viewed me poorly for some reason. It became pretty clear to me, when Hannah treated a guy from the site chat quite differently.

When Hannah and I finally did get to talking later, I confronted her about it directly. I even asked Hannah if I should just quit bothering, due to her lack of replying back to messages. Obviously, it is not fun to talk to someone who you feel is being very fake with you. Hannah's very friendly, personal talk was in contradiction with her actions. Hannah had the opportunity right there to be honest, confirm my instincts and for us to part ways. Instead, Hannah made the effort to convince me otherwise and even encouraged me to keep messaging her until she replied!

So when Hannah tells me later that she has indeed viewed me horribly all along, then I do not think that I need to explain why that level of deception was incredibly hurtful. But, apparently Hannah still does not get it and grinds salt into the wound even more by laying the blame elsewhere. Now I can foresee one excuse too, that I was not given anything, because I would just end up sharing it like I have done a couple of times recently.

All of those let downs, teases and excuses are precisely why I have given up caring and am sharing stuff internally now. Also, I know her real fans can be trusted not to share it publicly. News flash, I have already tested that theory secretly for over two years with a private site! I wanted to be ready to go the next time, since according to her, the idea was never off the table! Guess that was a pointless exercise, huh? Well, do not bother asking, because at this point, I do not foresee letting any new people in it is closed now.

The leaker's original chat uploads are still online too, however the quality is not as good as their later site uploads. This update is also a good time to explain some things.

I hear complaints from feminists that "Revenge Porn" is a matter of enforcing consent. This is another logic fail. If you want to make it about consent, then let's not be hypocrites. Every single feminist who publicly shares private sexting screenshots without the man's consent, is now also a criminal. Every single person who shares a funny, embarrassing, shocking, etc, screenshot of a private conversation without that person's consent, is now a criminal.

Not to mention how archive. Every single thing captured in public is now also illegal, since people are already crying "You do not have my consent! Most memes are now illegal too. Are you seeing the idiocy here yet? Most rational people understand that when you interact with a digital medium, that is where your control of consent ends. That information is no longer a part of you and anything can and will happen with it, regardless of any law. Decades later, the entertainment industry has still not learned this!

Even your own government does not give a rats ass about your consent and spies on every intimate, digitally accessible detail of your life! So no, the root of this is all about respect. I will not get into all of the problems in today's society that have led to this complete lack of respect, as that would take several lengthy paragraphs. But in this case, when a person completely disrespects, or lies to, manipulates, tries to control, shames either privately or publicly, or is maliciously hurting another person, that person will lose all respect for the offender and they will justifiably retaliate.

If you expect respect after having done any of those things, then you are mental! Information spreads when you treat people like shit. To also further attack and punish that [Victimized] person, is just absurd and even more wrong!

I say "person", because even [Women] are [Leaking] nudes! Even some leftists were [Surprised To Learn] that their beloved minority group is highly likely to release "Revenge Porn".

Now let's address the term "Revenge Porn". Notice the part in bold? By calling it "Revenge", you are in fact admitting that you initiated a wrongdoing on said individual and that they are simply getting retribution for your actions! Again, your answer is to further inflict harm on the individual, leaving them even further victimized? If that is not the case though, if you did nothing wrong to begin with, then guess what? It is not revenge! Since I mentioned the feminists whining about men sexting, aka sending "unsolicited dick pics", let's address that!

No straight man on this planet is going to bemoan receiving unsolicited pussy or tit pics from random women! In fact, that is laughable! We would be like, "Oh yeah man, you have it soooo rough seeing all of those titties and pussies all day, are you even straight? So as usual, feminists are actually advocating for forcing men to accept a woman's view.

In other words, men's view is wrong, women's view is right and should be socially, or lawfully enforced. Typical, brain-damaged feminist thinking that the sexes are in fact equal in every way and that anything they disagree with, is just more "vile misogyny".

On the other hand, women who have their head on straight, just accept men for being men. But sure, continue your feminist idiocy, trying to force men to think and behave like women! It is doing wonders for destroying the species, what with men giving up on women entirely, relationships and marriages going down the toilet and the birthrates spiraling downwards!

The [Elitist Social Engineers] are so proud of you for accepting their conditioning without question! Even more funny, is the feminist hypocrisy that I mentioned above.

I have seen feminazis advocating for making it a crime to send dick pics and many saying to shame the men by sending the pics to their Mothers! Not only is that breaching the consent that they cheerlead for, but they are actually so brain-damaged as to say that if you would not send or say something to your Mom, then it should not be sent to others, lol!

