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But after awhile you get smarter and begin to know a scammer right away, like in 5 minutes of talking. Then you're out of there. I used a lot of dating sites. Some Asian only, some for women from other countries as well. After getting experience on many sites I finally realized which one gave the best real results and had the best girls of the kind you'd want to find. There's two main reasons this site is the best. One thing I can tell you right now is if you want a young Asian girl who loves you for who you are it's highly unlikely you're going to find one who's Chinese or Japanese.

You might as well forget about those girls. When it comes to older guys marrying young Asian girls your very best bet is Filipino girls. Because Filipino girls are much more down to earth. They don't have high expectations. They just want to be loved and feel security. Security is something millions of girls there in the Philippines have never known.

And that's exactly the kind of girl you're looking for. A girl who has grown up knowing hunger and never having anything. They've also never known real love or even real caring from guys their own age. They also cheat like hell on their girlfriends. It's a macho thing there between guys to brag about how many virgins you nailed. And possibly knocked up and left cold flat pregnant and then a baby. Those poor girls are starved for security. There are 50 million girls in the Philippines.

Which means there are millions who would just love to meet an older secure type American guy who can give them a future to look forward to. They're used to living in bamboo houses and sub standard housing. They don't want a mansion. If you've got a nice apartment with a fridge that's always stocked and power that never goes off they're in heaven.

Yes there are gold diggers and scammers. But you just need to get through those obstacles and you'll find the real girls who truly long for a loving secure relationship. I went through 4 girlfriends b4 I found my eternal soul mate wife. But man it was SO worth it. We are so incredibly compatible it's just unbelievable. In nearly 4 years of being together we never even ONE time had a fight, argument, or even the slightest disagreement about anything. Talk about a match made in heaven.

When I met her I was 57 and she was She'd only had one other BF just very briefly. In my dating profile I said I'm looking for a girl who's never had anything……because I'm going to give her everything. I wanted a Cinderella Princess…. Normita was SO incredibly innocent I bought her the very first candy bar she'd ever had. Can you even imagine? She grew up on nearly nothing but strictly rice. In a 2 room bamboo house. She has 2 teenage sisters who also love me to death. It's like being a King with 3 beautiful young princesses.

And any little thing I give them they so much appreciate. Complete opposite of American women who demand everything just for a little pussy. As far as sex goes I've always had pretty good stamina. But Normita is insatiable. She wants sex sex sex all the time. But she's not demanding in any way shape or form.

She's basically submissive, but will be as aggressive as I give her reign to be. So where did I meet this dream girl………the name of the dating site is FilipinaCupid. Quite possibly you're familiar with it already. FilipinaCupid has over 2 million girls. And there are many girls like my Normita.

They say exactly the age of guys they will accept. And the difference there is there really are girls 18 to 28 looking for guys 35 to And yes there are scammers. She's not what you're looking for even though she'll make you think you've found your dream girl right away.

Don't fall for it. But if she just mentions that she or her family are struggling and doesn't ever approach you for money in any way then there's a good possibilty she's for real. Because most of the families there are struggling. Do as much talking to girls and getting to know the culture as much as you can. Spend weeks doing that so you'll be better prepared to make a good choice.

And I say choice because most likely you're going to have many girls contacting you. The 1st month I was on FilipinaCupid I was contacted by girls.

I could barely reply to all the messages every day. Really gives you hope. But just remember one thing….. They've had some hard lives a lot of them. They deserve full respect from you. They're a young girl offering to give you their youth and stay with you the rest of your life.

Don't for one minute take that for granted. Always have the utmost appreciation for your young Filipina wife. And treat her with all the dignity and respect she fully deserves. Be extra good to her. And she'll be extra good to you. I did send this letter for "contact us" and for my registration "description me" reason.

And God know to why, nothing reaction, nothing licence…:. This is the moment of truth! Is this site of love? This site the place of lies, hopeless, and unbeleavebls. And the somany idiot ashshole explain mee pay it. Congratulations for owners, and all the management, you make was a big… The planet earth not a wrong place, just wee did was make for evil place.

And no feaar the efects for. A few hours lather i lost from here forewer!!! Dakay Attila ex prisioner, from human kill. I vant to know, how what have behind ladyes's registration. Chinese hardworkers, or artifical inteligence??? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Overview First thing we need to say about all of this is that AsiaMe. Many of the reviewers complained that they were not able to meet these Asian women in person. Unfortunately we have to lay some of the blame on the people thinking this website is real. From where, then, do the female profiles on asiandate.

The official answer in one of the shonkiest videos you will ever see - don't be taken in by this dissembling seems to be that they come from thousands of affiliated dating agencies.

Nevertheless, their introductory letters are very likely also being sent automatically by script, so even in the case where a woman might well have registered with an agency and be "real", you're very likely not actually being contacted personally by her. More than likely, you will never actually get to talk with her, but rather will speak with a paid agent of asiandate. There are on the web multiple negative reviews of asiandate.