I hope their private sexting conversations and nudes get sent to their Mothers too. Oh wait, some guys actually do that and the same feminazis cry bloody murder, LOL! All of this is summed up in the dystopian B-movie comedy, [Cherry ]. In a world that requires consent contracts and lawyers for having sex, that movie sums up the end result of feminism quite nicely.

Lastly, if you think that there are not very easy ways around those silly laws, then you are very dense. I can think of several right off the top of my head! It can only work when the people are ignorant of the law.

I also crack up when reading the bad analogies that these people make when trying to defend their illogical position. We should all just ignore common sense and do whatever we feel like, lol.

If you feel like walking in the street, then just do it. It is totally the responsibility of the person in the car to stop on a dime and not kill you, LOL! After all, it is offensive to suggest that it is your fault for doing something so obviously careless to begin with!

I forgot, silly me. A funny one was comparing it to being robbed by someone you trust to look after your place while you are gone. There is so much wrong with that analogy, but clearly the trust is past tense in the case of this porn, FAIL!

This generation has clearly never learned any critical thinking skills, lol. On a funny, related note, I had also previously blocked Hannah on my new email, since I was quite tired of her hostility and the stress it was causing. That explains why Hannah later started only replying back to me on some other bogus email she made, even though I was replying back to the one that I had blocked. I simply forgot that I had blocked it about a year ago, doh!

I even asked Hannah about it, but she apparently could not bother to tell me that her replies were being rejected, lol. I am pretty sure that Hannah thinks that I am always screwing with her when that kind of stuff happens, which says more about her than me. The 23rd is also the day that I was contacted by someone who claimed to know Hannah and who gave me some proof in the form of a facebook Friends screenshot and a few private facebook pictures.

I still figure that they were Hannah though, for several reasons. I mentioned to them that I thought it was odd that Hannah had not contacted me yet about taking down the new nudes.

Then Hannah does, that very same day. Sure, you could say that they simply told Hannah, but that does not fit with their narrative that they did not want her to know and risk being defriended.

Plus, I know that Hannah already knew about them being on the site for nearly a month. Also, they had the same tells as Hannah. There are certain things that Hannah says that are quite unique. I have never heard them from anyone else. They also contacted me directly and asked if that email was still good. Hannah would not have known this, but virtually no one contacts me directly on that email, unless they already know it.

It is much easier to use the contact form. Another telling thing, is that there was a lot of lying going on. According to Hannah, they told her that I already had the private pictures and had described the pictures to them before they sent them as confirmation.

Now that sounds like something that someone would say to cover their own ass, but why even bother when they were supposedly contacting Hannah anonymously to begin with? Completely unnecessary lying is certainly a Hannah trait though! Normally, I will not even give that out, but they clearly already knew Hannah somehow.

I just do not give out people's email addresses without their permission. The next thing I know, they are supposedly emailing Hannah. I do not see how that was possible at all. Supposedly, Hannah asks them if I gave them her email and uses my first name. They said that Hannah never used my username when trying to figure out who it was. That is quite odd, since practically no one even knows my first name!

Oh and yes, my knee-jerk reaction to Hannah asking that, was to suggest that they lie, so she did not flip out. However, I then suggested to just say that they did not know who that was, which was true. Sometimes you just have to ask me the right question, otherwise I might get tricky like that, lol. If you never think about lying, then you are not human. When I was growing up, my problem was lying to protect myself. I try very hard not to do that anymore and it is largely why I hate lying so much now.

Anyways, Hannah also tells me that according to them, I told them that she was an escort! I will get a screenshot up of that email at some point too. Not fond of reading through them again. That is a total lie and as usual, I was happy to prove it with [Screenshots] of the conversation.

Hannah claimed that they provided screenshots to the contrary, which can only be fakes if they really did. Hannah never wanted to see mine, even though I repeatedly offered. Hannah knows very well about me providing her proof and she has asked for it before, so the entire thing felt like her just screwing with me.

Also, I documented how they were often on and off of xhamster around the same time. They both have also not been back online since.

They both were asking the same questions about who the leaker was, etc. Also, when people contact me, nothing is ever vague. One of my tip offs that the person is probably Hannah, is that they remain completely mysterious and vague. Like when I was adding people to the old, hidden section of the site, I never had any problem being able to verify them in one way or another. But, these few people with Hannah-tells? So I do mess with them a bit, in order to expose them, lol.

Also like Hannah, they could not manage anything even remotely technical, like downloading the new archive from the multiup site. However, they somehow managed to find that email of mine and know something pretty obscure about Gmail that even I did not know? They were both also trying to tie me and ironhide78 together as the same person, lol.

That is something that Hannah has asked me before too, under another documented fake account. I really enjoy leaving her twisting in the wind on that one though, given the proven fake nonsense that she has pulled on me, but still refused to admit. Another thing was how I had mentioned a detail about a couple of private pictures and they tried to pass that off as something that instagram does when you upload pictures, lol. That is another cringeworthy excuse that I would expect from Hannah.

They exposed themselves good with that one! Just because I do not use a website, that does not mean that I do not know about technological limitations. No site can just seamlessly photoshop a picture in that way! It was NOT some random filter editing thing, lol! It takes the type of skilled guys that you will see on 4chan to edit a picture in that way and even then, people can tell. So why would they make up such a reason?

Probably because they were embarrassed at the mistake and did not want to lend credence to what I had said about it. Now that could still be a friend of Hannah's who is just as technologically clueless, but that sure would be a crazy amount of coincidences!

I think it is more absurd to think that Hannah's friends are all carbon copies of her, lol. Anyways, there is probably more that I am forgetting about this, but this has gotten long enough already!

I can only assume that she is lying yet again, or that someone is impersonating me. Although, no one has ever contacted me to thank me, or carry on some conversation that they thought they had with me, so I can only assume that this is a lie.

I have never seen any proof of this and I doubt I ever will. Hannah also tried laying on the guilt really thick by saying that I am trying to ruin her life, cause her stress, etc by putting all of this information on the site and spreading the new nudes around. For one thing, I simply do not believe Hannah anymore, but that is not my intention at all. If Hannah constantly did not deny that she did anything wrong, then I would not be exposing all of this.

If Hannah stopped making up reasons for me being upset, then I would not feel the need to lay all of this out.

In truth, I really have no idea how saying any of this has actually affected Hannah, but I have not seen any indication that any of it has affected her at all. Words by themselves do not mean squat. When someone is truly affected by something, they take action. Clearly everyone can tell that Hannah has affected me with all of it, because I took action by spilling all of this.

But the only time that I have seen any actual action from Hannah, is when she tried getting the new nudes taken down. So apparently that is the only thing that has actually affected Hannah. If Hannah has been honest though, then she must think me to be horrible for dismissing what she says. That is the problem though with liars. You cannot take anything they say as being true. Hannah could tell me that she tried slitting her wrists over it and I would not even blink.

Hannah is the [Boy Who Cried Wolf]. That complete inability to believe anything Hannah says, is largely why I requested new nudes. Hannah can tell me that she has changed now, blah blah, but I am not going to believe it.

Yes, Hannah changed so much, that now we have new nudes, lol! Plus as I have said, I knew it would be a big deal for Hannah to share them with me, so I could not think of anything better that would prove her sincerity. I also did not really expect Hannah to do it, because I think that truly is how she feels now. If Hannah did not feel that way, then she would have been open to doing it, even if it would mean making an exception for me.

If Hannah actually regretted leading me on for years, when she had no intention of ever doing it, then she would feel obligated to send me something now. It is the least that Hannah could do, especially after the paysite. At least, that is how good hearted people work when they realize how badly they screwed up. As I told Hannah, that was the test all along, to which she scoffed at.

Hannah also repeatedly said that my request for nudes was blackmail. Hannah kept assigning threats to it that did not exist. Simply put, if Hannah told me that she would do it, but only because she felt like she had to, then I would turn her down. However, it is true that under UK laws on blackmail, I could demand it from Hannah since I deem it to be restitution. That is not considered blackmail. I even told Hannah that, since she was stuck on it like a broken record.

However, that is not what I want at all. As I have stated multiple times, it was about Hannah taking a real action that I can actually believe, showing that she was actually sorry. And of course I want them too, given all of Hannah's teasing over the years.

At that point I would believe Hannah that she was sorry and I would close this all down. In Hannah's mind though, no matter what I said, it was basically "I do that and you take it down? Oddly enough though, Hannah said that she was willing to pay me for the paysite to make amends that way. Somehow that did not equal blackmail to Hannah, lol. I turned that down, because it is cold and impersonal, completely meaningless to me. Which is funny that Hannah would do that, since she was also completely put off by guys just throwing money at her, as if she was a piece of meat to be bought.

Another example of Hannah assigning threats to what I say, was her wanting confirmation that if she did not do it, then would I keep spreading the new nudes around. Will I keep posting them around? When the mood strikes me, sure. It is not because I am trying to force Hannah to do anything, but as she did rightly say, I just do not care what hassle it causes her. After what Hannah has said and done, without remorse, why the hell would I care?

I used to care, that much should be quite obvious. That is what Hannah does not comprehend. I have learned to switch off and not care about people who have proven to me that they do not care about me either. As I have said many times, I will treat you the same as you treat me.