This section was added on 18 December , based on an email that I received not long ago from a reader of this page. This reader is a member of asiandate. His experiences with the site - receiving to letters per day with the vast majority from women outside his preferred age range; having his complaints about this fobbed off; chat sessions with the senders of the letters being ice cold; etc - had led him to suspect that it is a scam site, and he writes that this page confirmed his suspicions.

He also writes though that he has been in contact with genuine women through the site, including via webcam, which turns the "possibility" that I raised in the previous section into a reality.

He also adds the following advice which he feels is very important and needs to be added to this page. It is based on his having done business and lived in China before, speaking some Mandarin, having had a Chinese wife and thus "[knowing] the lay of the land and cultural twists and turns better than most". His advice is to always ask to see an ID card. This is how he came to the conclusion that the women he was talking to via webcam were genuine.

He writes that Chinese people never proceed with a contact without first getting a scanned copy of that contact's ID, and that members of asiandate. This section was added on 5 March A second reader has written in to add that whilst Robert's advice to ask for photo ID recommends good practice, you should be wary of forged ID, and should perform other due diligence such as asking for further identification, chatting on web cam, and checking social media accounts to verify identity.

He adds though that some dedicated scammers, by going to extraordinary lengths, can dupe even the most careful member.

These are scammers who are willing to spend months working on their victims in order to get money out of them. Every letter received in one's asiandate. Consider, too, that if you attempt to swap contact details by which to communicate privately and off-site, to avoid asiandate.

This happened to my friend after he accepted my conclusion that the site was a scam, and tested the theory by asking one of his correspondents to respond to him off-site via email or Skype, providing her with his email address and Skype username: So, was his letter being translated or was it being censored?

Note that you agree to this although it actually says nothing about Skype or other instant messengers in the terms and conditions , under 5. You may not include in Your correspondence with other members any URLs, email addresses or telephone and fax numbers ". Getting back to the subject of translators: Also, on the subjects of terms and conditions and lack of privacy, be aware that under 5.

There are negative reviews of this site, identifying it as a scam, littered across the web - I've linked to two already, and reference many more at the bottom of this page. There are also, however, plenty of positive reviews Look closer, though, and it becomes apparent that these are highly likely to be fraudulent reviews.

There are many examples of these on the asiandate. How did I infer that they are fraudulent? By investigating with Google Images the original sources of the profile pictures of the reviewers, both positive and negative - at least where those profile pictures existed; not all reviewers included them - and by comparing the review votes with the review votes of other websites. The following table lays out my findings, one review per row, starting with negative reviews with profile pictures, in order from earliest review to most recent, then moving on to positive reviews with profile pictures, again from earliest review to most recent.

The table below demonstrates that the profile pictures of supposedly genuine positive reviewers were in fact pilfered from random sites on the web, strongly suggesting, along with the other evidence above, that these positive reviews are fraudulent the negative reviews have no such problem.

For proof that I have not manufactured or edited these images, in case the agents of asiandate. I have now frozen these pages so as to be able to offer links to them without improving their search ranking, as well as to prove their existence at time of writing]. Let's say you're operating a scam website, and you know that some of your marks are going to get suspicious and google your site plus the word "scam".

You might want to put in place some measures to limit the damage, mightn't you? It's not surprising, then, that when you google "asiandate. It is implausible that anyone other than an agent of asiandate. Are these the actions of a reputable site?

Today - 20 October , some three and a half months after this review was first published - I discovered that various sites and pages have been set up linking to this page, and to other pages critical of asiandate.

I have no hard evidence as to who the culprit is, but it doesn't take much or even any imagination to work out who has most to gain from such a tactic. As usual, I will not link to these pages, however, I have again taken snapshots of a few of them via FreezePage as proof that they existed around the time of writing, and those snapshots are linked to in the below list.

Bear in mind that these are only a few examples - there are many more: Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Hello Herman, Thanks for reaching out to us. Pls cancel my account with asiadate. Please cancel my account.. I have found my soulmate and want my profile deleted asap. Unsubscribe me from your list I ve great pain with your mailing. I want this deleted i didnt sign up for this someone used my e-mail.

I'm not being charged anything. This has been working well. I simply periodically empty my recycle bin. How To Unsubscribe From Asiandate. Delete and unsubscribed my profile from asiandate. Please stop and cancel my account it will not be used by me some one has subscribed this for me. You can cancel your own account, follow the instructions on this page please! You can remove your own account Mario. They don't care about non paying members.

No use asking them anything. Stop all mail now or I will have media and authority pounding down your throat by noon. Delete my profile i don't want to receive Emails again please. Cancel my account please.. Pls cancel my subsription from Asian Date and so not send any more email to me Tq. Delete my account please!

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