Now, you could say, "Yeah you are just being clever and if Hannah lied to you, saying that she wanted to do it now, then you would go for it, because you got your way. No, do you really think that I could not tell if Hannah was not being sincere? That is the kind of thing that Hannah would think about me though, which is why I mention it.

It is also quite sad how Hannah turned one of her best allies against her. I used to naively be on her side, but then she shattered the false reality that she had created over our years of interactions and it has all gone to hell from there.

Hannah tries to tell me what my motives are, when it is very clear that she does not have the first clue about who I am. I never understood how good I am at reading people until I saw just how incredibly wrong she has gotten me. I am one of the best people to have on your side, but also the worst to have against you. Basically, I am the Yin and Yang.

To understand my actions, you need to know about that duality. As Hannah can attest to, whatever level you sink to in order to get your way, I will sink one lower without batting an eye. I could never be good to all people, it would tear me to pieces to allow bad people to constantly abuse me. That is not Hannah though, because she will take abuse from people that I would not feel bad about pushing in front of a bus.

I think that is why Hannah decided to leave me alone now, because she cannot face the conflict and figures that one day I will change and come around. Nope, sorry, I have core values that do not change and my view of you will never change until you prove it to the contrary.

In 5, 10 or 20 years, this is where we will be. That is not strenuous or obsessive for me either, it is in fact quite effortless. It is also nothing special to do with you in particular, that is what I do with anyone who crosses me. Of course it is a middle finger to Hannah to keep this site up and that will only ever change when she makes up for what she has done. You reap what you sow. You get back what you give.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is what this is primarily about. No amount of warped vilification of me will ever change that! Peer pressure does not work on me. I respond to the pressure with an equal amount of stubbornness and resolve. As I said before though, I do not expect Hannah to ever make amends with me. Hannah's response was, "What is in it for me? That might shock you, but it is exactly what I have come to expect from Hannah, pure self interest with no regard for the other person.

Hannah also constantly tries to attach her own meaning to things. I have laid all of this out on here for Hannah and everyone to read and understand, yet she will still pull some very stupid and insulting crap, like saying that I am only this upset with her for not sending me nudes and that I should get help!

If that is your take away from all of this, then I cannot help you to understand and I am done trying. Grimes wrote in On our editorial page we make no pretense of walking down the middle of the road. Our comments and interpretations are made from a definite point of view.

We believe in the individual, in his wisdom and his decency. We oppose all infringements on individual rights, whether they stem from attempts at private monopoly, labor union monopoly or from an overgrowing government. People will say we are conservative or even reactionary.

We are not much interested in labels but if we were to choose one, we would say we are radical. Just as radical as the Christian doctrine.

Each Thanksgiving the editorial page prints two famous articles that have appeared there since The first is titled The Desolate Wilderness , and describes what the Pilgrims saw when they arrived at the Plymouth Colony.

The second is titled And the Fair Land , and describes the bounty of America. It was written by a former editor, Vermont C. On September 12, , the Census Bureau released data showing improvement in household income and the poverty rate during , Trump's first year in office. During the Reagan administration , the newspaper's editorial page was particularly influential as the leading voice for supply-side economics. Under the editorship of Robert Bartley , it expounded at length on economic concepts such as the Laffer curve , and how a decrease in certain marginal tax rates and the capital gains tax could allegedly increase overall tax revenue by generating more economic activity.

In the economic argument of exchange rate regimes one of the most divisive issues among economists , the Journal has a tendency to support fixed exchange rates over floating exchange rates. For example, the Journal was a major supporter of the Chinese yuan 's peg to the dollar, and strongly disagreed with American politicians who criticized the Chinese government about the peg.

It opposed China's move to let the yuan gradually float, arguing that the fixed rate benefited both the United States and China. The Journal 's views compare with those of the British publication The Economist , with its emphasis on free markets [ citation needed ].

However, the Journal demonstrates important distinctions from European business newspapers, most particularly in regard to the relative significance of, and causes of, the American budget deficit. The Journal generally points to the lack of foreign growth, while business journals in Europe and Asia blame the low savings rate and concordant high borrowing rate in the United States.

The Journal 's editorial pages and columns , run separately from the news pages, are highly influential in American conservative circles. As editors of the editorial page, Vermont C. Royster served — and Robert L. Bartley served — were especially influential in providing a conservative interpretation of the news on a daily basis. The editorial board has long argued for a pro-business immigration policy. In a July 3, , editorial, the board wrote: There shall be open borders. The Journal 's editorial page has been seen as critical of many aspects of Barack Obama 's presidency.

In particular, it has been a prominent critic of the Affordable Care Act legislation passed in , and has featured many opinion columns attacking various aspects of the bill. The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal tends to reject widely held views on climate change —namely that it poses a major threat to human existence, is largely caused by fossil fuel emissions, and can be prevented through public policy.

The Journal is regarded as a forum for climate change skeptics , [62] [63] publishing articles by scientists skeptical of the consensus position on climate change in its op-ed section, including several essays by Richard Lindzen of MIT. Also, none of editorials published in the WSJ since concede that the burning of fossil fuels was causing climate change. It was also the most likely to present negative economic framing when discussing climate change mitigation policies, [69] tending to taking the stance that the cost of such policies generally outweighs their benefit.

On October 25, , the editorial board called for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign from the investigation into Russian interference in the United States elections and accused Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign of colluding with Russia.

The Journal ' s editors stress the independence and impartiality of their reporters. In a study, Tim Groseclose and Jeff Milyo argue the Journal 's news pages have a pro-liberal bias because they more often quote liberal think tanks.

They calculated the ideological attitude of news reports in 20 media outlets by counting the frequency they cited particular think tanks and comparing that to the frequency that legislators cited the same think tanks.

The study did not factor in editorials. The company's planned and eventual acquisition by News Corp in led to significant media criticism and discussion [76] about whether the news pages would exhibit a rightward slant under Rupert Murdoch. An August 1 editorial responded to the questions by asserting that Murdoch intended to "maintain the values and integrity of the Journal.

The Journal has won more than 30 Pulitzer Prizes in its history. Staff journalists who led some of the newspaper's best-known coverage teams have later published books that summarized and extended their reporting.

In , a bidding war ensued between several financial firms for tobacco and food giant RJR Nabisco. Bryan Burrough and John Helyar documented the events in more than two dozen Journal articles.

Burrough and Helyar later used these articles as the basis of a bestselling book, Barbarians at the Gate: In the s, then Journal reporter James B.

Stewart brought national attention to the illegal practice of insider trading. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in explanatory journalism in , which he shared with Daniel Hertzberg , [79] who went on to serve as the paper's senior deputy managing editor before resigning in Stewart expanded on this theme in his book, Den of Thieves. David Sanford, a Page One features editor who was infected with HIV in in a bathhouse, wrote a front-page personal account of how, with the assistance of improved treatments for HIV, he went from planning his death to planning his retirement.

Jonathan Weil , a reporter at the Dallas bureau of The Wall Street Journal , is credited with first breaking the story of financial abuses at Enron in September Emshwiller reported on the story regularly, [83] and wrote a book, 24 Days. The Journal claims to have sent the first news report, on the Dow Jones wire, of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center on September 11, They relocated to a makeshift office at an editor's home, while sending most of the staff to Dow Jones's South Brunswick, N.

The paper was on the stands the next day, albeit in scaled-down form. Perhaps the most compelling story in that day's edition was a first-hand account of the Twin Towers' collapse written by then-Foreign Editor and current Washington bureau chief John Bussey, [85] who holed up in a ninth-floor Journal office, literally in the shadow of the towers, from where he phoned in live reports to CNBC as the towers burned.

He narrowly escaped serious injury when the first tower collapsed, shattering all the windows in the Journal 's offices and filling them with dust and debris. In Kabul, Afghanistan , a reporter from The Wall Street Journal bought a pair of looted computers that Al Qaeda leaders had used to plan assassinations, chemical and biological attacks, and mundane daily activities.

The encrypted files were decrypted and translated. In , the paper won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service , with its iconic Gold Medal, [88] for exposing companies that illegally backdate stock options they awarded executives to increase their value.

Kate Kelly wrote a three-part series that detailed events that led to the collapse of Bear Stearns. A report [89] published on September 30, , detailing allegations McDonald's had plans to drop health coverage for hourly employees drew criticism from McDonald's as well as the Obama administration. The Wall Street Journal reported the plan to drop coverage stemmed from new health care requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

McDonald's called the report "speculative and misleading", stating they had no plans to drop coverage. Razak responded by threatening to sue the New York-based newspaper.

The report prompted some governmental agencies in Malaysia to conduct an investigation into the allegation. In , a report written by the Journal 's John Carreyrou alleged that blood testing company Theranos ' technology was faulty and founder Elizabeth Holmes was misleading investors.

Attorney for the Northern District of California announced the indictment of Holmes on wire fraud and conspiracy charges in relation to her role as CEO of Theranos. News Dallas Morning News. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see WSJ disambiguation. Media of the United States List of newspapers. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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